Stop Running Around

There are so many treatment centers operating without a business or marketing plan. They still use the old tactics based on AdWords, PPC, or buy rehab leads.


The new landscape demands a new healthy marketing mix, and a sound marketing plan. That´s what we are all about. We are educating the CEOs and executives on business and marketing strategies that are proven to be successful, and that we can put into play immediately.

Addiction Treatment SEO,Drug Rehab Marketing

What are the challenges?

This is an industry we know extremely well. All behavioral health organizations are under such stress, laws and regulations right now. It is becoming extremely difficult to operate without new business and marketing strategies. Insurance companies realized they were paying hospitals and treatment centers too much money. Now they delay payments, they audit, they are not paying for the PHP as much or as easily as they used to. Moreover, we´re seeing a huge shift in the industry from out-of-network to in-network, and changes in IOP and medication assisted treatment.


And that´s just scratching the surface.


Let us say this bluntly: We do not work with companies who don´t know how to deal with the constant changes in the industry, like in-network vs. out-of-network shifts, or insurance companies going hard after perceived drug testing abuse. As soon as treatment centers start struggling with finances, the first thing they do is interfere or outright cut out all marketing efforts.


We don´t waste our time.


We can provide answers and solutions and help our partners navigate the industry and the market. In other words: We WANT them to make money. But we do nothing by keeping your phones ringing and your beds full if you´re not paying attention to your KPI, while leaving 20%-30% of earned revenue on the table because your staff does not know how to collect it in full.


We have been approached by centers with huge budgets, but we have had to say no to them because of their weak revenue cycle process management, and their unrealistic approach to drug rehab marketing agency. Most of them are long gone now, eaten by smarter competitors like us.


We take care of all the marketing needs by running a smooth, clean and WORKING Drug Rehab SEO campaigns that speaks in revenue more than words could describe. But we need our partners to understand that for this to happen they must let us the professionals with a  really huge track record in the niche to wear the responsibility gloves and let you the business owner an in depth once in a life time look at how we are all about the bottom line, we´re not wasting time with people who will have financial problems down the road. You don’t even know what you invest in most of the time when it comes to you drug rehab marketing and SEO efforts, all a big blur of nothingness, and yet you keep on spending hundreds of thousands of dollars every month and STILL trailing, lagging, limping WAY behind when it comes to areas like SEO, Social Media, PPC, CRM, billing & utilization, EMR, alumni programs, insurance contracts, call tracking, and revenue lifecycle management. That´s a HUGE no-no for us.


Don´t even try to hide your problems from us. Everyone knows EVERYONE’s problems in the rehab industry, the only difference is that we are 10 light years ahead already in all those aspects and are ALREADY making millions from it.


Just like you bumped into us when searching for a local SEO company near you or this service in whichever variation, your potential customers searching for the services you offer should be finding you within seconds. But, WHY SHOULD THEY PICK YOU? Who are you?

Addiction Treatment SEO,Drug Rehab Marketing
What Will It Take You To Rank Higher?
What SEO Opportunities Are You Missing?

See If Your Business
Qualifies To Work With OTT.

We have inspired and motivated business owners, entrepreneurs, and professionals around the world for the past few years, and we’ve designed apps that both boost brand awareness and drives productivity off the charts. However, we realized that we couldn’t help everyone. and the truth is not everyone is our match made in heaven. Therefore, we only accept new clients after an extensive screening process that helps us determine whether we will be a good fit for each other.

How Over The Top SEO can Help your Rehab

We know that the treatment industry is often, if not always, underappreciated. You put yourself right on the line every day, and save more lives than EMTs, doctors, firemen, and still get a ton of bad press. Every decision you make has an impact on the lives of your staff, your partners, your patients and their families.


But this is the addiction treatment center industry landscape, and those are the challenges that come with it. Why are you special?


In order to put your message out there, generate more organic leads and save even more lives, you need a specialized team that provides sound marketing strategies. Nothing generates and converts more leads than drug rehab SEO today, and that´s a fact. Nothing you think you know, and no crazy new ideas you can come up with, will change this fact.


First things first. Get this inside your head now: Your website is your MOST VALUABLE asset. But if it´s not ranking, you might as well not have one. Period.


The ONLY way to make a website a true lead magnet is to make sure it is optimized and has the right content.

Addiction Treatment Marketing
Digital Marketing Agency
Ask yourself this question:

Would you let anyone perform a medically assisted detox at your facility?


Then, what makes you think you can do a better job than us at SEO and Marketing?


Risks of Hiring the Wrong SEO Team

Most rehab centers are having financial problems after trying gimmicky formulas for getting their beds filled. That´s what happens when you hire unexperienced or shady marketing firms that offer you to do “do the job for a fraction of the cost.”


They get exactly what they pay for and toss a load of money at Google without landing a single patient in their beds.


Shame on you if this is your story.


We have spent countless hours cleaning up after these SEO wannabes, and we hate it because it takes weeks of our time and resources just get a website up to working condition so we can start building on top of it.


There is only one way of doing things: OUR WAY. And it yields results beyond your wildest dreams. Just check out our case studies or feel free to go through the raving reviews from our clients and partners.

Addiction Treatment SEO,Drug Rehab Marketing
Addiction Treatment SEO,Drug Rehab Marketing
You want to help others. Why is it so difficult?

Although medical and behavioral science has taken giant leaps in the addiction treatment industry, drug overdose death rates have shot up, and it looks like we´re losing the war on drugs.


You want to do your part, we all do. But the behavioral health industry is a very complex environment, and there are hundreds of factors at play at any given time.


Regulatory problems, decisions made by the insurance industry, shifts in the real estate market, problems with sales or referrals, situations that arise during the admission process, difficult patients… you name it.


Those who want to venture in this field for the first time MUST first talk to real experts in the field before investing their first dollar. The same thing happens with drug rehab marketing and SEO. You need a way to make sure your beds are full all year round. This is a business after all. The same way you can´t skimp on addiction treatment services, you can´t skimp on marketing. The more you invest in marketing, the more leads and walk-ins you get. After we take care of your marketing and SEO needs, you will only have to make sure your center can handle the incoming flood of inquiries.

Are you a Drug Rehab Investor?

Before getting into the behavioral health industry, there are a few things you should know.


Every drug rehab center you plan to acquire will have financial problems of some kind, and most of them are undercapitalized. It means that it is up to you, and us, to fill their beds and keep them full.


If you plan on skimping on care, don´t get in the drug rehab business. Success depends on great clinical care. We can´t partner with anyone who won´t fulfill their end of the deal. We´ll say this a lot: Don´t be cheap.


You need to know the business inside out. Empty beds are not the only cause for centers going belly up. Mismanagement or lack of knowledge about things like CRM, billing & utilization, EMR, Insurance contracts, revenue lifecycle management and call tracking can cause severe financial bleeding.
and don’t even get us started on how poorly rehab center owners make their marketing and SEO choices without giving it a second thought


Be prepared to constant change. A while ago, you were able to survive out of network, but there is pressure to go in-network and insurers are making sure those who don´t comply suffer for it. And now everyone is offering MAT, so it no longer is a silver bullet.


No matter how well-meaning you think you are, if you don´t know your way around EMR, staffing, or billing, you will soon find out how unforgiving this industry can be.


The same goes with treatment center marketing strategies. Without a solid plan, and discipline to follow rules, you might end up with 50% census, and that´s being optimistic.


We put whoever we want on top of searches every day. We can put you there, and have you dominating all local maps and getting more calls than you can handle. But we only do it for those who play ball.

Addiction Treatment SEO,Drug Rehab Marketing

Addiction Treatment Marketing That Fills Beds

Trying to get your beds filled by using Google can be prohibitively expensive or insanely profitable. It all depends on who you choose as a partner.


The most common mistake drug rehab agency owners make is trying to do everything themselves. Most of them start getting desperate as they see how Google sucks up all their marketing money, while their beds remain empty.


You need to start getting more admits and keep those beds full. Each empty bed is costing you $100k to $1 Million dollars a year.

Addiction Treatment SEO,Drug Rehab Marketing


Let´s be honest. The addiction treatment niche is PACKED. Trying to rank for any of their key terms in Google searches sounds like an impossible task… If you´re working alone. There are now over 14,000 addiction treatment facilities in the US serving 2.5 million people each year. If you own or manage a substance abuse treatment center, you are part of a $35 billion industry, and it keeps growing. And still there is an unmet demand for addiction treatment, as it is estimated that nearly 90% of people with addiction disorders are not currently receiving treatment. It means there is still room for growth in the addiction treatment industry. But this is a war that is being fought online, and it is bloody.


Companies like ours will fill up all those top positions in your niche and you will never be able to beat them, or us for that matter. It will be more like a kitty fight for an SEO company as powerful as ours, but a shark attack for you and your business.


The sooner you realize that you need a stable footing and a partner that boosts your growth, not only on marketing but financially, and for years to come, the easier it will be for you to claim what is yours.


We are currently driving over 30,000 calls / leads / walk-in’s on average per month into the rehab space through addiction treatment marketing and will certainly succeed repeatedly with the right partners in your area. Are you that partner?

Addiction Treatment SEO,Drug Rehab Marketing

The Right Mind Set

Many investors in the Drug Rehab business reach us because they think SEO is just a Get-Rich-Quick scheme, and that all they have to do is pay to magically get thousands of leads and backlinks.




Throughout various darker methods also known is black hat SEO, you get a VIP ticket to get slapped in the face by Google aka Google Penalty and get de-indexed for good or a very long time.


For a consistent strategy that generates quality leads, you must develop a two-sided mindset:


Online World – Look at Drug Rehab SEO and digital marketing as long-term investors while everything online must be tracked, analyzed and cross-checked so mistakes are prevented, and successes can be replicated.

Offline World – Surround yourself with the best in the field physically and let them be the best versions of themselves, each in his own profession, allow yourself to grow outside of your comfort zone by listening to other success stories near you and trying new things all the time.


Treatment Center marketing needs investment. While it depends on factors such as how fast you need leads and how many, you ultimately need to have a proper marketing budget which can only be determine by the marketing company not you. All you must do is share the budget you CAN allocate for the project’s length and calculate it from that angle.


If you don´t know how to prepare one, we can do it for you. But you MUST stick to it for as long as we deem it necessary. There is no other way.

Addiction Treatment SEO,Drug Rehab Marketing
You Must Have a Strong Website with SEO and Quality Content

The main idea is that whenever a potential client searches for anything related to their problems on Google, they should see your website among the first three organic options or in the map pack. But this almost never happens by accident. Google only chooses websites that provide a solution for its users, abide by their rules, keep their visitors interested, and are responsive to all platforms. And those are just a few of the factors Google considers when assessing a site. Look at you just now for example: you made it ALL THE WAY HERE! With or without noticing you went over 2350 words of superior content, the reason is because we are writing from experience, so 1. You know we don’t make all this up and 2. You understand that you are dealing with a very self-assured and confident company with a voice of her own.


To give you another example. if you´re only focusing on PPC marketing, now you need a LegitScript certification, making the old rehab leads buying schemes obsolete, and quite dangerous.


It means that you need to focus on organic traffic and SEO, NOW, NOW, NOW!!! A properly structured and fast loading website, schema, and a drug rehab SEO Campaign, have good chances to rank high in searches. However, this requires specialists with very specific skills, and they don´t come cheap in our house, so don´t be cheap. If you insist on being cheap, please carry your cheap self to the next company you found when you searched for a special addiction treatment marketing company.


When your website is designed with the best user experience in mind, when the content speaks louder than that of your competitors, when your brand is exposed to the public in a way that converts effortlessly, when your treatment center is focused on the wellbeing of your patients, when you

finally have the time to concentrate on how to perfect the art of healing patients, and have no financial problems on your head every day, you are painting a picture that sounds more like a badass brand rather than a tiny treatment center that struggles to survive.

We cover ALL MARKETING NEEDS: from running multiple drug rehab marketing campaigns, to getting you ranked in the organic SEO / Maps, to branding and exposure in all media outlets we find relevant. Get fully customized all-hands-on-deck support and coverage for your treatment center and its employees.

Understand this: all this here, it’s all REAL, we do THAT on a DAILY basis!

Look, we want to keep our growth going upwards, just like what you are trying to do with our help, so when something is working, and we know it is, we try to replicate it. You, the lucky one if accepted, are entering a path of something much bigger than JUST you and your business. Basically, you are getting a triple platinum VIP ride on the express train to success in the addiction space by gaining access to our knowledge, power and ability to make the impossible, VERY possible for you. So, when it’s time to SHARE THE WEALTH, remember who got you there and who keeps you there and who has your best interest in heart letting YOU in those golden, untouched, holy 3 organic/maps positions of your area.

In the addiction / rehab space, the most powerful results come from Organic SEO & Maps. They rule with an iron fist and always win the addiction marketing race hands down. They guarantee gradual growth and stability for businesses, especially local. And they work. In fact, you probably found us by searching for help with your addiction treatment marketing, drug rehab SEO or generally an SEO company to help you with your addiction marketing needs. Either way, here you are.

Long story short, we can rank anything we want in top organic positions, and we convert more leads to admits than anyone. All it takes for us is to want to do it. And you to pay us for doing that, of course.

Addiction Treatment SEO,Drug Rehab Marketing
Focus on Local

Having a generic SEO campaign is useless. Period. But a customized drug rehab SEO campaign is a whole other story.


OTT takes the local approach and gives it some of the OTT love and power and launches any Rehab Agency to a top spot on Google´s Map Pack. Being on maps is so effective that businesses see a drastic increase in traffic in a matter of hours after being featured on the map pack. Psst…! we can literally PUT you there.


Having your treatment center properly displayed on the map pack is 1 of 3 ways to put you among the first options for patients, institutions or referral agencies looking for information or help with addiction problems. It is just like it sounds, 1 of 3. It means each vertical brings between 30% to 40% of the overall traffic in Google.


We can rank maps like no one can, we can make the impossible, POSSIBLE… Google maps marketing is one of the strongest most amazing ways to generate revenue almost instantly for your business.


But dominating an area is just the first step. Drug rehab marketing is meant to be expanded. Local leads are just the tip of the iceberg in this business. Understand this: those who never expand, will inevitably perish because their competitors will come for them.


A huge share of rehab leads come from other cities or states. These are patients running away from negative influences, looking for treatment out of state.


Addiction Treatment SEO,Drug Rehab Marketing
Addiction Treatment SEO,Drug Rehab Marketing
What´s the best part of drug rehab marketing?

You have the best clients possible. They already know they need you. You just have to make sure you are the first option they see in searches, or when someone landed on your website he takes action, that´s it. That is why the most important thing for your business is a true badass SEO & Marketing company that can take you there. It can be the difference between a 50% (or way below) census, and 100% census (with exstra’s)


You need to keep your beds full, and you only achieve that by having experts in the drug rehab business, that know what works and what doesn´t.

Some of Advantages of having Over The Top SEO (OTT) on your side

Get your website completely cleaned up, modernized, optimized & monetized.

Get top rankings in your area for all of our targeted keywords both in maps and organic SEO.


Have access to a professional outreach marketing team and start building up strong relationships within the drug rehab space.


Have a dedicated team of elite marketing, tech & SEO experts to execute any plan we make and bypass any obstacle that may arise.


Implement an effective and laser-focused local SEO tactics that draws the attention you want from your community, and then expand your areas of coverage.


Have our teams work hand in hand with your tech team, call center people and admissions dept.


Have full scope and a clear deep overview of everything that goes in and out of your company and know the real purpose of all the elements you must face every month.


Clear out your company from wannabe’s, wishful thinkers, lazy personal, egoistic employees so that you can keep and sustain the success we are building with you, forever.


It does not matter if you built the most luxurious resort-like accommodations. If your website does not convince your visitors that you offer high-quality treatment, and if Google is not convinced your site offers an excellent user experience and a much better alternative to your competitors, it is basically impossible to make it rank.

And SEO is not like you just write a couple of descriptions and make your website pretty. There are over 200 factors that need to be taken care of, before a website even takes off. Every time we check a new website, there is a ton of work to be done on the backend side before even starting with design.

Google’s Search Algorithm and Ranking System is designed to calculate all the ranking factors it has from your website and score you by positioning you higher or lower on the search results of one’s query, for you to understand the concept we will translate this hardcore algorithmic language into simple questions:


Is your website secured?

Is your website responsive?

Is your website fast?

Is your website optimized?

Is your website accessible?

Is your website user-friendly?

Is your website easily navigated?

Is your website unique?


Just fixing all that requires a lot of work, and we don´t deal with people who think that just because they can´t “see” changes in their websites, they feel like going after the next shiny object. We can´t allow you to give away our work after we do all the heavy lifting. If that is your plan, go find another fool.

Digital Marketing Agency

These are the questions most people ask when trying to find out how to make their business grow. We always give brutally honest answers. If you are not ready to hear them, then you should not even be here.


How can I fill beds faster?.


Advertising has the advantage of having really fast effects and we know them all, but since we are here for the long term we only offer those other services to our partners, SEO guarantees rock solid positioning without becoming a money pit. The most common cause of insolvency is advertising the wrong way. Having no rehab marketing specialists means empty beds and empty coffers.


Addiction Treatment SEO,Drug Rehab Marketing
Addiction Treatment SEO,Drug Rehab Marketing
How can I get more clients?

With an SEO-mindful website that allows us to rank you much easier on top of the search results. It takes longer to provide results, but it provides a ROI second to none. Don´t expect to rank with a website that was recently managed by amateurs. It takes time to pick up their mess and get it back on track. Or redo the entire thing from scratch. Either way you are not alone anymore.


What would be a sound rehab marketing budget?


First, burning money faster won´t make a difference without a plan. After we check your answers on our very detailed and well-thought-out questionnaire, and have an honest one-on-one talk, we can tell you how much you need to spend and HOW. However, expect it to be NO-LESS than 20% of your monthly revenue.


Have You Done Work in This Niche?

Top put it shortly: We live and breathe addiction treatment marketing and drug rehab SEO. Right now, several of our most important partners own rehab centers and they make north of 7 figures every MONTH, thanks to us.


What if I want to invest on traditional marketing?


That´s your call. We don´t advice against it, but when compared to SEO and digital marketing, traditional channels have should be a given and not a condition or a replacement of the world we live in.


Addiction Treatment SEO,Drug Rehab Marketing
Digital Marketing Agency
Will I Own My Website?

Yes. However, as long as you work with us, you are not allowed to modify it in any way, shape or form. We do this to protect our efforts. We don’t tell you how to do your job (unless you asked us to), nobody tells us how to do ours. Any attempt to break this simple rule, and we are done.


Where should I invest? Inpatient, outpatient, or both?


This is not a matter of how much money you have, it is a matter of being capable of managing multiple levels of care effectively.


We love it when a treatment center can provide all levels of care under one roof. They get all imaginable leads: from interventions to aftercare, and everything in between. But if you´re just starting, give yourself a chance to learn the ropes before trying to bite more than you can chew.



Should I Buy or Build?

The safest bet is to lease, but make sure you put the option to buy into that contract. Why? Because it gives you more financial headroom, and a clear escape route if things start going south. After a while, you get a better feel of the situation and you can make a more informed decision about buying.


On the other hand, building your center from the ground up is very risky. However, provided that you have a strong financial footing, and are adequately informed, your center will offer something not many have: facilities designed with drug rehab patients and staff in mind. That´s not easy to come by.


Given the size of the investment, and the risks involved, you will require to have all your beds booked up as soon as you open your center. That´s where we excel at. The best thing to do is to start investing on your marketing channels as soon as you set the wheels in motion. You will have a perfectly functional and fully optimized website ready to go live in time. This saves a lot of time and money in the long run, and helps you protect your investment as you can have leads pouring in weeks before you open your center.

Addiction Treatment SEO,Drug Rehab Marketing
Digital Marketing Agency
What´s the best State to Open a Rehab?

We can agree that, for clear reasons, California and Florida are the most attractive options. However, drug rehabs located there are having a hard time as state and local governments have been putting everyone under the microscope, looking for anything that doesn´t add up.


So, it is better to look at the problem from a purely business perspective. Staying local has its advantages, no matter where you are. We would have to sit down and look at your numbers and business plan before giving you an honest advice.

How much can I sell my rehab for?

There are tons of factors that come into play when you want to evaluate your business. But the first thing everyone looks at is your Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation and Amortization (EBITDA).


Sometimes you can easily ask for 3 to 5 times your EBITDA. Or you can do your calculations based on a “per bed” value. We have seen businesses sold for 2 or 3 million per bed.


A good way to increase that value is having a solid treatment center marketing strategy going on for at least a year before putting your center up in the market. This could raise your asking price up to 20% and make it a lot easier to find potential buyers that won´t try to lowball you.


How big should I go?


Many people wonder about the size their business should have.


As usual, it all depends on your long-term business strategy. If you´re planning on selling your center after 5 to 10 years, you should go for 20 beds or more. As more centers are switching to “in-network” due to pressures from the insurance companies, the “per bed” ROI is projected to go down. It means that investors will want to maximize headcount.


Addiction Treatment SEO,Drug Rehab Marketing
In-Network, Out-Of-Network, or Cash?

When looking into the reimbursement type that works best for you, the answer is never easy. Out-Of-Network used to work great until insurers became reluctant to pay the higher rates. Theoretically, Cash pay offers the best bang for the buck, but if patients do not have the funds, you usually end up getting less than with insurance payments.


The whole industry is shifting towards “in-network” models. However, we cannot recommend going one way or another until we see your numbers and create a sound business and marketing strategy.

Addiction Treatment SEO,Drug Rehab Marketing
Addiction Treatment SEO,Drug Rehab Marketing
Should We Work with You?

Due to the nature of our business, we recently had to close our doors to new clients to only let potential partners in. Why? Because we are not an ordinary SEO company. We perform a full SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses Opportunities, Threats), and those interested in becoming our partners must complete a thorough and very detailed drug rehab questionnaire. You must answer ALL of these questions so we can properly assess your REAL situation (not what you think your situation is) and decide if we are a good match or not.

Some of Our Clients

Join clients who enjoy 96% satisfaction

  • Addiction Treatment SEO,Drug Rehab Marketing
  • Addiction Treatment SEO,Drug Rehab Marketing
  • Addiction Treatment SEO,Drug Rehab Marketing
  • Addiction Treatment SEO,Drug Rehab Marketing
  • Addiction Treatment SEO,Drug Rehab Marketing
  • Addiction Treatment SEO,Drug Rehab Marketing
  • Addiction Treatment SEO,Drug Rehab Marketing
  • Addiction Treatment SEO,Drug Rehab Marketing
  • Addiction Treatment SEO,Drug Rehab Marketing
  • Addiction Treatment SEO,Drug Rehab Marketing
  • Addiction Treatment SEO,Drug Rehab Marketing
  • Addiction Treatment SEO,Drug Rehab Marketing

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