WhiteSands Treatment Center


In an effort to increase new patient admissions, WhiteSands Treatment Center partnered with Over The Top SEO. They had begun as a single treatment center in Ft. Myers (a small/medium city in Florida) with mild to little competition. Initially, they came to us wanting SEO done for their nearest town, which was a much larger city than their hometown and with extremely high competition. Results exceeded their expectations.
After we have implemented our strategies into WhiteSands brand and exposure, the monthly brand searches jumped from 80 to 1200 people who are looking for the WhiteSands brand, and a huge 15 to 20% month-by-month increase of leads via phone calls.

  • top 3

    Top 3 in 50 US Locations

  • 1500%

    Increase in Brand Searches

  • $60M+

    Revenue from SEO

  • $60M+

    Revenue from SEO

  • Backstory

    WhiteSands Treatment Center is a Florida-based residential rehabilitation treatment provider serving most cities within the state with two residential facilities and intake centers statewide. Prior to Over The Top SEO, they were primarily focused on generating leads through Pay Per Click advertising and were investing a very significant amount of money in those campaigns.

  • Goals

    The initial target goals were to rank in the top 3 on the Maps and in Organic results in Tampa, FL. As the relationship grew, OTT’s vision was not just to rank WhiteSands locally in just 2 towns, but to DOMINATE within the entire I-4 corridor of 35 cities in Florida.

    Call them and ask how much they like us. You can look them up using of the toughest, most viciously competitive keywords in the Rehab industry: Drug Rehab + ANY of the cities you can see in their locations page (Drug Rehab Tampa, Drug Rehab Orlando, and many more).

  • Challenges

    For rehabilitation centers, Google has manually curated search results in an attempt to curb the amount of affiliate and lead generation websites that show in organic results. This has caused significantly more competition as government sites were moved to the top of the results.

  • Results

    Through creation of an effective on-page strategy, landing page development, and a significant link building campaign, we were able to rank all of their residential and intake centers on the first page of Google. Primarily, within the top 3 of the results.

    Number 1, 2, 3 on 50 out of 50 locations on organic or maps results. The amount of revenue driven to WhiteSands from SEO leads alone: over $60 Million USD.

    Natural Brand Searches before OTT: 80 people on average per month. Natural Brand Searches after (and ongoing) OTT: 1200 people on average per month.

    We were also able to get each of the locations into the local 3 pack, which dominates the map section for their city, and smashed in the organic results and ranked them at top 3 positions there as well. This increased the direct location traffic by 50% which ultimately resulted in a month-by-month increase of leads via phone calls by 75%.nnWe ask you to PLEASE dont beleive us, we beg of you to please go and check for yourself, we really urge you to.

Zip Locksmith


After partnering with Over The Top SEO, Zip Locksmith was able to see an increase in rankings, resulting in an average ranking of #3 in organic search results. They also now have several #1 rankings in both the local map pack and organic searches, which directly boosted the number of in-store traffic and service calls to their locations.

  • Top 3

    Top 3 in 86 US Locations

  • 2800

    Monthly Brand Searches

  • $15M+

    Revenue from SEO

  • $15M+

    Revenue from SEO

  • Backstory

    Zip Locksmith is a Washington state-based business in the highly competitive locksmith industry. They currently have several locations throughout Washington and New York that serve local clientele.

    Our Relationship started in early 2015 with a very ambitious technician out of Seattle, WA with no website. He was running on Adwords alone generating around 10 jobs a week while spending over 5000$ per month on Ads and living on the edge financially.

  • Goals

    OTT had a vision to dominate the entire Locksmith field. If you are in the emergency niche you know that “Locksmiths” are by far one of the hardest and most crucial keywords you can rank for. Just try ranking for “Locksmith + CITY” (i.e. Locksmith Seattle, Locksmith Renton) and you ́ll see what we mean.
    We targeted 10 major cities in WA state targeting “Locksmith + CITY” and within a year of operation we dominated those 10 cities in Maps and Organic searches.

    After we achieved our ambitious goals, Zip Locksmith reached about $2,200,000 USD in revenue in little less than 2 years of SEO operation. Then, we as partners decided it was time to take over the entire Washington state from top to bottom and expand to other states as well.

  • Challenges

    The locksmith industry is a highly lucrative one for business owners and, as such, the competition level is very high, both on and off the internet. In recent years, Google Maps and the organic search results have been heavily spammed by competing businesses and lead generation companies resulting in more stringent filtering by Google.

  • Results

    Through a joint Google Maps and Google search marketing campaign, we were able to increase the rankings of the primary locations of the business from an average ranking of #48 to an average of #1.2. Many of the primary locations now have a #1 ranking in both the local map pack and in the organic search results.
    Zip Locksmith now has over 100 branches. Yes, one-hundred LOCATIONS. You can go to Zip Locksmith’s locations page and you can look up all the locations they have. Yes, they are ranked in the first page organic and map in all 100 locations.
    First page results for all of Zip Locksmith’s 100 locations nationwide for the biggest terms in the Organic and Map positions.
    Amount of revenue driven to Zip Locksmith from OTT alone: Over $15,000,000 USD so far Natural Brand Searches before OTT: ZERO Natural Brand Searches after (ongoing) OTT: 2800 people on average per month.

Over The Top SEO


After years of partnering with a very few select clients, Over The Top SEO was able to go from a 2 people startup, to a full blown international SEO company. They have taken their clients to the top of organic and map searches across hundreds of cities in the US and the world, and recently had to close their doors to only let in clients with real potential for explosive growth

  • Top 3

    Top 3 in 900+ cities in USA

  • 27 Partners

    Valued at $590M+

  • $80M+

    Revenue from SEO

  • $80M+

    Revenue from SEO

  • Backstory

    We started this company with just 2 people in August of 2014, and we ventured in this field without taking any shortcuts. We had no contacts, or assurances of any kind. Only our knowledge and sheer determination.

    They started working with clients who simply wanted to rank on Google searches and increase sales. But their owner knew exactly what to look for in the SEO business. They didn’t need clients. They needed partners with ambition who would want to grow together.

    In 2015 they found the first of many partners. OTT then showed its real potential by taking over the whole state of Washington in one of the most competitive niches, and transforming his partner into a multi-million dollar locksmith mogul.

    Look, we are not an ordinary company, I am not afraid to say it out loud, Just like I want to pick who I am going to go to sleep with at night, I would also like to pick who I work with.

    The reason we are saying it this way is not because we are a bunch of arrogant bastards. We became a self-sufficient company mainly because we pick and choose our battles very carefully and we hate failing. As the CEO of this company, I have to take this role, and our company, very seriously. I need to preserve our reputation and keep it growing for … well, forever if it’s up to me.

  • Goals

    Our goal was to be the best SEO company the world has ever seen. But it was a very complex vision, it was more like the best SEO company in the world, but one you can’t really touch or use just because you want to. This was hard to quantify or put into numbers as it was something we ourselves had to define. It was a completely different and groundbreaking approach to SEO and marketing in general.

    It was just the begining…

    So we went after the giants in the fields that we saw how we can fit right in, and we offered them in closed-doors an opportunity to play a game with us, the game of who wins the race to the top. and what happans if we win.

    Us. or Us (not really a choice

    We won.

    and than something crazy happaned.


    Well, We won again.

    And again. And again. And again.

    All this time, we listened, we watched, and we saw how greed, corruption, ego and hate are capable of ruining such amazing things, even if it cost them with their businesses.

    We saw who was truly kind and appriciative of what we have helped them achieve, those were our goals, our real goals.

    Finding those golden partners.

  • Challenges

    We didn’t want just any client because we were never really focused on clients and other people’s needs, it was always about us first, our own projects and so on.

    We knew the risks, and we knew that without clients, solmnly depending on our own project may come back and hurt us but still we chose to be independent and do SEO for our own businesses and partners and whomever knocked on our door we tried to help them as much as we could.

    We started fighting our ranking battles against all kinds of Giants, big, small, medium, XL, XXXXXXL all for ourselves and our clients, mega giants with endless budgets and resources.

  • Results

    First page results for 900+ cities in the USA, and not just any cities.

    We are talking about the most crazy difficult to rank cities: Los Angeles, Seattle, New York, and so on.

    First page results for over 150 cities around the world, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Canada, Brazil, Israel.

    Amount of Revenue generated from the past 2 years alone, doing SEO: over $80 Million USD.

    Natural Brand Searches for OTT at the moment worldwide stands on: 1900 people on average per month.

    Amount of new clients OTT is taking in each month on average: 5

Sky Scanner


Over The Top SEO partnered with SkyScanner’s in-house marketing team to build and optimize their flight information pages which resulted in an 35% increase in traffic and rankings to the site as a whole.

  • 35%

    Increase in organic traffic

  • 2X

    Increase in reach

  • Backstory

    SkyScanner is an international website focused in the highly competitive travel niche to pair up searchers with the best prices for hotels, flights, and car rentals by allowing consumers to in effect search over 1200 sites within one search to find those best prices. They also had a very active travel-related blog that generated a lot of special interest traffic for the company.

  • Goals

    The target goal was to increase traffic and sales through search engine optimization while scaling the site’s content as fast as possible. And to leverage the blog content on the site which in turn would promote the primary pages of the website to increase the reach of the site organically.

  • Challenges

    With the sheer amount of flight options alone, Skyscanner’s biggest challenge was to successfully create as many flight pages in the shortest amount of time that provided good information for the user while also effectively optimizing the listings for the search results.

  • Results

    Working together, the combined efforts of Over The Top SEO and Skyscanner’s in-house marketing staff, we were able to double Skyscanner’s organic reach through the blog and flight pages resulting in a 35% increase in traffic.

Top Team Garage Door


Top Team Garage Door provides residential and commercial garage door replacements and repairs in multiple cities across four (4) states. As a result of changes Google made when targeting the garage door repair niche, they experienced a big drop in traffic and sales. Partnering with Over The Top SEO, Top Team Garage Door was able to reverse that drop and provide a 50% increase in traffic and phone calls through Google Maps marketing and local search optimization.

  • 50%

    Increase in traffic

  • 50%

    Increase in phone calls

  • Backstory

    Top Team Garage Door is a garage door repair and replacement company based in Minnesota, working in multiple states. The company came to Over The Top SEO looking for local search engine results, Google Maps rankings, and web design/development work. Their biggest drop in traffic and sales came when Google started the Google Verified Providers ads and strictly filtered the search results keeping mainly Google advertiser partner sites like Home Advisor and Yelp in the search results over locally-based small businesses.

  • Goals

    The primary goal of the campaign was to increase phone calls generated from local SEO campaigns and Google Maps presence within various cities within all four states. And from those calls, booking more repairs and replacements within the geographic areas where Top Team Garage Door had a business presence.

  • Challenges

    The business had expanded to include several legitimate locations in multiple cities throughout several states outside of Minnesota. However, in Google Maps, the garage door repair industry has been heavily targeted by lead generation companies and again, in an effort to curb this activity, Google has been quick to close down even legitimate listings that appear to be optimized.

  • Results

    Within the first 6 months Over The Top SEO achieved a 50% increase in their website traffic and phone calls. This was accomplished by a campaign strategy of ranking the website within each of their target business areas within both Google Maps and the organic rankings.

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