5 tips to use hashtags to promote your content

5 tips to use hashtags to promote your content

5 tips to use hashtags

We are living in the 21st century where our lives are dominated by technology. However the field of IT is constantly changing, where new and innovative models of marketing and brand communications are persistently being evolved. Today, we cannot imagine our lives without technology.

One of the most significant features of IT is the in the invention of social networking sites which helps us to connect with our friends and relatives. Hashtags are a result of innovation to speak in a language that is heard by marketers. Hashtags have become de-facto when it comes to communication on social media websites about any specific topic. Marketers want to be able to know what others are talking about their brands and this is where hashtags are helpful to track conversations.

Hashtags can be seen everywhere. It first gained popularity on Twitter, where they were used in open group discussions on a specific topic known as “Tweet Chat”. From there, marketers used it as a form of brand promotion in their marketing campaigns. Today hashtags carry significant importance and as a marketer you cannot ignore its worth.

So what are the 5 tips to use hashtags?

What are Hashtags?

Anything which we write after the hash sign (#) is called a hashtag, for example (#marketing, #buycheap, #hashtag, etc.). From a marketer’s point of view, hashtag is a mean of engaging their brand with their target audience. Not only that, but hashtags also help in providing insightful information about whether the conversations are done in a positive or negative way. Following are some key points that can be used to promote your business using hashtags.

Pick a unique hashtag

Using a unique and relevant Hashtag for your brand is imperative, as it can promote your business rapidly. However, your brand can be mixed up with other random content if you use a common or irrelevant Hashtag. This will also make it hard for users to track down your brand. Therefore, your hashtag should be unique and relevant to your business. For example, if your business offers services for web development your hashtag should be like #webdevelopment_yourcompanyname or it can even be #webdevelopment alone. Similarly, you may want to target people who want to lose weight with a hashtag #burnfatin90days, or #loseweightwithoutpain, etc.

Make them short and simple:

Simplicity is the key to the creation of a successful Hashtag. The best of the Hashtags are those which are short, simple and easy for others to understand. Using a long and complex Hashtag will only confuse your target audience and can also damage your brand image. There is also famous saying “keep it simple”. Therefore the simpler you keep it, the attractive would it be.

Use your hashtag on different social media channels

One of the main reasons of promoting your business using hashtags is to use them in such a way that they gets maximum views and importance on different channels. In order to make this happen, you need to make your hashtag viral. This means that you need to create a positive ‘word of mouth’ for your hashtag. However, this is not really possible unless you have strong content that nobody can’t resist sharing with others. Moreover, you also need to boost your content by advertising on facebook and other social media channels.

Research the hashtag before you use it

This is the most important aspect of creating a Hashtag. You need to thoroughly research to create a hashtag that blend sin with your brand personality or it can damage your reputation. Remember, under any circumstance, you cannot use a hashtag until or unless you are sure that it is not used elsewhere. But this is not a hard and fast rule. If you have a good product/service, and you know about specific hashtags that can drive traffic to your website or social media channels, use them in a way to earn reputation and sales. Research is vital for your success. You may also need to buy subscriptions for companies providing insightful data for hashtags in various categories, such as demographics, age, conversations per day, etc.

Make your Hashtag a Trend

The best means of making your hashtag popular and increasing the number of its views is to make your hashtag viral. You can do that by regularly using the same hashtag on different platforms. You need to create a positive and strong “word of mouth” for your hashtag in order to make it a Trend. It won’t be long when people will start using your hashtag in their posts and other contents. For example, in the month of March 2015, an internet debate sparked all over the world on social media when a Reddit user posted a picture of the dress asking his followers and friends the true color of it. The post went so viral, that the hashtag #thedress started trending on all social media channels. The responses from people were hilarious who reported the color anywhere from blue to yellow and green. Even today, there is no true color of this dress reported, but the image was so powerful, that it went viral within days.


Here is the what you may have learned from top 5 tips to use hashtags and how 5 tips to use hashtags may get you to a much better place.
In conclusion, your hashtag should be a one word title. It shouldn’t be too long, complex or even boring. It should rather be attractive and catchy in order to increase your viewer engagement and targeted audience. Hashtags can prove to be one of the most successful means of online marketing, as they are currently the talk of the town and can transform a small scale business into a brand. Thus, one should never neglect its significance and should always built their marketing strategy inclined towards hashtags. Moreover your hashtags are the easiest way to convert your target audience into your customers and increase your sales.