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Addiction Treatment Marketing

Most addiction treatment center owners try many random marketing tactics, hoping that one or more will generate the new business they need to run a successful treatment facility. This type of strategy(or lack thereof) can waste both time and money, as there is little way to tell what is working and the results are ineffective. By creating and following a comprehensive marketing strategy and working with an experienced addiction treatment marketing partner, you will see the results you’ve been waiting for! A good marketing strategy is specific to the addiction treatment center’s size, client base, and overall business goals. Your strategy should be an extension of your business and not a one-size-fits-all recipe. By selecting the right addiction marketing partner, your substance abuse center will experience the growth you’ve been wanting.

To get the most from a comprehensive marketing plan for your addiction treatment center, you will need to focus on a few key areas that are critical to generating the right leads and increasing your new client list. Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media, Blogging, email newsletters and PPC Advertising are just a few of your options for growing your business! Effective addiction treatment marketers, like Over The Top SEO, will be able to support your center in all of these ways, and more, to help potential recovery clients find and choose you!

Addiction Treatment Marketing

You Must Have a Strong Website with SEO and Quality Content

Your addiction treatment center will benefit significantly from utilizing SEO-mindful content marketing, which includes having a great website that is responsive to all platforms. The main idea of this approach is that whenever a potential client of yours searches for something related to their problems on google – your site shows up and provides a solution for that person’s problem and in doing so makes them like you and consider your business either in that moment or in the future! Search Engine Optimization or SEO refers to making YOUR site appear as one of the first results on google when someone searches for something related to addiction treatment! An SEO-mindful site will ensure your website ranks higher in organic search results(as opposed to non-organic which are paid advertisements). This is by far the most efficient way to be sure potential clients can locate you. When used in combination with other digital marketing strategies, including advertising and content marketing, you’ll have a winning marketing plan for your addiction treatment facility. The team of marketers at Over The Top SEO will provide you with a free analysis of your current website to help determine next steps and recommendations for the use of SEO and content marketing.

Content marketing includes the use of educational videos, informative handbooks, infographics, white papers, blog articles,  podcast and other information on your website to inform potential clients about your addiction center’s areas of expertise. Having high-quality content on your website increases the number of time people engage with your site, making them more likely to convert to a client because it is well known that trust is developed over multiple encounters with a business just as it is with other people. When your website includes material that is engaging and regularly updated, you will have higher conversion rates (when individuals switch or “convert” from being a site visitor to being a client when they decide to take that next step and contact your business) and lower bounce rates (which is when an individual visits your site without interacting or taking the next step to call and leaves). Show your potential clients you are the experts in the field of addiction treatment and highlight the knowledge and experience of your substance abuse treatment staff using your SEO-friendly website and other online presence!

Over The Top SEO can help you create engaging content that will inform your addiction treatment clients about different aspects related to treatment, addiction counseling, handling legal issues associated with drug and alcohol abuse, and other important topics. Your potential addiction treatment clients want to know they are in good hands, and the content of your website, social media channels, advertising materials, and other media tells them a great deal about you. Regularly producing and sharing quality content is an important step to cementing your addiction treatment center’s reputation as experts in the field of drug abuse treatment.

You Should Use Pay-Per-Click Ads

Pay-per-click (PPC) is a type of advertising that displays ads for your business on search engines like Google, but you only pay when a user clicks on your ad, hence the name. The right marketing partner will help you develop an effective Google AdWords campaign, which will display your ad above the organic search results on a user’s browser and will get you clients from it! PPC ads allow you to reach potential clients before your SEO strategies start showing organic search results. It is important to remember that you will not pay anything unless a user clicks on your ad, making it a less expensive path than other, more traditional advertising methods.

An important thing to note here is that you do not want to try and do this on your own. Professional help IS A MUST when trying to use PPC Ads to get clients for your business because any misinformation or misstep can cause you to lost a lot of money. If you do not know what you’re doing it is advisable that you hire someone that does. The investment of paying someone to do it well worth it when you consider the COUNTLESS hours you’re going to spend on your own in frustration otherwise AND the potential wasting of money that could happen. As a rule of thumb – even if it seems like you could do it on your own, when dealing with paid advertising it is best to seek out professional help.

PPC is a great tool to use in conjunction with content marketing and SEO strategies, particularly with some of your more difficult keywords. While you are building your content, PPC is a useful bridge to help potential clients find you in their search. PPC ads can also be targeted to specific geographic areas, which is often helpful for addiction treatment centers. The experts at Over The Top SEO can help you create and implement the right Google AdWords campaign to generate the leads you need to accomplish your business goals.

You Must Develop Your Unique Brand

Branding your addiction treatment facility is a way to show your unique selling proposition (USP) in the rehabilitation market. Your USP is what makes your addiction treatment center unique in your market, setting you apart from other facilities. What makes you unique and special that will appeal to potential clients seeking addiction treatment services? These attributes should then be an important part of your branding, website, and marketing materials. Remember that you’re not trying to make it look like you’re saying “this is who we are” but instead you should make it look like you’re saying: “Here’s what we offer you and here’s the benefit you will experience with us.” Make it about your potential patients, not about yourself, and you will see great results!

Whether your USP is your success rate, the credentials of your staff, a unique approach to treatment, your rehabilitation environment, or your variety of services, focus on what makes you stand out among your competitors. Incorporate this into your branding to showcase this to potential clients. The USP should be included in your SEO keywords to cater to those looking for specific types of services or a particular type of rehab environment. It should also be part of all of your marketing efforts regardless of whether you’re using blogging, paid advertising on Google or Facebook, any number of social media apps, email marketing, SEO or Local SEO. Your message should always be present.

When you select the right marketing partner in Over The Top SEO, you’ll get professionals who are experts in PPC, SEO, branding, web design, content development, and so much more. Our team is here to help you utilize all the best addiction treatment marketing strategies and make the most of your addiction marketing budget. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you bring new clients to your treatment center.

effective marketing for addiction treatment

Addiction Treatment Marketing

When building a comprehensive addiction treatment marketing plan, you will want to tailor your strategies to those that work best for attracting potential clients to your type of facility. Some marketing strategies are universal, but there are indeed others that are more effective for reaching the addiction treatment target audience. Whether your marketing budget is small or large, you want to make the most of every dollar you invest, so selecting the right addiction marketing strategies will be crucial to your center’s marketing success. You can do this by determining exactly who your ideal client is and then tailoring all your messaging from your marketing and advertising to your website and your facility itself! And once you know WHO you’re talking to and WHAT you’re saying – then it’s all a matter of WHERE to find them and HOW to position yourself in front of them!

Treatment Center Marketing

There are now over 14,000 addiction treatment facilities in the US serving 2.5 million people each year. If you own or manage a substance abuse treatment center, you are part of a $35 billion industry, and your market is continuing to grow. Even with the growth in this sector, there is still an unmet demand for addiction treatment, as it is estimated that nearly 90% of people with addiction disorders are not currently receiving treatment. Because there is still room for growth in the addiction treatment market, marketing your treatment center could yield excellent results. To position your treatment center for maximum visibility and stand out among the competition, you’ll need to use the right marketing strategies. Here are a few you should consider.

Focus on Local

If you want people in your local area to come to you for help with their substance abuse problems, you will need to have a presence and positive reputation in your community. Think of how you can create partnerships aimed at helping your local community. By participating in your local community, you spread awareness that will help encourage people to seek treatment with their addiction problems as well as get your treatment facility’s name out there to increase the public’s familiarity with your services. Doing good doesn’t get left unnoticed, and your reputation will get better as you do so.

“Local” also means that you can improve your online reach with Local SEO efforts! Local SEO refers to making your business visible to people who are searching for similar things on Google in your nearby area. People have widely been recorded to use phrases such as “near me” or “nearby” when searching on Google, and that is a great opportunity for you! These searches mean that they are in need of help right now and are ready to become a patient! Your goal is to put your own treatment center at the top of the search results so that a person can see YOU and NOT your competitors.  By joining profession associations in your local community that include members’ names and contact information on their websites, you will be able to take advantage of local SEO opportunities, as well. Local SEO can provide some of the best returns on your investment, but you will need to use an SEO partner with expertise in this area to maximize your efforts. A robust local search strategy can prove invaluable to your business and customers.

Web Design and SEO

Your website is key to attracting and motivating potential clients for your addiction treatment center. Your site should maximize your conversion rate for website visits, which means more clients for your treatment center, and should optimize the keywords that will bring new addiction treatment clients to your door. There are many ways to do it and generally, it is not advisable to try and do it without professional help since it is more than likely that you will waste lots of VALUABLE time in trying to both learn an ever-changing field AND trying to apply it on your own without any past experience or guidance. Hiring professional help is always the best choice when dealing with Web Design and SEO. Since your website is the online face for your addiction treatment facility, it needs to help potential clients understand how you treat addiction as well as what their experience will be like when they are a client. This might be a person’s first time seeing or hearing about you, and you need to make a good first impression. Your website should be responsive to all platforms, including mobile devices, and, when built by professionals with the right knowledge, will help your potential clients to make an informed choice about why they should choose your addiction treatment center over all the rest. It should load fast; there should be no competing messaging or calls to action, no clutter in the design etc. The main idea here is that the experience of the person matters most. You want to make them feel good, solve a problem, introduce yourself in the best light possible and ultimately make that person a client. Your website is NOT just an online business card, but if used correctly is definitely a means of acquiring new clients on a regular basis. Most importantly, your website must be created to maximize SEO, which means clients will find YOU above most others in their search results.

Those looking for a substance abuse treatment facility through an online search should easily be able to find your treatment center among all the others in your area. You can optimize your addiction treatment center’s website to drive more traffic to your facility and increase your addiction treatment marketing efforts. In other words – the more people find you, the more people you might get as clients. And you do that by different techniques in SEO that help speed up your website, make your potential client’s experience seamless and frictionless and provide them with a clear and simple way to become a client like a phone number to call. If your addiction treatment center website does not show up on the first page of their search, they will likely never find you since research shows that people mostly click on the first 3 results of a search results page and almost never even go to the second page to look for more results. You can make your site more SEO-friendly so that you will always be a top-ranked search result in your field and be constantly getting clients through it!

Email Marketing and Alumni Outreach

The lack of continuing care after addiction treatment continues to be a problem in modern addiction treatment. Your addiction treatment center may provide aftercare services or just reconnect with past clients from time to time, but these types of services are crucial to the success of your alumni after they leave your treatment center. A big reason for doing this is if you genuinely care about the well-being of your patients. It is generally quite easy to follow up with patients these days with the rise of messaging apps, social apps and sites and the way people feel connected and “always on”. These types of regular communication efforts can also be a useful addiction treatment marketing strategy. Alumni of your treatment facility are an excellent source of referrals, so staying in touch with them increases your chance they will refer new clients to you and give you positive reviews online. Also, because people can relapse after treatment, they will be more likely to return to your substance abuse treatment center if they feel your staff went above and beyond after their visit. By providing quality aftercare, you are more likely to help prevent relapse, but your past clients will know where to go for help if they need assistance again to stay sober. The goal is to genuinely care and then everything after that is just figuring out how to show it to your patients!

Cultivate Strong Reviews

Clients looking for a substance abuse treatment center will most likely spend some time online searching for the right option for them. One aspect of this search will be to see what past clients have said about their experiences. After all, they are searching for health and stability in their lives, and they want to trust that your addiction treatment center can help someone just like them! Reviews and testimonials play a big part in the decisions people make in general, and it also applies heavily to your business! Using your client communications, newsletters, and social media platforms to encourage your clients to review you online is a great way to not only increase your number of reviews but also (hopefully) increase your review ratings. Most consumers today trust online reviews to help them select service providers. Think of the reviews section on sites like Amazon and Facebook as well as testimonials you may have seen on some businesses’ websites! This strategy works with addiction treatment providers as well. The more positive reviews you get, and the better they praise you – the more positive of an impact it will have on your business! One positive or even raving review will be sure to be a constant stamp of approval of your service! Be sure you have claimed your business on Yelp and Google, update all the relevant information for your treatment center, and check your reviews often! Be mindful of negative reviews, however. They are an inevitable part of business and the 2 types that you should be looking out for are when there’s a negative review left by someone who was not a patient and when there is a negative review left by a patient. When it was left by someone who wasn’t a patient you can get it removed. When it was from a patient who genuinely had a negative experience this is a great opportunity to show potential clients who in the future will be seeing this review that you care and are listening! You can do this by directly addressing the review and offering to provide more in order to help that person out more! Research has indicated that negative reviews have a disproportionate effect on how you’re perceived but that addressing them actually lowers the negative impact on your business. So be mindful of all reviews and address any negative reviews as soon as they appear.

Addiction Treatment Lead Generation

For the niche market of addiction treatment, it can be very worthwhile to invest in purchasing web leads. There are many websites today that provide useful resources to those seeking help with addiction, and these sites offer their leads for a price to treatment centers. Because these websites are often extensive and authoritative in their content and reviews, they can provide a large number of inbound leads and route them to particular treatment facilities. Consider partnering with such platforms to grow your business!

Here’s how it works: When a person or a family member is struggling with addiction, they often seek information, resources, and support from online sources. Many of these sources provide contact forms and hotlines, which collect contact information for interested people. This contact information or these phone calls are then directed to treatment centers who can provide addiction treatment services to the interested parties. Therefore, purchasing these web leads can be a smart investment for many treatment facilities.

If you purchase web leads, you will need to have an infrastructure to answer the volume of calls that these leads often generate. To make rehab web leads worthwhile, a treatment facility needs to be prepared to answer a large quantity of calls 24 hours a day from those who are seeking help with addiction. Treatment web lead sponsors need to be ready to respond to calls anytime someone decides to seek help with addiction – which could be any time of day (or night!), any day of the year. Because these web leads are nearly guaranteed to increase your treatment center admission rates, though, they are an excellent strategy to consider for most facilities that can provide this service.

Addiction Treatment Marketing

While the addiction treatment market is still burgeoning and has the potential for many new clients, there are also more treatment facilities competing for each potential client. By making a smart investment in targeted addiction treatment marketing, you can see growth in your client list and an improved census for your center. The expert team of addiction marketers at Over The Top SEO is ready and waiting to help your addiction treatment center create the perfect marketing plan for your addiction treatment facility, so contact us today. We can perform a free analysis on your current website to let you know how we can get started, and we will craft the right marketing strategies to support your addiction treatment center’s plan for growth in the future. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you.

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