How to Start Affiliate Marketing: A Beginner’s Guide

How to Start Affiliate Marketing: A Beginner’s Guide

Isn’t it interesting? You build a website where you add a few affiliate links, and then you can start earning the passive income which you always have dreamt of. 

However, Blogging is not only a way of making money through affiliate marketing, but there are also other scopes like email lists, Microsites, and Video marketing are a few of the methods generally people use to run

What is Affiliate marketing? 

Affiliate marketing is a procedure where publishers obtain a commission by sharing a product or service which is made by another retailer or advertiser using an affiliate link. And, then the affiliate partner in return gets a reward of a payout for offering certain outcomes to the advertiser or retailer. 

Basically, the outcome is a sale. However, there are few affiliate programs that can reward you for free – trial users, leads, clicks to a website, or getting downloads for an app. 

If you are new in the market of affiliate marketing, then you understand here that how it works – 

Firstly, look for an affiliate program or network you are interested in. Go through the overview of the program involving payment methods, types of products, and commissions they offer. 

Now if it is convenient for you at that point, then sign up and wait for confirmation of your approval. Later, start with making content and include personalized links to the program offers. Those links are recorded once one of your users buys and for that, you’ll earn a small amount of commission. 

Also, you can work with particular companies or maybe on affiliate networks, where you can register and select the programs that interest you. This program is basically divided into various sectors to make selection simpler. After the approval, you can begin promoting your affiliate links on your website, on social media, in newsletters, and anywhere else if you‘re allowed to share links. 

That network sends you a payment when you reach the minimum payment level. However, the payment process might differ and usually involve bank transfers, PayPal, and checks. 

There are various affiliate programs that generally are free to join, therefore, you do not require to worry about high startup charges. So, as you know an impactful affiliate marketing strategy can go from side hustle to a profitable online business idea by earning you a beneficial income. 

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?  

How Affiliate Program Works

Affiliate marketing runs by involving a referring product or service by sharing it on various social media platforms, blogs, websites, or podcasts. Meanwhile, affiliates every time earn a commission when someone makes a purchase through the unique affiliate link which is merged with their recommendation. 

      A brief review : 

  • You display an advertisement or even a link for Store Z on your blog, social network, or website. 
  • And then, a customer clicks on your particular affiliate link.
  • Then, once a customer makes a purchase in Store Z. 
  • The affiliate network records the transaction.
  • If the purchase is been confirmed by Store Z 
  • Then, finally, you’ll get paid a monetary commission. 

Usually, a commission rate for affiliate sales depends upon the firm and its offering. In any case, you’ll earn about 5% of the sale, although, under some arrangements, you can earn over 50%, usually once sharing an event or class. Also, there are affiliate programs that offer a smooth rate per sale despite a percentage. 

Kinds of Affiliate Marketing 

Affiliates always keep some secret – you never know if the person has ever actually used the product or if they’re just promoting it for money. Both cases still exist today.

It wasn’t till 2009 that renowned affiliate marketer Pat Flynn divided the various types of affiliate marketers into three groups. Understanding this type can showcase how people earn money online in this space, despite your moral compass.

Involved affiliate marketing

Incorporated affiliate marketing directs only to recommending products and services that the affiliate marketer has used and really have shown trust in. “Involved affiliate marketing is the way forward,” says Ellis. “It lies in beliefs and genuineness, doing what’s better for your audience and business.”

In this kind of marketing, an affiliate marketer uses their leverage to advertise products and services that followers may actually want, despite getting paid to receive clicks on a banner ad. It takes longer to build this kind of credibility near an audience, However, it is important to build a sustainable business.

It’s been said that an engaged approach makes advertising much simpler for affiliate marketing partners. “You don’t have to hide behind costly PPC ads and expect clicks and sales. An authentic Instagram story or blog post about your experience with a product will go a long way.

Unattached affiliate marketing

This type of affiliate marketing is counted as “unattached,” or when you have no authority in the place of the product you’re promoting. There is no relationship between you and the customer. Usually, you are running a pay-per-click advertising campaign with your affiliate link and expect people to click on it, buy the product, and earn a commission.

Unattached affiliate marketing is engaging and the reason is,  you don’t need to do any legwork. These businesses depend upon reputation and trust with their target audience online. Some affiliate marketers don’t have the time or wish to maintain those relationships, therefore, this kind of marketing is their best alternative.

“Unattached affiliate marketing is not a real business model, it is for people who just want to develop income,” explains Alice Dopson, founder of Sprocker Lovers. “Our focus for sprocket lovers is creating community and initially offering free education across a specific niche, which in our case is the sprocket spaniel dog breed, and secondly selling.”

It is the method of promoting products and services that you do not utilize, however,  that are connected to your niche. In this case, an affiliate marketer has an audience, whether through blogging, YouTube, TikTok, or any other channel. A working affiliate marketer also has influence, which makes them a reliable source for recommending products, even if they have never used them before.

Meanwhile, affiliate marketing can affect more affiliate income, it also comes with the risk of advertising something you’ve never attempted before.

This could be the worst product or service ever, and you would not even know it. It only takes one poor recommendation to lose your audience’s trust. If you don’t have trust and clarity, building a sustainable affiliate business will be tough. 

Pros and Cons of Affiliate Marketing

Yes, It is beneficial, considering its rise in vogue. Statista evaluates that the affiliate marketing industry will be worth $8.2 billion by 2022, up from $5.4 billion in 2017. It is also an economical price business venture from which you can avail tremendous benefits. Although, before diving in, recognize the pros and cons of joining the world of affiliate marketing.


While industry growth is a good sign of success, entrepreneurs take this referral marketing route for other reasons as well.

Instant Execution

Your side of the equation only affects handling the digital marketing side of creating and selling products. You don’t have to worry about difficult tasks, such as developing, supporting, or completing a proposal.

Less Risk 

As there are no charges to join affiliate programs, you can start earning money with a settled affiliate product or service without any upfront investment. Affiliate marketing can also generate relatively passive income through commissions – the ideal money-making scenario. Although initially, you will have to put time into building a traffic source, your affiliate link can continue to deliver a steady paycheck.

Easy to Scale 

Successful affiliate marketing supplies the ability to immensely increase your earnings without having to appoint additional support. You can present new products to your existing audience and build campaigns for other products, while your existing work resumes generating affiliate revenue in the background.

Later before you get too thrilled, know that great affiliate marketing is built on trust. While there is an apparently endless number of products or services to promote, it is best to highlight only those that you personally use or would recommend.

Even if a product interests you or fits into a current hobby, it takes a lot of work to become a great affiliate marketer for that product. 


It also carries some disadvantages compared to other kinds of marketing campaigns. Prior to going into it, let’s take a glimpse at a few difficulties you’ll face throughout your journey to affiliate marketing success. 

Need patience 

need lots of patience 

Affiliate marketing is not like other schemes which make you reach instantly. It needs time and patience to raise an audience and obtain influence. 

You’ll wish to test various channels, so as to view which connects best with your customer. Find the most important and credible products for promotion. Give time in publishing free content on social media, blogging, hosting virtual events, along with doing other lead-generating activities on your marketing platforms. 

Commission – based 

There is no boss who is going to hand you a weekly paycheck for being an affiliate marketer. Basically, this affiliate program runs on a commission basis, no matter whether you’re paid through lead, sale or click. 

Firms usually go for a temporary browser cookie to record people’s reactions to your content. If once the desired action has been taken by anyone then you obtain a payout. 

Zero control over the program 

Affiliates should follow the regulations which are formed by firms for their program. You require to understand their guidelines for whatever they instruct and how you show their product or services. Likewise, competitors should follow recommendations, so you will have to get creative to make yourself out of the box from the world.

Top Affiliate Marketing Platforms to start earning

Here are some of the top affiliate marketing platforms to start earning:

  • Amazon Associates: This is the largest affiliate marketing program in the world, with millions of products and thousands of creators. You can promote Amazon products on your website, blog, or social media channels and earn a commission on every sale you generate.
  • CJ Affiliate (Formerly Commission Junction): This is another large and well-established affiliate network with a wide variety of merchants. You can find products in almost every niche, and the commissions are typically quite high.
  • Awin (Formerly Affiliate Window): This is a European affiliate network with a large presence in the US. They offer a wide range of products and services, and their commissions are competitive.
  • ShareASale: This is a popular affiliate network with a focus on small and medium-sized businesses. They offer a wide range of products and services, and their commissions are typically quite good.
  • Rakuten Marketing (Formerly LinkShare): This is a large and well-established affiliate network with a focus on technology products and services. They offer competitive commissions and a variety of tools to help you track your performance.
  • ClickBank: This is an affiliate network that specializes in digital products, such as ebooks, software, and courses. They offer high commissions and a variety of tools to help you promote your products.
  • FlexOffers: This is a large and well-established affiliate network with a wide range of products and services. They offer competitive commissions and a variety of tools to help you track your performance.

These are just a few of the many affiliate marketing platforms available. When choosing a platform, it is important to consider your niche, your audience, and the products or services you want to promote. You should also research the platform’s commission rates, tools, and support before you sign up.

How Do These Affiliate Marketers Make Money?

how affiliate marketer make money

Affiliate marketing is a popular online business model that allows marketers to earn commissions by promoting other people’s products or services. Essentially, affiliate marketers act as intermediaries between the seller and the consumer, promoting the products or services to their audience and earning a percentage of the sale if someone makes a purchase through their unique affiliate link.

What Are the 4 Steps to Start Affiliate Marketing? 

It is similar to running your personal small business, and turning into a successful affiliate takes dedication and dedication. 

Here you can use the mentioned step-by-step guide to begin your affiliate marketing business – 

1. Select your platform and process 

The very initial step is to find out the platform you wish to build your audience across. Each affiliate marketer has a variant approach and platform. Also, there are various affiliate marketing ideas you can opt for and rely on various methods.

2. Digital content

Digital content creators include bloggers, YouTubers, and social media influencers. They create niche content that resonates with the target audience. The goal is to systematically offer specific products that will appeal to their audience. This increases the chances of them buying and you will earn an affiliate commission.

3. Courses, events, workshops.

If you are a teacher, you can integrate affiliate participation offers into your event.

No matter which route you take, authenticity and audience building are the two most important elements of it.

4. Niche topic and review sites

These are sites that review products for specific audiences or compare a line of products against their competitors. This method requires you to create content related to the review space and post regularly to attract the audience.

Wrap-Up Line for Affiliate Marketing Success 

As already we have mentioned that affiliate marketing worth is actually turned into a form of passive income, however, you still have to do a little lifting upfront. However, the success of your program will rely upon the quality of your feedback. 

In order to make a good review, it would be best to get personal. You can share your experience in your blog, Instagram story, social media post, or even YouTube video.

Or if you are thinking of writing a personal review, then give a candid review based on your experience with and knowledge of the product. This is how you can prove yourself more authentic and thus how people will become more comfortable while following your advice in case they feel they should have faith in you.