Best Professional SEO Services in the Business

Best Professional SEO Services in the Business

What makes good SEO? Good question!

While SEO regularly changes the requirements for good business practices, requirements tend to stick along the same themes. Ironically, due to SEO itself, it can be hard sometimes to get a true sense of the best companies out there. Any organization or start-up can put in the work to rank their SERPs well and the top ten lists flood search engines across the world.

Verification is tricky when you have such an overwhelming list of options. While good SEO services get a page ranked up to appear in front of you when looking for a company, there’s a lot more to a fully professional service than just their ability to appear on page one.

What you need from an SEO will vary depending on whether you are a small start-up or an established small to medium-sized company and so on.

You will also want to confirm your specific need. SEO companies provide either their own page ranking services or a range of SEO tools.

An important service provided by many SEOs is the professional checking of a website’s history. This can provide important information such as if a site has been spammed in an SEO sense in the past or not.

SEO tools provided by companies can be a variety of powerful analytics and competitor analysis tools that can be crucial for ensuring success.

This kind of fact-checking can help strategic planning as well as also helping explain reasons of performance for a certain site.

It’s one of many facets of SEO that a good company should provide.

So let’s go over some other key points to identify a good service.

Don’t get fooled by the marketing!

A lot of SEO companies also provide website design work and varying degrees of marketing services in general. This can result in them having very polished and appealing websites but this is not always an indicator of the level of their SEO expertise.

Sometimes a company with a straightforward or dull website can have killer SEO – don’t write off an unappealing website immediately. SEO is not web design.

Identify your goals

Whether you are a one-man operation or you work with a small, medium or large team within your company you need to identify your goals.

Particularly when it comes to the subject of analytics and competitor analysis you need to know your area and what you need to know and when. This landscape can vary tremendously and some companies might have a need for strong competitor analysis to survive, whereas a different company may prefer to focus efforts on the integrity of their sites by using backlink and history checking tools.

You need to know what you need and the consequences for both achieving and not achieving your goals, ultimately. This will help prioritize your budget and put those funds where they are most critically needed.

Take advice from your own culture and networks

As business goes, you’ll end up over time with your own network of SEOs and other companies. These can be competitors, personal friends or past clients and partners. It’s often the case you’ll be able to suss out a good deal on a tool or a new regular SEO provider by asking around.

Take advantage of the work done by others to confirm what companies might be best for you. It’s surprising sometimes how effective this can be, particularly if a single name keeps cropping up. Word of mouth counts for a lot in the modern age despite the prevalence and reach of traditional marketing.

Our recommendations

So let’s get to it. This is a list of a few companies that we feel provided top professional SEO services worth talking about.

1. Moz

You might not have heard about these guys!

Moz is obviously a pillar of the SEO world. These guys have been going on for years and provide much more than professional SEO services and products.

They have been a vital element in the prospering of the SEO world by bringing many new SEOs into the world via a vibrant discussion board and an impressive blog with articles from many experts worldwide.

Moz has its services broken down into a list of main services. Moz Pro is a set of tools you can access for a 30 day free trial before paying. This list of tools allows you a great degree of visibility on the whole SEO process via a set of powerful analytics tools.

Further services include Moz Local, which focused on local and mobile searches, and Moz Content which works with your content strategy, allowing for some impressive performance tracking and competitors analysis.

2. Ahref

Ahref has provided a great level of service for some time now. Well known in the industry for providing a powerful link analysis tool, they are a common choice and for a good reason.

A particular reputation of the tool is the ease at which it can show both social and backlinks.

A free trial is available and this gives you a few key features for experimenting and understanding the potential for the rest of the tool. The full program will let you drill further down into the details and see individual statistics.

The full program can be a little on the expensive side compared to other professional SEO services but we feel the quality is there to merit the price.

3. Majestic

Flexible pricing, a reputation for consistent customer service and a real finger on the pulse of SEO.

Majestic provides a range of services and particularly a varied list of very effective SEO tools.

Their tools might not be the prettiest when compared to other tools but the quality and power are there. An impressive array of different tools for different purposes are available on their website with the option to trial individual ones to test the quality for yourself.

We particularly like their backlink history tool that lets you determine the search and visit history of a website. It’ll help you identify key trends and also any points of concern such as high traffic that might indicate spamming.

That’s just one of the many on the list. You’re looking at keyword checkers, widgets, webmaster tools, and a range of competitor analysis tools.

To Conclude

The recommendations listed above will have you in good hands. Powerful tools, provided by reputable companies. It’s always healthy for any company working with SEO to be vigilant when it comes to their analysis and review.

There are a lot of different metrics to keep an eye on and the penalty for slipping or being unaware can be severe. Powerful tools, when used well, will give powerful results.

We hope the few recommendations listed here are of use. Take your time doing your research and always start that work with a clear goal and list of priorities.