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Search Engine Optimization Services

Top SEO Company with 10+ years of experience at your fingertips and working for you to boost your rankings and increase your targeted organic website visitors.

A Top SEO Company will always show you what they are "worth" in the matter of rankings, so if for example, I came to you offering my superior affordable SEO services, I would have to show you what I am capable of doing, right?

Well you would be surprised at how many "experts" have actually made it to rank themselves or their clients on the first page, but with us, you have nothing to worry about.

As a Top SEO Company everything we are doing is fully transparent, meaning you can simply scroll down to our footer and see some of the keywords we are ranked on the first page of Google and any engine for that matter.

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Full SEO Reports and Error Fixes

Get the Best SEO Report delivered to you and see what your website is missing and how we can fix the most important issues your site has to ensure the best rankings.

We offer the ultimate reporting solution for people around the world who own websites, whether you are a small business owner,  a big corporation or just a normal website owner.

You need to know your SEO Score, and see how the search engines are viewing your website, how many categories you answer and what you need to do in order to fix them.

As a Top SEO company, we can do it for you or you can do it yourself. If there is one thing in SEO that ANYONE who owns a site/blog should do is get a detailed, professional SEO Report.

So, let real professionals handle your business efforts, we are not the cheapest out of the bunch, but we are certainly not the most expensive.

Please make sure you scroll down and read more about what we can offer you and what S.E.O should look like in general these days.

SEO Experts

Let us handle all your S.E.O needs and get a Top SEO Company managing and monitoring your search engine positions and KEEP your top rank.

Choosing a company nowadays is very difficult, but it is vital for your business to be able to trust the people you are going to place your ideas and goals with.

Not to mention that every 3 minutes someone comes to you and tells you: "Hey, I am an SEO Expert! Hire ME".

People are trying to "come up" and get you to byte on to their virtual hooks by swaying you with words and false promises of the "GOLDEN 1ST PAGE" in affordable service.

But truth to be told, they don't have enough man hours to handle the tasks and are just after quick cash.

So if you hear anyone telling you: "for $100/$200/$300 or even $400 per month, I will bring you to the first page" ... PLEASE, YES PLEASE... RAISE AN EYE!

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Get YOUR Website Ranked On The First Page!

Professional SEO Services that help you increase your organic search engine rankings and produce results from highly competitive keywords.

We will bring you new pre-qualified customers, Manage your website's incoming and outgoing backlinks for you.

We use real and time tested methods that produce the highest ranking record for our clients, which only a Top SEO Company can do.
Ten years of collective Search Engine Optimization knowledge and proven track record will get you to the top page organically.

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In the past ten years, our company has been evolving with the changes that search engines dictated.

The change was so dramatic, and we had to work hard in order to create different, yet original solutions for online rankings and to become a top SEO comapny and generate the best SEO results.

Without crossing the boundaries and while following the guidelines that the search engines dictates.

We have been able to provide live organic results for our website as well as for our clients across the world.

It has been a long journey; however, a very fruitful one.

A few years ago, it was VERY easy to rank high on any search engine.

By simply using software that generates backlinks in bulk, for mass spreading, blogging, submissions, etc.

You would have found yourself right on that amazing spot within a few days/weeks, on the top of the list, looking down at all the other websites.

But then Google decided that it's time to teach those "black-hatters" a nice lesson,

So they started updating their algorithms frequently and caused a major storm to all those who chose the "easy" way.

All the "BIG" and small companies that used those bad methods got punished severely and got placed in the Sandbox. (it's like a prison for domains - you will not show up on search results organically).

That's what we call "The Google Slap" – it pretty much means what it says, that you have been SLAPPED by Google's virtual hand :)

One very important thing you might want to consider before hiring an expert is if he doesn't show up on Google, Yahoo, Bing - Organically, well, then he probably won't be able to help you.

 So, now that we covered the very basic history of the recent changes, you need to understand that the search engines have guidelines.

If you follow the rules (just like in real life), you won't get into trouble, if you try to pull some tricks and fishy actions, PLEASE know that you WILL get caught.

Google is even fiercer than any real law enforcement agency :), they have such powerful data centers, and the most talented coder's in the world on their side.

If you want to do yourself a big favor, don’t think for one second that the "this will not happen to me" attitude will get you anywhere.

Bigger, smarter people and companies than you got slapped by Google, and you would be next if you were to try those bad techniques.

You must understand; those crawlers/bots are sent to search for violations made by site owners,

With plenty of money and mountains of resources, they won't stop until they find you.

We didn't invent the wheel, and Google's engine is the one deciding whether you are following the rules or not.

The owner of the website must follow those categories, which by the way is public information accessible to anyone.

Here are some of the categories that need to be taken care of:

Website title, Website description, Common Keywords Test, Headings Status, Robots and Sitemaps, Favicon, Code To Text Ratio, URL S.E.O Friendly, Google Analytics, Underscores in Links, Image Alt attribute, Inline CSS and JSS Minification, HTML Tags, HTML Page Size, HTML Compression/GZIP, Page Cache, Flash Test, Nested Tables, Image Expires Tag, Frameset, Site Loading Speed, URL Canonicalization, Directory Browsing, Server Signature, Libwww-perl Access, Plaintext Emails, Safe Browsing, Media Query Responsive Social Media Icons and Social Media Activities.

Those are just SOME categories that you need to answer when you hear the term "On-page or On-site Optimization."

S.E.O, as we know it, has long passed; make room for the new Search Engine Optimization of 2015.

On-Page Optimization PageSpeed Insights Unique Hosting Fresh Content Organic Popularity Social Media Popularity HighRelevancy Backlinks

As the founder of a top SEO company, I encourage you to obey the rules, follow the guidelines and if you are in need of help, PLEASE consider asking a real S-E-O Professional, who has a proven track record of your needs and goals, TODAY.

We are offering all the services above like Web Hosting and much more,

Hope we get to bring you to the first page as well.

Best Regards,

Guy S. CEO/Founder

 P.S: Keep reading below, more information about our services and search engine optimization, in general.

Local Business SEO

Get your local business ranked in the major search engines plus Google maps and other local based directories.

We take care of Naps and Citations, Google+ Local Listing and using good natural local backlinks,  social media current usage and relevant sites to give your company an upper hand against your competitors.  

A big part of local search optimization revolves around information from other sites.

Local listing services search the net to find pictures, reviews and any information they can on your company.

We submit your info to local relevant directories and places with high authority with distinct regards to your niche. 

In our eyes, optimizing your website pages means uploading a good amount of quality content and photos, detailing your business, operation hours, and listing the services offered.

Local Search Engine Optimization - Read More

PageSpeed Insights Optimization

PageSpeed Insights by Google determine the speed of a page for mobile and desktop devices.

It gets the URL twice; once with a mobile and once with a desktop.

The PageSpeed Score is very important.

The higher your score is, the better you are in the search engine's eyes

A score of 85 and up is very good and it means that the page is performing well.

Slow loading website and pages suffer from low user engagement, increased bounce rates, low average time spent on a page.

Anyone can test their web-pages and it’s free using Google's PageSpeed Insights.

In the past few years, Google has invested millions of dollars on PageSpeed, one would only think that you should at least do what they suggest.

A fast website = better user experience = better results.

Search Engine Optimization Services - Read More

High Quality Link Building

Get high quality PR backlinks from relevant websites and add HUGE power improvements to your organic rankings!

We take the articles you create and we distribute them to highly-relevant blogs and websites to create quality links with high authority.

Fine-tuning what keywords to promote and what anchor tags to use inside your blog, giving you a great chance at improving your rankings.

We will find outdated links and make sure to contact the relevant site to update their link or disavow corrupted links that we find using our up-to-date tools and Google's webmasters tools.

Keep an eye on your backlinks health and relevancy; many businesses change their brand and/or name and are therefore no longer relevant to your website niche.

By using our services, we will make sure your website has everything it needs to stay within the search engine's guidelines, create your company a stand out blog, an RSS feed, Press Releases, create Case Studies, guide you in creating visual  quality content, advise you on your Social Share activities and how to get reviews from other websites/people.

Remember, a BAD review is NOT a bad thing, It means you are being spoken of, and people find interest in you.

High Quality Backlink Building - Read More

Targeted Organic Traffic

Get highly targeted and pre-qualified visitors from your new first page rankings and see more conversions and better bottom lines.

Find content with a solid record of generating social shares and links

ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS... try to make your content better.

We make sure to reach out to those people and businesses and by letting them know about your new resource/blog/article.

By guiding you on how to bring something new to the table, you will be able to get those amazing backlinks and maintain them.

We will make sure that before you publish an article, a blog post, a share or any other form of publishing, your content will be incredible instead of just OK.

Mutual work between an SEO Company and the client is VITAL. If you’re willing to "invest" the hours to write something special, we will know how to put that into use so your competition won’t stand a chance.

One of the reasons people and business use SEO Experts and Search Engine Optimization Companies is because you can write stuff all day long, but if no one see's it, then it’s pretty much worthless.

That’s why one of the most important things in White Hat SEO methods is knowing how to publish right, and while doing so manually and not automatically.

We are a Top SEO Company and we pride in our achievements. Don't think cheaper is better, Your business is much more important than that.

Gain Organic Results using White Hat Methods - Read More

WordPress SEO Design

One of our specialties is WordPress Optimization as well as theme and plugin customizations to provide a unique look and feel while meeting all of your S-E-O needs.

One of the most repeated questions you hear lately is: "why does most GREAT looking websites ALWAYS suck when it comes to SEO?"

Well its pretty simple, a Web Designer in 95% of the times is NOT an SEO Professional.

People tend to think that if their website looks great then they will rank high on search results... WRONG!

MOST websites on the net are -NOT- Search Engine Optimization ready and thats an understatement.

We make sure to design that great looking website for our clients while maintaining all the Search Engine's guidelines.

Responsiveness and Speed, Plugins modifications, User-Friendly website, easy going and still have a great look and feel, to be visually appealing,

If your site is SEO friendly it will come up in the search engine ranking and increase user traffic organically. If the site is not friendly then the “crawlers” and “spiders” will not index or rank your website.

We will submit your site to search engines and directories and implement ALL of our On-Page Optimization package inside your new designed, SEO ready website.

WordPress - Search Engine Optimized - Read More

Analytics Management

We will manage your Google Analytics/Google Webmasters Tools account, Google webmaster account and other needed stats systems to ensure the best results.

One of the most powerful and useful SEO tools on earth is Google Webmaster Tools. It does not contain any of the little addon's of commercial SEO tools and it is not a tool to play with, but it comes from Google. It offers lots of vital and important SEO insights.

We will manage and keep an eye on your Google Webmasters Tools and make sure it is up to date with the engine guidelines.

Google Analytics is another amazing tool coming from the house of Google itself, which is able to monitor traffic on your website like no other tool can.

It gives the website owner an enormous amount of solid, valid information about who visited your website, when, for how long, what they were interested the most and how they "experienced" your site's engine optimization overall.

We will be managing your Google Analytics for you while issuing the most up-to-date and most trusted reports from Google Analytics amongst other in-house tools we use.

Google Analytics/Webmasteres Tools Management - Read More

On-Page Optimization

The meaning of On-Page Optimization has evolved in the past few years; now it has become one of the most needed, most vital parts of your overall SEO, The search engines: Google, Yahoo, Bing and all the others has new demands out, for all website owners to optimize their website and make sure it follows the rules. One of those new "rules" is to have your site answer important categories if you ever want to rank high organically anywhere.Moz  are talking about it bluntly and explains it in a simple way; without good overall optimization of your website, you will NOT be ranked well. The website's S.E.O Score is determined by calculating all categories and awarding them with points, where the scale of measurement is from 0 to 100. Here is what a webpage should look like when you optimize it: Be hyper-relevant to a specific topic, Include title tags, alt text, descriptions, meta, all headings, keyword optimization in text, supply unique content, link back to homepage, subpage and outsource. Here is a live example of our website after it has been optimized by us: SEO Report Here is a live example of our website's PageSpeed Insights by Google:Google PageSpeed Test for MobileGoogle PageSpeed Test for DesktopThose are LIVE results directly from Google's PageSpeed Insights. First Step - SEO Report - Read More

Off-Page Optimization

Off-Page SEO mainly concentrates on everything that is OUTSIDE of your website, outside your control and by linking to relevant high ranked links out there.

There are many techniques that can be used to improve the position of websites on the search engine results pages.

People tend to connect off-page optimization with link building, but it's only a fracture of that.

Mainly it's talking about your promotion methods and techniques.

Search Engine Optimization (on and off site), does not end with a step or two, or by using magic tricks or shortcuts,

It is long, hard work that needs to be accomplished one step at a time, with creativity and passion.

Eventually, what is it that we want? To rank as high as possible on search engines? Then know this: harder you work for it, the more chance you are going to see it.

By harder we mean that you need to be ACTIVE, all the time, in all relevant places to your niche, websites, web-pages or blogs with a solid trust-flow and traffic.

The more credible the site that links to you (other sites, pages or blogs linking to you) makes it more likely that you will see amazing results coming in your way, ranking wise.

Here are some categories that are directly related to  Off-Page SEO:

Article Submissions, Social Networking, Business Reviews, Press Releases, Blogging, Local Listings, Blog Marketing, Forum Marketing, Search Engine Submission,

Directory Submission, Social Bookmarking, Link Baiting, Media Sharing, Video Sharing, Local Listings and Activity on major platforms.

Learn more about Off-Page SEO