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    What best describes your business?
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    Do you currently use SEO for your business?
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    How much are you currently spending on SEO?
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Brent SEO Experts: Bringing Search Engine
Optimization Strategy To Your Digital Marketing Plan

Brent based businesses are popping up faster now than ever before. Last year, over 600,000 new companies opened their doors in the UK. That means, 600,000 new competitors, trying to steal clients’ attention from your establishment or website. But it also means increased attention and focus on your market. With new businesses coming in, it brings more opportunities and drives more people.

In fact, since 2011 the number of startups being launched every year has been increasing. From coffee shops to apps, fintech to education, entrepreneurs, and founders are flocking to Brent to get their businesses off the ground.

And, it makes sense. Brent may be an old city with immense history, but it’s a city on the rise.  It’s a city begging for new companies to come in and set up shop and it’s got everything going for it.

It has some of the best talents within walking distance. Oxford, Cambridge, Kings College, University College of London, all right on the doorstep. These colleges attract some of the world’s best students. They come to Brent and fall in love with the culture and the city. Every year hundreds if not thousands of new grads enter the marketplace looking for a job. Looking for a company where they can make a difference.

It’s becoming easy to open your doors in Brent. The city is making it easy to start a business. They offer financial support to new companies and new entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship visas for non-citizens to come start their company in Brent, and small business grants for those that qualify.

Access. Brent is a connected city; it has hundreds of flights in and out every day. Almost half of its 8 million residents were born outside the city. It’s surrounded by busting towns and cities, each with more potential than the last.

Capital. In the first six months of 2016, British companies saw $1.3 billion dollars in investments. Investors are attracted to the city because that’s where the talent is. It’s becoming the Silicon Valley of the UK. New companies come here for the environment, investors come for the companies, then companies begin chasing the investors, and the cycle continues.

Exposure. There’s no denying the amount of opportunities for exposure in a bustling city. There are newspapers, reporters, tv, radio, 8 million people, and all their friends and family. Those people are all potential customers; they’re all people who might know someone interested in what you offer.

Finally, Brent is a fun city! The startup culture has taken over; there’s nightlife, daytime activities, good food, good drinks, everything a city needs to make a great home.

With all that going for it, it may be hard to stand out from the crowd. That’s where local SEO comes in. Local SEO is vital for your business in Brent. Those same people living in Brent are searching online for products like yours. They are reviewing products online, they’re talking about products, and they’re buying products. Ranking for local SEO means you begin to bring those customers over to your business.

96% of PC owners do online searches for local products and services … along with 81% of tablet owners … and 79% of smartphone users.

Our Brent SEO team can help those people doing local searches find your business and become your customers …

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Get Found In Brent: Why Local SEO Matters

Local search SEO in Brent can help you show up in Google’s “map pack,” “local pack,” or “3-pack,” as the first 3 spots below the map are usually called. Getting featured among these three companies is key to driving customers to your website.

Here’s an example of what that “3 pack” looks like for a local search in Brent …

The reason Local search SEO is so valuable is that people who are using local search are people that are ready to act. 82% of people doing a local search will take action: call, visit a retailer or buy something offline (TMP/comScore). And 61% of local searches lead to a purchase (Search Engine Watch) — especially if they find you while searching on a smartphone. If you can get your local SEO ranking in Brent higher than your competitors you can begin to drive those people to your business.

That’s why you want to rank high in a local search in Brent. You want to be found on that map you see above, you need to be on that map … and you need to outrank your competitors when people in Brent are searching for your type of business. 61% of clicks come in the first three results on a Google Search Engine Results Page or SERP, and 91.5% come from results on the first page (Chitika). If you’re not ranking, people aren’t finding you, and your business is losing money.


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Yes, they can.
But, to drive that traffic to your site it needs to rank in local search rankings. Your local search rankings depend greatly on prominence; how well known and trusted your business is in Brent. Because Google only wants to send people to websites worth trusting. That’s why Google is so popular.

There are three key factors that contribute to your local search ranking in Google: citations, reviews, and links. These could make or break the success of your business in SEO UK results.

1) Citations are mentions of your business somewhere on the web. They often include your company information like name, phone number, and address. Local citations are often found in directories like Google+,,, etc. But Google also counts citations found on newspapers sites (like London Evening Standard), blogs, event listing sites, etc. By getting your website more citations you are giving people, and search engines more places to get exposed to your product or service.

2) Reviews are critical. What are people saying about your business on review sites like Yelp or TripAdvisor? Google counts the number and quality of reviews and takes that in account when determining your local search ranking.

As mentioned above, Google only wants to send people to prominent websites worth trusting. Reviews help build that trust and authority and help build your online presence.

3) Backlinks or links to your site from other well-established local websites are the final key part of search algorithms in Google. Because it’s hard to fake a link to your website from another local business. These are vital.

Not all backlinks are created equal. Links from quality, Brent based businesses that are respected, are valued much higher than links from low-quality spam websites. In fact, links from low-quality websites may hurt your page’s performance.


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