5 Best Ways to Create Engaging Video Content

5 Best Ways to Create Engaging Video Content

Nowadays video content is gaining more and more traction on all online platforms due to its openness. A video is an extraordinary approach to conveying your message and providing a look at the culture and identity of your company.

Making engaging video content will make your brand stand out from the competitors and is also a great way to offer a simple consumable approach to advertising your products and services to your customers.

1- Know your Audience and Goals

Your video content should be created with your target audience in mind. So, if you are promoting or selling any product, your video ought to incorporate all of the key elements a potential buyer would need to discover. People generally want to hear something that relates to their needs. Your articles, and videos, must be relevant to your target audience.

Once you have identified your audience the next thing is to create a clear objective for your video content. Whether you want to introduce your brand to a new audience? Want to drive traffic to your website? Do you want people to like or share your video?

All these objectives you need to consider when creating content. Proper management of content is extremely important. Avoid trying to do too much with a single video, in order to deliver a clear message to your audience.

2- Tell Stories

Craft your stories with a proper message in order to connect with your audience as people generally love visual content and by adding a story to your video you can make it more memorable. Also ensure that your video has a clear beginning, middle, and end.

Below given are storytelling ideas that you can use for video marketing:

Use Testimonials: Make videos of your best customers sharing their stories, as it will help you in creating an emotional bond between your company and customers.

Define your business Journey: Think out of the box and tell your customers about the emergence of your business. The challenges you faced. What was the outcome? Ensure that your video should be interesting and relevant.

Documentary videos: Documentary video works well as they contain stories based on truth or short talks.

Go behind the scenes: A behind-the-scenes video can give your audience insight into your company and helps improve loyalty, trust, and engagement. Make use of videos to communicate your branding with viewers.

Even if your business seems boring from the outside, try to show the hidden side of your company. For example You can tell the ways your product is made as well as who makes them.

Telling a story in your video helps you in many ways:

Makes an emotional connection with your audience and also highlights the value of your brand.

Helps you in telling what your business is about and also provides your customers with relevant content and characters behind your brand.

Enhances your brand reputation. For example, If you are selling a product, then storytelling will help in increasing your product’s validity by giving it a proper meaning.

Sharing stories about your experience also serves as a testimonial to your success.

3- Use the First Few Seconds

In order to enhance your video conversions keep it short and simple. Nowadays people just skim through the content instead of going through the whole. Grab the attention of your audience in the first 10 seconds or less, otherwise, your audience will not go through your content.

For better results include a hook at the beginning of your video to tell your viewers of what’s coming next. It’s simply a preview of what’s there in the video in order to hold your viewers. Also, ensure that you must always deliver more in less time.

If you have longer stories then it’s better to create numerous episodes or a short series. This will help you to keep viewers coming back.

Below given are some tips on how to engage your audience in the first few seconds:

Be straightforward: You need to value your time, it’s better to be direct and straightforward as it will give your audience a relevant and appealing message in the first few seconds of the video.

Spark their curiosity: The best way to capture your audience’s attention is to ask an interesting question in the start of your video content.

Find the right tone: Appealing to emotion can also compel an audience to take action, giving your content a sense of urgency. Use the right tone in the first few seconds of your video.

Make it load fast: Ensure that your video loads fast, otherwise your audiences will leave your page quickly.

4- Use Promotional Videos

These videos will help in telling customers about your products or services. Ensure that you focus on your target audience and product benefits whenever you create a promotional video.

Are you looking to create awareness of your brand? Do you want to increase sales of that product? You can meet all these goals by making use of promotional videos, but remember before beginning you should have a precise goal in your mind.

Below given are some types of promotional videos that you can use:

Introduction video, which will tell your customers about your business. This works best for startups who want to present themselves and also it needs to be short and descriptive so that it can grab your customer’s attention.

You can use product presentation videos if you want to tell customers about your products and services in a creative way. You can also use this if you want to tell your customers about the features of your product and its value for customers.

Landing page videos will help your customers to take action like purchasing a product or signing up.

Video testimonials are one of the ways by which you can build trust with your customers and can show that your business is trustworthy and can bring value.

5- Measure the Effectiveness of your Video Content

It’s important that before measuring the success of your business you must describe what actually success means for you and your business.

Whether your aim is to increase the reach of your brand, engage with your viewers or want to increase traffic to your website. Follow the best YouTube SEO tips when promoting your video content via YouTube. 

Below given are some metrics you can use to measure your video content effectiveness:

Add call-to-action links: It’s important that you should create a clear and convincing call-to-action link at the end of your video. If your video purpose is to get more customers you can then measure the ROI by the number of conversions that came straight from your video views.

You can simply do this by including a call-to-action link at the end of your video. Test the appropriateness of a new product by plugging a promo code at the end of your video.

The customer after watching the video tries to check the feature and takes advantage of the promotional offer. In your call-to-action links, it’s better to use actionable words like start, discover, join, etc.

Measure engagement levels: It will help you in measuring the effectiveness of your video content. It will let you know whether your content is appropriate for the video or not.

If you inserted a video in a blog post then check the time that the visitor has taken to reach the video starting from the top of the page.

Track play rate: It is a metric that will let you know the percentage of visitors that click the play button. A low play rate indicates that your video is not seen by customers.

By appropriate thumbnail selection, you can improve your play rate. It’s better to place thumbnails with humans as they have the power to look more attractive.

You can make your video content in many different ways, but it’s important that you define the main aim of your video and decide which type of video content will bring better results to your business.