Below are 5 one-of-a-kind unique things to do in Albuquerque NM.

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The National Museum of Nuclear Science & History

THE NATIONAL GALLERY OF NUCLEAR Scientific Research & Background was established by the United States Flying Force in 1969 as a database of details concerning the Atomic Age, from the early days of atomic weapons growth through even more modern, and calm, uses of nuclear innovation.

The gallery presents, with a collection of exhibits, display screens, artefacts, and also hands-on designs, the history of atomic energy study, bios of the leaders of the field, a look at life in Los Alamos during the days of the Manhattan Job, the effects of the Atomic Age on society and pop culture, the ethical plights nuclear weapons can produce, as well as a varied selection of various other subjects.

The De Anza Motor Lodge

THE DE ANZA MOTOR LODGE is a burnt out, run down motel on Course 66 that would certainly have been taken apart if it weren’t for the invaluable Indigenous American artifacts it has in its basement.

In its heyday, the De Anza was a growing motor lodge, dining establishment and Indian Trading Post. Today it is a run-down old structure that was nearly torn down to make way for a food store. If it were not for the valuable, unique Native American artwork in the basement conference room, the De Anza would be a memory. Rather, it is currently protected by security.

The De Anza is also noted for being the site of a scene from Breaking Bad.

Pueblo Montaño Chainsaw Sculpture Garden

AFTER A FIRE WRECKED THE landscape along the Paseo del Bosque route in Albuquerque, N.M., fireman Mark Chavez did what anybody in his placement would do: he picked up his power saw and made some art.

The Paseo del Bosque route is a 16 mile multi-use route going through the heart of the city, along the forested banks of the Rio Grande. In 2003, teens playing with fireworks unintentionally triggered a wildfire that infected over 250 acres, causing untold damages to the lands as well as routes along the riverfront.

Chavez, among the firemans that assisted to produce the blaze, looked into the charred husks of cottonwood trees that were left and made a decision to do something about it, which led to creation of this garden.

American International Rattlesnake Museum

THE RATTLESNAKE GALLERY IS HOME to one of the most varied collection of rattlesnakes in the world, having 34 different species.

The gallery also includes rarities like albino snakes, a Gila Monster (which chews on its target to inject as much poison right into of the victim’s blood stream as possible), a stunning selection of snake skeletons, and artifacts from snake looks in popular culture.

But the gallery doesn’t limit its option to only all-natural displays. Various uncommon as well as fascinating works of art are also found here. Most of our Albuquerque SEO employees like the close touch with nature here.

Little Beaver Town

THE INFAMOUS RED RYDER BB gun from A Christmas Tale was named for Red Ryder, a cowboy cartoon character of the mid 20th century. The syndicated strip was so preferred it also had its own amusement park briefly, but today it could not even be called a ghost town.

Fred Harman and Stephen Slesinger designed “America’s famous combating cowboy” in 1938. Thanks to the appeal of Westerns, the strip rapidly advanced into a multimedia realm, with comics, radio, as well as greater than 35 films and serials, not to mention lunchboxes, toys, and guns.

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