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  • Strategic ideation and UX/UI building.
  • Strategic ideation and UX/UI building.

Let your competitors stumble with mediocre app experiences. If you are with us, your company gets software that sets trends.

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Why App Development?

When was the last time you rode the subway or took a stroll around the park? How about the last time you sat around at Starbucks just to drink your coffee? Know what all those outings had in common? Whether you noticed it or not, most people around you had their face buried on their cellphones.


And on each of those screens? An app.


If someone had told you a little over a decade ago that, within a few years, every business would have a reliable, compelling, and boundless platform to reach any client, anywhere, what would you have done?


Chances are that you, like most people then, would have just dismissed the claim with a scoff.


Still today, there’s no shortage of out-of-touch business owners and key decision-makers that fail to grasp the enormous potential that app development brings to the table – regardless of niche or target audience.


The same decision-makers that go on to act surprised when the competition comes out on top.


App development services like ours exist to create pieces of software that deliver value and accessibility to your existing customers while attracting new ones in. Software that helps cement your brand on your audience’s mind and reinforce your current strategy. That help YOU connect more efficiently with your clients, in ways that actually impact your bottom line.


In short, app developing services like ours exist to create opportunities that further your business’ growth beyond what you thought was possible.

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We have inspired and motivated business owners, entrepreneurs, and professionals around the world for the past few years, and we’ve designed apps that both boost brand awareness and drives productivity off the charts. However, we realized that we couldn’t help everyone. and the truth is not everyone is our match made in heaven. Therefore, we only accept new clients after an extensive screening process that helps us determine whether we will be a good fit for each other.

, App Development Services, Over The Top SEO
Does Your Business Really Need an App?

Good question. Does it?


Today, you have about 2.8 million apps in the Google Play Store, and well over 2 million on Apple’s App Store. These span all kinds of industries, from the obvious ones, like food and entertainment, to unsuspected niches, like dentistry. So, we know they are extremely popular… But why?


It’s fairly obvious when you are talking about your big brands and huge corporations – In the fields where those players operate, you either make your presence felt everywhere, or you are soon left out of the game. But how about those smaller companies and local businesses jumping into the app bandwagon?


Well, for one, you have the fact that an expertly developed app can be easily monetized – Expanding a company’s revenue generation capabilities to verticals it might not have access otherwise.


However, monetization and revenue generation is actually the tip of the iceberg when it comes to apps.


Apps can be, without question, an unmatched channel to “bypass the middle-men,” and allow companies to engage with their customer base directly. In the U.S., consumers spend about five hours a day on their mobile devices, with 92% of that time spent on apps. The other 8%, in case you are curious, is time dedicated to web browsing.


However, as nice and impressive as those stats are, here’s the question that will keep you awake at night: With mobile devices accounting for half of all the web traffic in the world, are you happy with keeping your company relegated to that tiny 8% window? … Will your competitors?


So, you tell us. Does your business really need an app?

Bleeding-edge App Development Services

You are hardly here for a lesson on app development – and if you are… wrong place, buddy.


However, we do believe there’s some value to having business people take a peek behind the curtain into the mad hatter’s workshop. To give them a sense of how the puzzle pieces fit together and what it takes to make the magic happen.


Comprehensive Approach – System and Platform Development


Digital solutions can take many forms, and barring the laws of physics or hardware constraints, the only limitations left are the creativity and skills of those making them – Which is why our developers excel at both.


Whether we are talking about sophisticated back-end platforms that innovate the way things are usually done in the industry, or stunning, streamlined, and simple user-side systems – Our app development services cover both ends of that spectrum to perfection.


UX/UI Design – Apps That Deliver and  Delight


Clean and simple, or intricate and technical… At the end of the day, every app is meant to be used by people – A deceptively obvious notion that nonetheless has far-reaching implications on an app’s development cycle, and the results you ultimately get.


While some obsess almost exclusively over users’ interactions and others focus more heavily on achieving specific environments and asset placements, the fact is that truly successful and outstanding apps call for both.


Coding & Optimization – Turning Data into Experiences


Ideas can be amazing and designs breathtaking, but it takes gifted programming skills to type them into reality. Especially in that efficient, flawless manner that guarantees compatibility and adaptability.


Here is where our developers and programming staff join forces – half of them clearly crazy, and the other half just better at hiding it – to develop beautiful pieces of code that you could frame and display in a gallery. These form the foundations of the apps of tomorrow.


Compelling Branding – Platforms with Staying Power


If you ask a hundred developers what their app does, you are bound to receive a hundred and one different answers. Ask the same thing to a hundred business owners, and they’ll all agree that it does “Whatever their developers said, plus furthering their company’s brand.”


As much as app development services are about creating digital solutions that will wow users, that piece of software is also there as an extension of your company’s identity – And great development teams, like ours, take this into account from the get-go.


Planning, Spec’ing, Enhancing, and Iterating – The Formula for Dominance


As tech partners to several world-recognized businesses, we are well aware of the reach and scope of our abilities. As such, we make sure to disclose the foundation of our app development services’ philosophy from the start: For us, an app is never truly “Complete.”


What? Did you think we were just about finished? Hardly.


Once an app is implemented, we switch to escalation and expansion mode. We keep close tabs on performance and evolution, combining hard data with analytics to improve and enhance the initial product – Keeping your app miles ahead of everyone else’s.


If you think you got what it takes to play in the majors, then, by all means, get in touch. We’ll talk and see how it goes.

App Development Q&A

Lately, we’ve come across many marketers, business owners, and even regular joes who are genuinely interested in gaining a more in-depth understanding of the topic of app development. Knowledge that can improve their decision-making in the matter.


So, we talked it over with the boys at content and had them put together a quick FAQ tackling the most common questions on the subject. You are welcome.


What is application development services?


App development services is a term we use to encompass all the design and programming services that us developers provide to companies, software publishers, and enterprises to create an app.


In our case, it also comprises consulting services in the strategic stages of initial release, and effective marketing for a piece of software.


App development services can be broken down into four main stages: Pre-design, design, development, and support.

  • Pre-design is where we take the initial concept or idea for an app, and flesh it out into a workable strategy. What is the app about? Who is it for? What tech would be required to bring it about? All these are concerns that belong to the pre-design phase.
  • Once the pre-design phase is completed, the project moves on to the design stages. Here we make sure to validate the conceptual ideas of the previous phase with hard data. Feature lists will be refined, functionality will be determined, research on competing apps and target audience will be conducted. All to ensure the app not only works, but it’s also a success come release date.
  • The development phase is where we actually build the app. The design stage will provide the basic skeleton (in functionality and visual design) of the app. During this stage, we break down the project and manage it in development sprints focused on particular bits of functionality. Providing an agile and effective process.
  • After the app launches, we move on to a support phase. Here, we mainly focus on improving and enhancing the app, responding to users’ needs, and iterating into better versions of the software.


What is the best app development software?


There’s no absolute best. Each app has unique needs and assets that will benefit more from one language or development kit than from others. That said, platforms like AppyPie, AppSheet, Bizness Apps, and Appery.io have become industry favorites for good reasons.


Which is the best company for web and mobile application development services?


OverTheTopDev. Full stop.


What is ASP Computer?


An ASP, or Application Service Provider, simply refers to businesses that deliver computer-based services to their customers over a network. Things like accessing a particular app using standard protocols like HTTP.


It is a model that evolved from the increased costs of running specialized software that exceeds small and medium-sized businesses’ budgets – As well as the growing complexities of the software itself.


ASP models allow for such complexities and cost to be significantly cut down, and places most responsibilities of upgrading and maintenance on the provider.


What is the difference between ASP and SaaS?


While often confused, both models are significantly different from each other.


They are both a type of “Hosted” service. However, they usually have different implementations. ASPs are mostly used to provide computer-based services to a client over a network – Granting users access to an application via a standard protocol. SaaS, on the other hand, extends the ASP model idea. SaaS vendors usually manage the software they developed on their own, instead of hosting and managing a 3rd party’s app.


While ASPs provide a more traditional client-server application and require installations on the users’ part, SaaS relies mostly on the Web and can be accessed via app and web browser.


How do Free Apps Make Money?


In today’s digital landscape, there are plenty of ways to effectively monetize an app. While we can’t list every single one, here are some of the most used:

  • Advertising.
  • Consumer Data gathering.
  • Sponsorships.
  • Subscriptions.
  • In-app purchases.
  • Physical sales.


What percent of apps are successful? / Why do most apps fail?


Most apps that hit the market nowadays fail – Mainly because businesses figure they can just cheap-out in their development and get a money-making platform in return.


The harsh reality is that it takes a lot of talent, skills, and know-how to develop an app capable of carving a path in today’s crowded market and become successful. And that’s why professional app development services like ours exist.


As for the rest, here are a few of the most common reasons why they fail:

  • Poorly researched market or target audience.
  • Blatant lack of originality.
  • Choosing the wrong platform.
  • Terrible user experience.
  • Bad or inexistent testing.
  • Poorly executed launch.
  • Unreasonable expectations.


So, if you don’t want problems like these dooming your app from the get-go, you might want to put someone like us in charge of development.

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