16 Best Web Design Tools To Build a Professional Website

16 Best Web Design Tools To Build a Professional Website

Basically, a web designer’s tools change revenue-growing websites, and concepts to live. You might be using website builders such as Squarespace and Wix, for designing your site without coding. Else, you can go for a comprehensive and personalized suite of web design tools, which involve digital design software and code editors. 

Basically, this web design empowers us to make a digital environment that pushes user engagement. It relates to the creatives that are being shown over the internet. And here a web designer is liable for converting ideas/ concepts of websites into ideal and engaging web pages. 

The web design is linked directly with the digital components of a web application. As per the report, 75% of the credibility of the website is because of its design and over 89% of website viewers switch to its competitor’s site if they don’t find the website up to their mark. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure that the web designs are powerful and aesthetic for the success of the applications. 

There are several types of tools available for web designers to use such as, 

  • Design tools that aid in crafting prototypes 
  • Website builders that don’t need any coding experience 
  • Web design tools that involve code editor and visual design software 

No matter which routes you prefer, web design software is just priceless if anyone is thinking of building a beautiful site.

Advantages of Using Web Design Tools

Later before we take a deep look at web design tools, this might come to your mind. Why would you use this software in the first place? 

While designing the best website isn’t an easy procedure. You seek to craft a design that meets with your organization’s branding, looks attractive and offers the best user experience. And luckily, Web design software can assist. 

A web design software provides each stage of the web design process and includes: 

The correct tools clear a complicated process and aid you to merge effectively with other team partners. Irrespective of being a professional designer or fresh in web designing, the tools are for you.

16 Best Web Design Tools Software 

Here is the list of the 16 best web design tools which are – 

1. Squarespace 

Squarespace - Web Design Tools

Squarespace is one of the great choices when you are looking for a website builder if you have less or no experience in coding. Under Squarespace, you can opt for multiple themes to set the design of your website around, and later then personalize the theme with proper layout.

The structured layout signifies that you do not have sufficient liberty in fixing your elements as you can with others. However, it eases the design procedure in case you’re short-experienced. 

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2. WordPress 

Wordpress - Web Design Tools

In case you are looking for more personalized web design software, consider utilizing WordPress. WordPress is basically a content management system ( CMS) that enables you to create your website from the initial level. Meanwhile, you can utilize themes by drag and drop builders, also you can personalize your site with a code. 

WordPress holds a massive library of plug-ins for your website to aid you in creating the site you are ever thinking of. 

The reason for its complexity is that it requires a more professional hand to make a better website. 

3. Wix

Wix - Web Design Tools

In the list of web design tools, one of the website builders showcased on the list is Wix. It is a simple-to-use builder that doesn’t require coding expertise. If you wish to design however you do not have much professionalism, then Wix would be the best tool for you. 

While this platform enables you to drive and drop your website elements to craft your needful layout, Meanwhile, you don’t have excessive freedom as you can be under an involved tool. Wix offers you an outstanding and personalized capability to keep an easy process. 

4. Shopify 

Shopify - Web Design Tools

This is basically for e-commerce web designers. Shopify is among the most famous e-commerce website builders offer – Under Shopify, and with the assistance of Shopify, you can craft an attractive, customized eCommerce website regardless of web development expertise. 

5. Adobe Dreamweaver 

Adobe Dreamweaver  - Web Design Tools

By going ahead with the list of website builders, the left tools in the list will aid more professional designers to mention their code, prototyping their websites, and crafting the visual elements. 

In order to begin this web design tool, Adobe Dreamweaver is known as a commercial application for creating pages that would be accessible for the Mac and Windows operating systems. Now, the design of the website comes along with several attributes in its powerful text editor, which involves: 

  • Built-in FTP client
  • Syntax highlighting and many smart code clues.
  • Live view that showcases a recap of your source code 
  • Project management and workflow alternatives create effortless teamwork. 

Meanwhile, Dreamweaver associates with famous Adobe products like Photoshop, which enables you to distribute Smart Objects for instant and easy updating and editing components of graphics. 

6. Webflow 

webflow - Web Design Tools

Webflow is another website builder which is mentioned in our top list. This is a builder with a personalized visual interface that enables you to craft your website with no coding expertise. Due to this drag-and-drop builder, it becomes easy to obtain the design you wish for. 

Also, you can combine your content with built-in CMS, therefore, you close it with a site with both the digital elements and content structure you are looking for.  And ultimately, once you are done with designing the site, you can post it or distribute the code under web developers for keeping the development procedure moving consistently. 

7. Nova 

Nova - Web Design Tools

Now, Nova is another new and upgraded version of Panic, a web development application that is for the Mac OS * operating system. The design of the website tool looks forward to lowering the number of applications. For instance, an FTP client, CSS editor, and version control system which you require while developing websites and enhancement of your team workflow. 

This nova basically runs on one – a window web development philosophy with a tabbed interface for file transfer, text editing, CSS, SVN, and ‘Books’ that implants searchable web books. 

8. Firefox Developer 

Firefox developer - Web Design Tools

It is known as an Edition is a type of Firefox mainly for web developers. Being a developer you are eligible for all the DEV Tools. 

Now, the web page design tools show several attributes such as – 

  • Creating and designing with CSS Grid 
  • Evaluating and Debugging 
  • Style Editor 
  • HTML inspector 

The above list showcases only a few characteristics that support your web development requirements. 

9. Google Web Designer 

google web designer

It is a free web page designing tool that makes it easy to create interactive and interesting HTML5-based designs. Even better, the software ensures that your designs (and motion graphics) will run and showcase on any device, from desktops to smartphones.

Also, you edit CSS, HTML, and JAVAScripT straight with the Google Web designer. 

10. Bootstrap 


Another one on the list of web design tools is Bootstrap, a famous framework for building websites with CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. Bootstrap involves several templates to aid you in designing your pages, and is open-source and free.

If you wish to start your designs with a template, you can browse the library of templates built on Bootstrap, which you can personalize to get the look you are looking for. 

11. Sublime Text 


As the name recommends, Sublime Text is known as a text editor for web designers that enables you to see your code in a colour-coded visual interface. Outstanding characteristics that cause web development simpler comprise

  • Auto-complete suggestions
  • Multiple selections for renaming variables
  • Split-screen to view two pages of code side-by-side

The text editor is accessible for Linux, Mac, and Windows operating systems.

12. InVision Studio 

invision studio

InVision Studio is a prototyping software that enables web designers to visualize their designs and test how users will engage with them. InVision Studio enables seamless interaction between elements to fully test the user experience of your design.

With this program, you can also build reusable elements, which are populated in the library for you so that you can drag and drop in your designs as required.

The software also consists of collaboration features to get feedback from your team and simplify the transition from prototyping to development.

13. Adobe XD 

adobe xd web design tools

Another important aspect of web design is prototyping. The initial prototyping software on this list is Adobe XD, a vector-based application that enables you to visualize your design and test the user experience.

Adobe XD includes a number of characteristics to simplify the prototyping process, involving:

  • Automation for repeating elements
  • Collaboration capabilities
  • Responsive Resize to simplify the process of adjusting your design for different devices
  • Reusable components
  • Content-Aware Layout to automatically align elements as you edit

This web design software can be accessible for Windows and Mac systems.

14. Adobe Photoshop 

adobe photoshop web design

It is a popular commercial graphics editor for the Mac and Windows operating systems. It is mainly made for experienced photographers and designers as it is a potential application for manipulating images and crafting web graphics. 

Photoshop has all the necessary tools and options you need, as follows: 

  • Extensibility and automation with Brushes, Actions, and Scripting
  • Filters, which automatically add effects to your image or a selected section of your image
  • Workflow enhancement features like Layer Comps and the Revert option.

If you’re searching for web design software that gives you robust attributes for making the visual elements of your site, Photoshop is an excellent choice.

15. Figma

figma - Web Design Tools

Figma is mainly an online web design software tool that enables you to edit and prototype your designs. With Figma, you can communicate with your team, make engaging prototypes, and share them to get feedback. 

Characteristics such as Auto Layout simplifies the layout design process by automating aspects like button resizing and responsive layout shift. You’ll also have authority over your asset library, and you can fix styles for a universal design across your projects.

16. Canva 

Canva - Web Design Tools

Another notable option for designing your site’s visuals is Canva. Although not as powerful as Photoshop and with fewer features, Canva is very easy for non-professional designers.

While Photoshop has a significant learning curve, Canva enables you to create attractive designs without previous experience. If you require an instant way to create graphics for your website, consider using Canva.

Important Steps to Consider Post Development 

After the development of a website, it is important to check its features and functionality. While testing enables the developer to deliver functional models of the product. 

Therefore, later in the development of websites, it’s always been said to test websites for several functionalities such as cross-device testing, cross-browser compatibility, Visual testing, and so on. OTT always ensures that website creation works seamlessly on every browser and device as well. 

OTT provides an amalgam of over 3000 devices, browsers and operating systems to test your website. You will get an exact outcome by using the OTT when compared to testing on simulators/ emulators. Furthermore, the testing can be accomplished instantly on the cloud by not requiring any configurations. You may check across mobile browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, etc on actual Android devices and iOS. 

Notable points 

Do you wish to include more alternatives to involve in your web design toolkit? Check out these additional tools that deserve a quick look – 

  • Web Developer (Firefox extension)
  • GIMP
  • Adobe Animate
  • Paper and pen/pencil (for paper prototyping/sketching).
  • Notepad++

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