15 Best Local SEO Companies For Acquire More Customers

15 Best Local SEO Companies For Acquire More Customers

SEO is one of the familiar terms that you might have heard many times along with its benefits before. However, still, you might be wondering how this SEO can benefit your business. 

SEO would be quite confusing especially when you are new to the digital marketing platform. 

If you are looking for local SEO services for your business, then probably you have come across some best local SEO companies. Though they share the services on a website they provide, it is still difficult to decipher what exactly it is that an SEO company does. 

15 Best Local SEO Companies of 2023

Here is the list of the 15 best local SEO companies of 2023 are – 

1. Over The Top SEO (OTT) – Perfect Fit For Your Local SEO Marketing

OTT - Best Local SEO Company

Several companies do vanity metrics such as rankings, impressions, or traffic for their clients. Here OTT is known as one of the best local SEO companies focusing on conversions and revenues. This agency is dedicated to delivering clients a carefully planned local search campaign that offers all the services starting from A to Z service. 

The agency works with small, local mom and pops businesses to massive and multinational brands in all the locations globally. We don’t distinguish local SEO into individual silos. We put it all together which are reviews, Citations, on-page and page optimization, and content marketing in a similar marketing list. 

Website: https://www.overthetopseo.com/

2. Digital Marketing Agency – Best for Worldwide Local Search

DMA is recognized as an award-winning international marketing agency that provides full-service marketing and advertising support to raise local business. Therefore, if you have a regional or national, or else multi-location business that you’d like to expand. Then, you’ll require a provider that can aid you in entering a new market. 

This agency works with small local brands however, they have expertise in managing large multi-national accounts for a lot of large, blue-chip clients. The agency successfully handles local search campaigns from start to end, across a variety of markets, involving markets with various cultures, languages, and expectations. 

Many companies concentrate only on the SEO part. However, DMA manages to look after creative, development, or even marketing requirements as per the need. 

In case you are in search of a professional generalist then DMA will be a great place to begin. 

Website: https://www.digitalmarketingagency.com/

3. HigherVisibility – Best for Franchise / Multi-Location

Higher Visibility is an agency that mainly specializes in Organic SEO and Local SEO. They are good at local SEO for small businesses, franchises, and multi-location companies. More than 50 percent of their customers are small, local business owners who need more traffic leads, and sales. They share the results they get with other customers online.

Higher Visibility was previously recognized as Agency of the Year by Search Engine Land in 2018 and Top 10 SEO Agency by UpCity in 2018. He has an overall review rating of 4.8 stars. 

Website: https://www.highervisibility.com/

4. Searchbloom – Best for Local and Technical SEO

Searchbloom focuses on a methodology they call the ART (Authority, Relevance, Technology) of local SEO. One of the things that makes Searchbloom so impactful in technical SEO is the fact that they are immersed in optimizing their customer’s technology stack.

The firm provides clients with dedicated analysts and personalized strategies along with no long-term contracts. Also, they have shared various case studies on their site, involving one where they were able to produce a 71 percent increase in organic traffic for their client. 

Website: https://www.highervisibility.com/

5. Instaboost Media – Best for Low Budget

Instaboost Media specializes in two forms. Paid Ads (eg, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Bing Ads, etc.) and Local SEO. This is one of the top SEO companies listed by Clutch. co and they have an overall review rating of 4.1 – 4.8 online reviews.

Keeping aside SEO service, the company delivers the services in paid advertising on Google and Social media. Primarily, the company has a small team that concentrates on lead generation for niche businesses.  Their prominent services are focused on generating traffic and leads.

Website: https://www.instaboostmedia.com/

6. BrightLocal – Best for Assessing Local Search Performance


BrightLocal makes all-in-one local marketing software for agencies and local businesses. If you are a marketer, their local platform gives you the tools you need to manage the typical tasks of local SEO. If you are a sophisticated customer or already have a plan you are going to follow, BrightLocal is ideal as it enables you to handle the enactment yourself.

Also, they provide services for your local SEO campaigns – manual submission, quote creation, and management services. If you’re looking for a firm that can aid you with a supporting role, BrightLocal is a great alternative. What sets BrightLocal different is that they provide software and services to both brands and agencies.

They are local SEO and Social Media professionals and have in-depth knowledge of the area. They work with small, local businesses and large national clients like Valvoline. He has an overall review rating of 3.8 – 4.9 stars.

Website: https://www.brightlocal.com/

7. WebFx 

Webex provides a complete package of services and creates customized and best-in-class SEO and Hyper-Local SEO services as per your business requirement. They are experts in developing and creating marketing techniques. 

Their team includes experienced candidates, marketers, and designers who can supply you with better solutions for your business. They offer services to small businesses, Business services, Midmarket, Health Care & Medical, Consumer products & services, and Manufacturing. 

Website: https://www.webfx.com/

8. Social SEO 

Experienced for many years in the social SEO industry, he has completed various projects in the USA, including Local SEO as well as link building for local businesses.

Additionally, they are professionals in SEO, social media, and content marketing. It is the largest marketing agency and has been in the industry for more than 2 decades. This agency works for all kinds of businesses.

Website: https://www.socialseo.com/

9. Ignite Visibility 

Ignite Visibility is based in San Diego and is known as one of the top digital marketing agencies. Their motive is to provide world-class marketing services to their customers.

They build relationships with their clients and provide them with personalized best local SEO services. They deliver services to all kinds of businesses. 

Website: https://ignitevisibility.com/

10. OuterBox

The company, Outerbox, specializes in providing web designing services, web development, and local SEO services for all types of businesses.

There are various digital marketing services available on their website. You can visit their website. This OuterBox delivers services to all types of businesses. 

Website: https://www.outerboxdesign.com/

11. HigherVisibility 

The brand has obtained high experience in the field of digital marketing and can drive your company to the top of Google SERP.

They understand the requirements of the business of the customers and then offer the services they only require. This technique enhances the chances of success. This agency serves all kinds of business fields. 

Website: https://www.highervisibility.com/

12. Boostability 

The agency mainly supports small-sized businesses. They have been in this industry since  2009 and since then they have excelled in offering SEO and other digital marketing services. 

They offer services to businesses like restaurants, cafes, stores, dentists, etc.

Website: https://www.boostability.com/

13. Thrive Internet Marketing Company

This marketing agency came into existence in the year 2005. It is situated in Texas. Although, there are also some other offices in Florida, New York, and California.

The firm has maintained a good reputation across the industry. They provide many personalized digital marketing services that are best fitted for your business. They are local SEO experts in promoting all kinds of business services. 

Website: https://thriveagency.com/

14. SmartSites

Smart sites are known as the most recognized and award-winning digital marketing agencies which mainly focus on SEO and PPC. However, they also offer local SEO solutions. 

With a unique vision and hard work, Smart Sites have turned out to be the fastest-growing digital marketing agency in the United States.

Their persistent concentration on customers has earned them 5-star reviews. This local marketing agency can deliver services to every type of business. They are happy to come across the client’s expectations. 

Website: https://www.smartsites.com/

15. SEOTuners

When it comes to business development SEOTuners can be the top digital marketing agency. As they claim that they never use black hat SEO techniques. Moreover, they never fail to get the wanted outcomes and that is the reason why it is one of the best digital marketing agencies. They offer services in every kind of business.

Website: https://seotuners.com/

What Are the Services a Local SEO Firm Offers? 

A local SEO agency offers search engine optimization services to businesses to aid them in enhancing their visibility near audiences. 

Also, search engine marketing is the method of making changes to your website design and content to make your site more appealing to search engines. 

What Are the Benefits of Hiring a Local SEO Firm? 

Benefits of Hiring Local SEO Company

There are several advantages to hiring a local SEO professional because they will help your business optimize your site for search engines. 

Here are a few points which show how an SEO company is beneficial – 

An SEO Company Can Help Your Business Improve Your Search Engine Rankings –  

A professional SEO company can assist your Firm’s website rank higher in search engines. While using the most up-to-date tools and techniques, an SEO company knows exactly what to do to help enhance your website. 

And to make it engage search engines such as Google, an SEO agency will aid you in conducting comprehensive keyword research to find the exact keywords that will resonate with your potential buyers. Also, they ensure that your site architecture is optimized for search engine crawling, allowing your website to be more easily discovered and ranked by search engines.

Starting from identifying what changes your business can make to your content and site design an SEO firm will always assist you to enhance your chances of higher ranking on the search engine outcome page. 

When your content ranks higher for the specific phrases and keywords, the more chances of leading to new and relevant leads. 

An SEO Company Can Help Improve the Quality of Your Website Traffic.

To help you rank higher on search engines, SEO companies can also assist you to improve the quality of traffic to your site.

Let’s suppose it this way if you’re ranking for keywords and phrases that truly match your product or service offering then the traffic you are driving to your site is way more important. 

As you drag more crucial traffic into your site, you’ll upgrade your chances of influencing transactions. And the reason behind this is that the people who visit your sites are most probably interested in your products and services. 

Based on a recent survey, a PPC campaign is the height of SERPs, 71.33 % of searches interchange from clicks on the starting page of search results. The reason why many people find Google’s algorithm more credible is. Therefore, an impactful SEO strategy will likely drive you more traffic. 

SEO Companies Provide Measurable Results.

This would be yet another method by that an SEO firm can support your small business growth by providing measurable outcomes. Unlike some authentic marketing strategies, SEO can be simply tracked and measured during every phase of your campaign.

You can ask your SEO company for a monthly analytics report, and then only you better understand how the SEO services will offer value for your business. 

When you get associated with an SEO agency, then make sure that they will offer you clear updates on your SEO advertisement. However, these would be probably the best ways to make sure that you will get a return on investment.