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About us and you

This page is really about YOU.

Because you came here with questions.

You want to grow your business. And you know SEO can bring you a surge of new customers.

But learning SEO is practically impossible for most business owners.

And sifting through all the misinformation about SEO is like trying to drink from a fire hose. Plus, the constant updates by Google make it hard to know what works.

SEO can help almost any business get more customers. All you have to do is stay up-to-date on how Google changes every day…use safe, proven SEO techniques…

… and dedicate every waking hour of your life to mastering SEO!

That’s what we’ve done. So you don’t have to.

Now, here’s who we are and how we can help you…

Who we are

Our leadership team has one foot in America’s Pacific Northwest, home to high tech and strong coffee … and the other foot in Israel, which Google executive Eric Schmidt has said is second only to Silicon Valley for tech innovation.


The sun never sets on Over The Top SEO. Because we’re an international team of experts with offices in four countries across the globe — the U.S., Australia, Israel, and the U.K.

Guy Sheetrit


Neta Sheetrit


Greg Lucas

Senior Partner

Paul Hudson

Director of Marketing

Clint Butler

Head of SEO

Marcel Casella

Head of Content

Ivan Samokish

Head of Developers

Yudhish Puran

Head of Design

Josh Moody

Head of Sales

Shane SantaCroce

VP of Health Division

How we do SEO

Here are two of the many advantages you get with Over The Top SEO:

1) SEO problems don’t faze us

From attorneys to software developers … locksmiths to photographers … consultants to retailers — we’ve seen and solved every SEO problem you can think of. And like you, we’re a real business with employees to feed and bills to pay. That’s one reason why 96% of our clients stay with us and never leave.

2) BIG problems don’t faze us

Our three executive officers, Guy, Neta and Greg, are military veterans. They’re experienced handling crisis situations under fire — literally. As a result of this combat experience, our teams respond calmly and effectively to any fast-evolving challenges.

Why do we specialize in Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Because few things can bring more new customers to your business faster and more profitably than when you rank higher in Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines.

And unlike other SEO experts, we test new methods and build new tools every day. No empty theory or black hat methods that can get you in trouble. Only real, safe, predictable results.

Maybe that’s why 96% of clients stay with us and never leave. We must be doing something right!

But SEO is not all we do. Far from it! There’s also …

Other Marketing Services

Local SEO: This lets nearby customers find you when they’re searching for your type of business and they’re ready to buy. But here’s the catch. What works in traditional SEO does not work in Local SEO! Here what matters here are elements like Google maps, Google+ Local listings, and local directories, among others. Get this wrong and Google will penalize your website.

Social Media Management: Did you know? Up to 87% of your customers use Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other social media to research your business. Plus, social media users share their opinions with friends and family — before ever calling or visiting your business. And if they don’t like what they see on social media, you will never hear from them … and you will never know. That’s why you must optimize your social accounts to rank higher in search. But don’t be misled! Not every social media channel is right for you. We can explain when you contact us.

Reputation Management: Just one bad review online can wreck your brand and torpedo your profits. Especially when competitors are desperately trying to steal your customers. To fix this, you need a reputation management strategy that includes search engine optimization (SEO). Don’t wait until you have a problem on, Facebook, or a hostile blog. Get ahead and stay ahead of this now.

WordPress Design: The WordPress content management system (CMS) is the world’s most popular way to build a website. It displays well on desktops, tables, and mobile devices. But you must make sure your WordPress website meets all of Googles requirements. When you do, it virtually guarantees more free, highly targeted traffic to your website.

SEO Hosting: Where you host your website can affect your SEO rankings. And if you choose the wrong host, your rankings in Google may suffer! To cite just one example, if your web hosting company also has porn or gambling web sites, Google will lump you in with those unsavory websites and may penalize your search rankings. That’s’ why we developed our SEO Hosting Solution. Just ask us!

Penalty Recovery: Did traffic to your site suddenly fall off the map? Perhaps you were slapped by Google. Don’t worry, we can help. By “mirror imaging” your website traffic and matching it to Google updates, we can show you why your site was penalized and exactly how to fix it. Otherwise, you may never get that traffic back!

Custom Marketing Campaigns: Unlike other digital marketing agencies, we don’t limit you to SEO. We can customize solutions to help new customers find you via social media, tele-sales, direct mail, and more. With packages that are scalable and affordable.

Email Marketing: Email is still the best way to build relationships and close sales online. And now more than ever, your emails must not only get opened, they must deliver value to customers. Otherwise, you risk spam complaints that can cripple your business. Good news: Our marketing team can help grow your email list and milk it like a cash cow. Safely and predictably.

AdWords Account Management: Our Google Certified AdWords experts can send you a flood of new customers with Click-to-Website Ads, Click-to-Call Ads, Bid Setting and Fine-tuning (to maximize your profits), Strategic Reporting (to turn data into actionable insights), and more. Reliably and cost-effectively.

Text Messaging: In our experience, over 90% of consumers read a text message within 3 minutes of receiving it. That makes text messaging a huge opportunity for your business. But get it wrong and you face potentially ruinous penalties. Our TM experts can deliver personalized text promotions to the right people, at the right time for you.

Inbound Marketing: When customers chase you, they are more qualified and likely to buy than when you chase them. That’s the goal of inbound marketing. And our team can make it happen for you – with high-value content that delivers customers to your website with SEO.

Customized Offline Marketing: Your website is online … but your customers live offline. Now you can reach more of them with proven marketing, like “lumpy” direct mail, AM radio, cable TV ads, and more. because the more marketing pillars you build under your business, the stronger it becomes. We’ll show you how.

Conversion Optimization: Also known as conversion rate optimization (CRO), we can increase the percentage of website visitors who convert to prospects and customers. By increasing clarity and removing friction from transactions, we can work minor miracles for your business. Example: We saw one change in wording on a web page increased sales $300 million for one business. Imagine what can we do for you.

Lead Generation: We’ve generated more than $250 million worth of leads for our clients in the last 12 months. Want your share? We can help. With click-to-call and pay-per-click ads, direct mail, social media, local SEO and more. Your opportunities here are almost unlimited.

Bottom Line: When you join us, you join more than 1,000 businesses who enjoy …


Despite thousands of changes to Google and other search engines every year, less than 4% of our clients have ever moved on after working with us.That’s the highest retention rate of any SEO service or digital marketing agency we know of.

There are 3 reasons why.

1) As Certified Google Partners, we play by the rules. We work with you to give Google and other search engines exactly what they want. That means you get more traffic to your website and more customers for your business. Without fear of getting your site “slapped” or banned with “black hat” methods that Google frowns on. (And if you found us on Google or another search engine, you’ve just proven to yourself that our SEO methods work.)

2) We analyze and troubleshoot your website. Our software shows you exactly what happened to your site and when. Because defining the problem half the battle of solving it.

3) Our software developers work around the clock, because they work around the world. The sun literally never sets on our team, because we’re global. And nobody else has our systems. That gives you a unique advantage working with us – and nobody else.

Do you want to know what it will take you to rank higher?

Then do this: Request a Free SEO Diagnostic Review.

During your private 30-minute meeting by phone or Skype, an SEO Advisor will perform a live analysis of your website to uncover lost opportunities in your search rankings. You’ll see exactly what your website does well, what it doesn’t, and what to do next. There’s no cost and no obligation if you qualify.

Some of our clients

Why don’t you see more websites?

Because over 98% of our clients request confidentiality. You would, too, if your site suddenly ranked higher than your competitors and you started getting their customers! That’s why we respect our clients’ wishes.

But we’d be happy to show you specific SEO case studies based on your industry. That way, you can decide for yourself …

What to do now?

Take the next step. Request a Free SEO Diagnostic Review.

During your private 30-minute meeting by phone or Skype, an SEO expert will perform a live analysis of your website to uncover lost opportunities in your search rankings. You’ll see exactly what your website does well, what it doesn’t, and what to do next.

There’s no cost, no obligation, and you’ll receive a Surprise Gift to thank you for your time.



CEO / Head of SEO

I am the CEO at Over The Top SEO, a full digital marketing agency that specializes in SEO for SMB, Franchises, Enterprises and E-commerece.

I was born a geek. Other kids played with toys, but I played with computers

I have 20 years of experience in programming in various languages, a cybersecurity expert and last but not least a real SEO ninja.

I have worked in the field of artificial intelligence creating automated tools that imitated human behavior and finally made my exit and caught my big break at the end of 2014 for a little over 15.5 million dollars.

In 2006, I discovered innovative ways to apply my skills and help others increase organic traffic to their websites, and so I became an SEO consultant to Fortune 500 companies all around the world.

I conduct experiments that reveal how Google Algorithms work, and I am eager to share my findings with people who share the same passion for Business, Marketing and SEO.

I often speak on SEO events and talk about the case studies that we are conducting during the year on what truly works in our industry.

I opened up back in 2004 and dominated the state of Arizona with SEO before anyone spoke or knew what SEO even means.

I opened back in 2008 and was the first pioneer in the industry to have successfully created an automated system that can scan your entire website for flaws and issues and also tell you how to fix them.

in 2014 combined all of my companies into one company which is now: Over The Top SEO, we now have 25 locations worldwide with 15 more to come in 2018.

I love writing about things I find and tend to make big waves with the material I investigate, I write for prominent magazines and newspapers such as Entrepreneur, Search Engine Journal, Search Engine Watch, SEMRush, Adweek and many more.

In my free time, I sing and play the guitar, I love spending time with my wife Neta which is also the Co-Founder and CFO of Over The Top, my amazing newborn son Leo and my two beautiful dogs, Cooper and Zevik.

One of the reasons 96% of our clients stay with us and never leave is that we’re in the people's business serving SEO, not the SEO business serving people. We never forget that the websites we build, optimize and promote are for people first — our clients and their customers.




Neta is the Co-Founder and CFO at Over The Top SEO.

Her job is to make sure clients allow themselves to dream bigger and see all the possibilities for their business or potential business. With vast

experience in the military and years of advanced studies in Psychology, it’s easy for her to think outside the box.

“Every business is managed by people. You can’t separate the two. When you understand people and their needs, you can understand business.”


Greg Lucas

Senior Partner

“I’ve been in SEO since 1994 — two years before Google started — so I’ve been doing this for quite a while.

“After I made the phones start ringing for a family business by ranking it higher in search engine results, I was hooked!

“Our clients appreciate my diverse background. I first opened a chain of video stores with a buddy after I got out of the U.S. Army. Then I owned a trucking business. I’ve placed products in Wal-Mart and Seven-11 — VERY difficult to do. “I like the challenge that SEO brings. Every day is different. That’s what drives my passion to be involved and help our clients win.”


Paul Hudson

Director of Marketing

I specialize in online marketing, lead generation and SEO. People call me serious with a twisted sense of humor. I spend my free time stargazing, learning about the cosmos, and collecting gadgets!


Marcel C

Head of Content

I create relevant and engaging content for English and Spanish audiences. It requires great flexibility and analytical skills to organize and explain complex ideas in ways that target audiences can understand. I read hundreds of websites with uninteresting and repetitive content every day. So I see it as my mission to improve the quality of what people find in their searches.

Google favors those who contribute with informative and relevant content, and that is exactly what we provide to our clients.

When I’m not reading or playing music, I play video games and role-playing tabletop games


Ivan S

Head of Developers

I work in website development to help clients grow — Coding, Design and Writing. I am a self-published writer in my spare time. I have written a fantasy novel and word search coloring book. I am currently working on my next novel.”


Yudhish P

Head of Design

I’m the guy behind our website designs. I create effective layouts for clients to bring them more visitors and customers while staying consistent with their brand. When I’m not working on a client project, I head to the gym, play badminton, or go for a run


Clint Butler

Head of SEO

As an Army veteran, 21 years in with three deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan, I learned real world applications of problem solving and adapting quickly to change. Looking for more challenges, I earned two Master’s degrees (Internet Marketing and Business Intelligence) and I’m almost done with my third (Public Relations). I also took up SEO in 2009 because nothing is more fluid and challenging in marketing then optimizing for search. Since then I’ve earned a reputation as the expert in on page optimization and page speed. I’ve spoken during several online training events, host two podcasts on SEO, and am a Speaker at SEO conferences like SEO Rockstars.

“I’m honored to be a part of the Over The Top team and look forward to bringing that experience to the table for all our clients day in and day out!”


Josh Moody

I've been in sales for as long as I can remember, selling my toys/games to friends to buy better ones, but I started getting paid for it about 15 years ago with my first job. I've always had a passion for sales, meeting new people, and exploring the world.

I love to be able to work with my clients in order to help solve their problems, and drive them towards their business goals.

I get true happiness hearing back from our clients on how we've turned their business/life around by our efforts and accomplishments.

When not working in sales mode, I love being a dad to my highly energetic 8 year old son, and spending time with my lovely wife.

For fun I love gaming with friends or anyone willing to hear me yell at my Computer Monitor 🙂


Shane SantaCroce

Shane SantaCroce is Chief Executive Officer of Better Addiction Care, a national resource of treatment centers focused on providing its those struggling the most fitting roadmap to their personal recovery. His ultimate goal is to change the treatment industry so that those individuals struggling can get the help they need quickly and efficiently.

Shane’s foray into the treatment industry began 7 years ago; prior to that Shane had a 15-year track-record as a results-oriented entrepreneur with sales, marketing, strategic planning, and leadership skills. With a father suffering from the disease of addiction and friends in the rehabilitation and treatment industry, Shane was intrigued when asked to give the industry a try. After an eight-month sabbatical spent learning and understanding the treatment industry and its many sectors, Shane felt he was ready to give it a go. As a result of Shane’s guidance, successfully combines passion, strategy, relationship-building, compliance and care.

Shane’s education comes from self-driven and on-the-job training in hospitality, sales management, and finance, starting at age 13. Shane often travels and addresses business, customer service and marketing groups as a motivational speaker. He currently resides in South Florida and is happily married with five amazing kids.

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