Best Twitter Alternatives for Business and Marketing Success

Best Twitter Alternatives for Business and Marketing Success

Many Twitter alternatives have gained popularity ever since massive changes happened in the most popular microblogging platform.

Even though the experience of using Twitter has not changed that much, for marketers and advertisers, it is not the same.

Agreeing that the popularity of Twitter is not that easily altered by any other social media platform. Yet, some social sites may be worth spreading your brand’s words on. In this article, we are going to share with you the best Twitter alternatives for marketers to rely on and how they can benefit from SEO services.

1. Mastodon


Mastodon can be a great alternative to Twitter, considering its increasing popularity among people and organizations. It attracts around 2.5 million monthly users and allows them to like, post, repost, and follow people and organizations.

Mastodon and Twitter are different from each other. Twitter is a single platform, whereas Mastodon works as a federation operated through independent servers. They are interconnected and called diverse. Each server has its own rule.

The “diverse” is made up of these networked servers, each of which has its own set of regulations. As a user, you can interact with people on servers, but the restrictions of the server you’re assigned govern what you can do.

You can change servers if you don’t like your current one, but you’ll have to follow the rules of the new server. If you switch to a new server, you can maintain the connections and contacts you built on the old one.

Mastodon places a strong emphasis on community building, therefore, marketers can derive great advantages from it.

2. Discord


Discord is quite different from Twitter and is known to be one of the best Twitter alternatives for marketers. Initially, it was popular among gamers to chat with each other. Discord is more advanced than Twitter when it comes to text chatting.

It allows users to text chat among game players and within its server-based channel. It also offers a unique voice chat experience when streaming a game with friends or queuing up YouTube videos together.

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Through Discord’s servers, you can avail of the same federation advantages as provided by Mastodon. Everything is good about this chat platform, but you must still be wondering how it can be helpful for marketers.

Well, the answer depends on its popularity as a community management or communication tool. Marketers can establish communication with their intended audience through voice messaging, screen sharing, and text chat.

You can create your own public or private servers on Discord that have unique links to invite others. You can use stickers, emojis, and gifs creatively to build engagement with other community members.

Its community-oriented algorithm makes it the most beneficial Twitter alternative for marketers. You can organize events, stream live, share content, and collaborate with communities for your brand’s objectives. Moreover, you will be receiving your product’s reviews in real-time, which gives you more information about ideal messaging.

One of the main things that you need to keep in mind is that Discord does not allow you to advertise like Twitter or other social media platforms. Still, community groups and streaming events can be powerful features for your marketing operations.

3. Hive Social


Hive Social was launched in 2019 and gained too much popularity in a very short time. It has attracted around 2 million users so far.

This Twitter alternative mobile-only software lets users scroll through their followers’ posts, like them, and repost the posts. You get hashtag features here as well, like on Twitter, to find out what’s trending.

In comparison to Twitter, Hive Social has a much more straightforward chronological feed rather than an algorithm-based one. Also, it has no character limit, so you can make longer posts about your brand and products. Moreover, Hive Social gives you customization options that you won’t find on Twitter. It provides different background colours for profiles.

You can use your signature colour in your profile’s background. If you are searching for a Twitter alternative through which you can make your brand’s unique presence known, Hive Social is the best platform.

4. Tumbler


Twitter is used by politicians, organizations, celebrities, and people like us to share their thoughts and make followers read them. Tumbler also has the same purpose, but in some ways, it excels at Twitter. Tumbler does not compel you to make your content short.

You can use as many characters as you want so your posts do not seem lacking in information or maligned. You can fill them with complete information. It also provides you with similar features for photo and video sharing. 

All in all, Twitter is just a microblogging platform, whereas Tumbler is a far-reaching social media service that makes it complete. Apart from these comprehensive features, Tumbler has a separate section to search trending topics and chat features similar to Twitter’s direct text messaging. These qualities make it the best replacement for other social media platforms and Twitter alternatives for marketers.

5. Reddit

Reddit Social Media

Reddit is a social media platform to build an online community and spread your brand’s agenda. It hosts around 430 million active users monthly. Reddit has an interesting feature called subreddits, where it splits into thousands of smaller communities and dedicates them to various topics.

You can put links, photos, video content, questions, and various kinds of posts to let other users vote. If one of your posts gets more likes, its visibility will increase. If it gets downvoted, visibility decreases.

There is a very interesting thing about Reddit that makes it a good Twitter alternative: its Q&A forum. Being a marketer, you can utilize this feature in a better way. You can use this Reddit AMA, which stands for Ask Me Anything, to build engagement with your audience.

Your existing users and new followers will ask you about your products or services. You will have the opportunity to know your customers and answer their questions. Moreover, Reddit also allows you to run ads like Twitter, which is a necessity for a marketer like you.

Twitter is no doubt the best platform for marketers and advertisers, but there are still some restrictions that keep your efforts limited. Therefore, finding the Best Twitter alternatives for marketers can be beneficial for you in so many ways. If you face any barriers while implementing marketing techniques on these platforms, you can reach out to OTT for help.

We are a result-oriented digital marketing agency and provide social media marketing services to businesses. If you want to market on these Twitter alternative platforms, don’t waste time, hire our professionals to put in the best efforts.

6. CoHost


CoHost is another web-only alternative to Twitter that is gaining popularity. It has similar features, such as following, liking and sharing posts. But it also lets multiple people co-own a page. This is ideal for businesses that are working together on a project.

The best thing about CoHost is that it does not limit your characters or show you algorithm-based recommendations. You have full control over your content creation and distribution, which can help you reach your marketing goals.

7. WT. Social

WT. Social

WT.Social is a platform by Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales that follows the same donation-based model as Wikipedia. Users can create, join and post in sub wikis, which are microblogs about various topics. They can also share and discuss links with other users within their subwikis.

WT.Social expects posts to be factual news with credible and transparent sources. To combat fake news, moderators and users can flag and edit posts and links that are misleading or inaccurate.

8. Bluesky


Bluesky lets users share photos and texts, and interact with other posts, just like Twitter.

But Bluesky is different from other social media apps because it will be a decentralized system. This means users can create their own apps and communities within it, without any central authority.

Bluesky is currently invite-only, but it will open up to the public after beta testing