App development

We are not talking about their technical uses only; today apps have taken almost all aspects of people’s lives.


Let’s talk numbers: think about how many people live in the world today. According to the site Worldometers, there are close to 7.5 billion people in the world right now. What if we tell you that a quarter of that is using mobile apps while you read us? That’s almost two billion people! Definitely, there is something good going on with mobile apps and you need to know right now what it is. You better keep reading!

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What is App Development?

In simple terms, app development is the process of writing software to be used in a given device. While this can be done for regular computers (web applications), there is a dominating trend in developing apps for small wireless devices like tablets and smartphones (mobile apps).


Development of apps also implies creating a set of computer programs to perform diverse tasks. There are apps for vital business activities (keeping track of inventories, billing clients), daily life tasks (shopping, driving), and for entertaining purposes. There is an app for everything nowadays, and if not, there’s someone thinking about developing it. There is a good chance that this “someone” is you!


Regardless of the platform which you are interested in creating an app for, the development process requires that you have a clear idea of what you want. At first, you must define the ultimate goal and mission of your app. This will be a great advantage in future steps of development and will save you a lot of money.

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Why is App Development so important?

Thanks to the sheer number of users worldwide, mobile apps have an increasing number of advantages over pretty much the majority of marketing strategies due to their massive use in recent times. Having an app developed for your business equates to some major benefits that can boost your business to a completely new level. Here are some reasons why App Development is like Marketing, but on steroids:

  • Visibility

    Marketing is about making your brand more visible to largest possible audiences. If you take a close look to the most crowded parts of your city, you will probably see lots of posters and giant visuals featuring products, services, events, and more. App creation is the latest way to take advantage of the same principle. Given the fact that billions of people carry mobile devices with them at all times, having a presence in the app world will boost the relevance of your product, service, or brand. Now that’s an advantage!

  • Relevance

    App creation is all about generating value for your customers. Nowadays, it is no longer enogh for your brand to be seen. It has to mean something to your customers. A mobile app allows your clients to interact directly with your products and services. The best apps provide customers with information that needs to be updated often, such as locations, news, or deals and coupons. This is the best way to make your customers establish a solid and long lasting relationship with your brand.

  • Fast access to customers

    Success in marketing has a lot to do with speed. Fast production, fast packaging, being able to quickly adapt to market changes, are some qualities necessary for your business to survive in the long term. Communicating with your customers in an effective way is also a key factor, especially when making big changes in promotions or other relevant matters.By developing a user-friendly app, you will be able to send notifications about news, or anything you want your clients to know. Your customers will be within your reach at all moments!

  • More Sales

    That’s the point of marketing, right? Having an app developed for your business can increase your sales dramatically. Apps save time to customers. By just looking at their screens and moving their fingers they save time when shopping n for what they need. Moreover, they can just tap a few times and have their stuff sent to their homes. Giving your customers instant access to your catalog through your own app can change your business, and your life, forever!

  • We Offer

    We offer fast and seamless App Development for any purpose and platform. Over The Top SEO has a proven team of expert developers who will create the perfect app for your business.

  • Conception

    Our process starts with your idea for a new app. You understand your products and services and have an idea on how to generate value through the use of an amazing app.

  • Definition

    We must find out who your target audience is and the things will do for them. In this stage, we want to create user stories about how they will be using your app and what things might add value. Here, we also decide which is the best platform for your application based on the advantages and disadvantages of each one. Each platform reaches different audiences more easily than others but also poses different challenges at the time of publishing.

  • Wireframing

    Our designers and developers create sketches of each one of your app`s pages and organize the way they are linked together. In this stage, new functions might be added, and some could end up being discarded. Eventually, we will create high-resolution mock-ups of the app to see how the end product will look like. Here, important elements as user interface and user experience are tested and fine-tuned.

  • Development

    Here is where the actual coding takes place. Our expert programmers will give life to your design and build a robust code structure to your app. On this stage, there are many elements to take into account. Depending on the platform chosen, an app can pose great challenges to meet certain publishing standards.

  • Beta Testing

    We first release a basic version of the app with the minimum required features for it to accomplish its purpose. It goes through extensive testing, using real user conditions, and even real users, to make sure the application does not get released with bugs or errors. As we fine tune the inner workings of the app, we add the rest of the features and continue testing.

  • Launch

    When the app is ready, we submit it to its intended platform for publishing. It might take two weeks or more, depending on the platform. Once it is approved, it will be ready for your customers to download on your platform’s app store.If you have a killer idea, come to us and start the process of making it happen today!

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