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Running an effective and efficient marketing campaign to advertise your corporate law services is the only way to succeed in the corporate law market nowadays. Unless you have unlimited resources, trying to outspend your competitors to provide exposure for your or your firm’s skills and talents is a dead end. However, thanks to the internet and the saturation of smartphones, tablets and laptops, you have new avenues for corporate lawyers marketing just how great a fit your services are to those that are looking for them.


Being at the top of the game in the business law marketplace takes intuitive thinking and action. You need to be proactive to build relationships with your clients and prospects. Developing deep, successful relationships with clients is a crucial factor in turning a prospect into a long-term client.


Potential clients in the legal space are familiar with what they need, and your next steps are integral in turning passive researchers from prospects into lasting, quality clients. A great way to do that is to focus your marketing efforts on your visibility online.


The first step in effectively gaining leads and clients by marketing online is to attract them as they start to search for the best options to handle their business and legal issues. In order to do that, your initial step needs to be having a website with a clean and attractive interface and design.


After that, you need to engage with these prospective clients who are looking for help online by making sure that your website and its content are optimized to show that you have solutions to their needs. You can research your target client and make sure that you are correctly focusing your efforts on turning them from viewers to clients.


To make everything efficiently work, creating a base of firm awareness is the logical first step. You need to do this to reach your legal prospects and consumers. It starts before the prospect knows they need you.


Using legal marketing services is necessary to increase the visibility of your firm in your community. And not only do you need clean, attractive web design to succeed, but you also need to make sure your site is mobile-friendly, appearing just as attractive and being just as easy to use on a smartphone or tablet as it is on a desktop or laptop. Then you need to ensure that your site is set up for successful search engine optimization. Quality pay-per-click ad setup is essential to getting your website more exposure as well.


Another great step to increase the visibility of your legal services and your website, and one that goes hand-in-hand with optimizing your website for search engines, is making sure you have a fully-integrated blog to add relevant content to your site that will direct traffic from relevant keyword searches.


Another great feature for your website that you can implement for your prospective clients to easily become actual clients is to make sure that your contact information is prominent and up to date on the site. There should also be a form present and easy to use for prospective clients to easily reach out to you for your services. Once this is all set up, it will be easy for clients to request a consultation with the right person to guide them through the process of becoming a client.


After establishing a solid website, after a prospect is aware of your legal firm, you need to engage with them. Engagement is done through several different media. One is through proper use of various social media platforms where you can continually engage with prospects and clients. A solid social media presence can go a long way to keeping your clients up to date on your work and your successes.


The second step is to have a consistent source of content for the purpose of delivering value, building relationships and staying in the mind of the client while also building your authority in the field of corporate law. You need to sell your services with your brand, and in corporate law, your reputation is your brand. Creating relevant, quality content helps you maintain your reputation and can keep you in the minds of your target clients for when they need your services.


You’ll also need high-quality search engine optimization to ensure that new prospects can find your team through the use of internet search engines like Google. Increasing the relevant content on your website, increasing your authority in your field and getting links and connections from other high-quality sources online will all help you keep your website optimized for internet searches. Doing this is all just one part of an integrated digital marketing campaign.


In order to effectively market your corporate legal services, you need to connect in depth with your prospects and clients. To do this, a firm needs to have a properly functioning system in place that will make it easy for members of the firm to follow guidelines that will easily convert them into clients.


A call answering service to connect you to prospective leads and we chat services need to be set up to meet the needs of your clients and target prospects that need your talents and practice. Once set up, accurate call answering, and web chat services help you to effectively establish relationships with clients. However, to drive those that connect to your website to reach out to you, you need active reputation management. Reputation management is another part of an integrated digital marketing solution that when set up correctly makes for effective relationship building and marketing.


A corporate law firm’s marketing structure must be all-inclusive to work efficiently. In order to pick the right marketing structure for you, you may want to turn to outside help. Looking to a professional to market for you is often the most effective and efficient way to market your legal services. You want a marketing service that works hard for you. One that works harder for the individual client then the next firm will. The entire firm works together for the best possible integrated solutions. We  work hard to help the prospective client and law firm find each other so that the client’s needs are met, and the legal teams marketing goals are imperative to them as well.


When an all-encompassing marketing campaign’s steps are met, it makes it easy to hold all members of your firm’s legal team accountable for doing their part to meet the needs of your clients, which will make it easier to continually market your services to them and prospective clients. Your team will be seen as exceptional, and your clients will learn to love your firm. One of the reasons this works so well is because the individual efforts of the corporate lawyers at your firm or your own efforts need to be kept in alignment with the needs of the legal firm being marketed and advertised. Providing quality legal services that are in line with your advertising will keep clients happy and keep them referring your services to other prospective business owners.


A great marketing firm can build everything you need, but in the end, you own it all. Firms will be able to learn the proper method of content management and marketing. While working with a marketing firm that works with you, you’re also learning about effective website marketing.


When working with a marketing service and effectively marketing your corporate law services, everything must be kept transparent. All of this is highly important and matters to the effectiveness of any marketing campaign.

Returning to the form your website takes, a good website set up by quality legal marketing services also provides exceptional insight and analysis. This will help you track the effectiveness of your website. When paired up with effective search engine optimization and organic search traffic, potential clients have a seamless experience from start to finish. Everything from link building to call tracking will be incorporated into the local SEO to help manage everything.


Your firm will be able to count on quality visibility reports and support that is dedicated to your success. Not only that, but quality innovative ideas are the bread and butter of how this all works. SEO makes your entire legal site friendly to search engines. The following are the steps that need to be taken for all of this to work efficiently.

Corporate Lawyers Marketing
Corporate Lawyer Marketing Services
To successfully market your law firm, several different aspects need to be covered. The reason is more and more attorneys are marketing online. As of now, according to the American Bar Association, there are 1.3 million Attorneys in the United States. So, to stand out, you need to take specific measures to digitally market your services online. Here is a solid list of ideas that can help your firm distinguish itself and its skills and services from all the other corporate law firms out there, especially those in your area.
  • Figure out your target client One of the most effective ways to push your firm into success is to become specialized. Where do your talents lie. That means you’ll pick a specialized law practice that will set you aside from the rest of the pack. You’re a corporate lawyer, not a general practitioner, but that’s not specialized enough to stand out. Better yet, lawyers who are highly specialized typically earn a higher salary than those who are not.

  • Choose a Specific Niche Once you choose your specialty area, you can now take it a step further to differentiate yourself even more so from others. An example of this would be to select a specific type of business to represent. Now, you could choose to be an attorney for retail stores or automotive branches. Customers would see you as even more specialized and reliable for their specific niche.

Corporate Lawyers Marketing
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We have inspired and motivated business owners, entrepreneurs, and professionals around the world for the past few years, and we’ve designed apps that both boost brand awareness and drives productivity off the charts. However, we realized that we couldn’t help everyone. and the truth is not everyone is our match made in heaven. Therefore, we only accept new clients after an extensive screening process that helps us determine whether we will be a good fit for each other.

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  • Build a Highly Targeted List Next, you’ll build a base of clients and references over the course of time, which can help you take your marketing to the next level. You can use those that have most benefited from your services to create a profile of a target client to focus your marketing efforts on. This will cut down on time since you won’t be wasting any energy contacting individuals who don’t need your legal services. Instead, you’ll only reach out to the people who are in most need of your legal services.

  • Create a Valuable Website Here we are at creating a website again, bit it really is that valuable. Creating an effective, valuable website should a number one goal for you. It’s going to make marketing easier since you’ll be able to send people to a website that delivers value for their specific need. The site will showcase what your specialty is and what you’ll do for each client who comes to you. This means that your website needs to be specifically tailored to your niche that you’ve selected.

  • Work in Conjunction with Local Businesses Networking is essential. You’ll provide high quality legal services to local businesses and, eventually, you’ll get businesses that will do more than merely pay you in return for your services. A client will tell someone else who is having the same issues they are about your service if you do a good job for them. This doesn’t take any extra time for you and could end up being a great marketing source over time. You never know who other business owners will know.

  • Build a Successful Social Media Presence Having a presence on social media is essential for growing any business, and can be great for your law firm. You can sign up for free accounts on various social media platforms. Then build your sites accordingly using contacts, content, client lists and use the sites to advertise your firm. You can also use social media to help promote legal resources and give daily tips that your clients will appreciate and be able to use. Free content is one of the keys to successfully making it all work.

  • Work in Conjunction with Local Businesses Networking is essential. You’ll provide high quality legal services to local businesses and, eventually, you’ll get businesses that will do more than merely pay you in return for your services. A client will tell someone else who is having the same issues they are about your service if you do a good job for them. This doesn’t take any extra time for you and could end up being a great marketing source over time. You never know who other business owners will know.

  • Don’t Focus Entirely on Social Media You don’t want to spend all of your time on social media. It’s just an excellent addition to your law firm’s best practices for getting clients. If you want to use social media, use it but without feeling that it’s the only way you’re going to find or attract clients to your legal team. It isn’t necessary for you to make it happen, but social media is inexpensive and a great addition.

  • Make it Easy for People to Connect to You Making it simple for people to find you is essential. And not only find you but actually connect and speak with you. Even if social media isn’t your thing, you still need to have a way that people can get a hold of you online. Facebook has become the most popular of the different social media outlets and can be a great source to start a lot of your relationships. It doesn’t take excessive posting to make it work on any of the social media platforms. Just make sure you’re somewhat active to keep clients updated as to what’s going on.

  • Allow Content Sharing Online One of the great things about social media is sharing. You need people to share your social media content. It’s essential for people to be able to share your content in order make it possible for your links to be shared. And if you have blog posts, it’s an excellent way for people to share your content so you can get more viewers and people seeing your information. Share your content on social media, get the ball rolling, and get people to get it moving around.

Corporate Lawyers Marketing
Corporate Lawyers Marketing

  • Use Social Media to Find Resources Using social media platforms is another way to find experts who can give you resources and to acquire connections with people who may want to do guest posts on your blog, experts who can network with you. This adds to your authority. You should follow and engage with others in your niche. You could potentially find an entire group of people who would be free to help you out and vice versa.

  • Start Advertising on a Small Scale Advertising is by far one of the fastest ways to build traffic, but it can be incredibly expensive. If you do it right – it can be like no other form of traffic building. The key to advertising is not just to throw money towards an ad. Instead, you need to start with a realistic budget that you can afford to spend. Usually a small budget is the smartest way to start advertising. When you start, choose a very targeted source for advertising. For example, using Facebook advertising can be started with as little as $5 to $10 a day and gives you the ability to focus on particular prospects. Once you have everything setup correctly, you’ll also be able to focus a lot of energy on analytics, so you can continually improve your campaigns.

  • Hire Professional Marketers if Needed When needed, hire specialists in the field of marketing and advertising. Some very legitimate professionals can help you promote your business. They are ideal for helping you find the right outlets to promoting your business. Professionals can also help you choose the right ways to measure your success as well. When you’re busy running a law firm, you don’t want to spend all your time on marketing and advertising. Instead, it’s much safer to higher the right people to do the job for you.

  • Be Ready to Cut Losses and Move On If your ads aren’t working, then you want to increase your budget. But if you do not see positive results, it’s crucial to stop dumping money. You’ll likely need to take a step back and try a different approach that can help you grow more. If need be, consult a professional and use one to help improve your advertisements. And if you raise your budget and it doesn’t work, try a different outlet.

  • Offer Referrals to Others Even when you are using paid advertising, referrals are essential. They are ideal for social media management and can be highly useful. They are integral to growing a successful law practice. Every law firm should base the foundation of their marketing on referrals. Clients who are referred are less resistant to hiring a firm in most cases. And therefore, cost less money to convert. They also tend to stay with a firm for long-term relationships. And lastly, clients who are referred will usually refer other potential clients as well.

  • Ask Your Clients for Help For every happy client you have, ask them for help. You need to finesse this though. You should have a system for client referrals though. You can also ask satisfied clients if they can do things like hand out extra business cards when they think of it. Just a little help can go a long way. And you can also give them incentives and perks for helping you out as well.

Corporate Lawyers Marketing
Some Basic

Law Firm Marketing Strategies

Run a Google Adwords Campaign

For law firms that decide to go the paid advertising route, they can start with Google AdWords. It’s one of the best solutions for any company online as Google Adwords highly effective. There are more people than ever clicking on ads today. And the first four results of every page are now paid ads that people can click on. People click on paid ads; it’s just that simple. The key here is getting the right company to run your ads if you don’t know what you’re doing. It’s vital to the long-term growth and not losing money.


Use Customized Landing Pages

It’s more useful to use a customized landing page to drive traffic to your site. You can easily increase the conversion rate this way and start building highly targeted lists. A custom page for an attorney also helps that attorney stand out from the crowd. It also gives visitors fewer options for where they can click and therefore means you’ll likely get more opt-ins to your list that you can then market to and build relationships with.


Hire an SEO Specialist

Search engine optimization is key to success online. If you have an excellent search company who knows how to rank you on Google, then you’ll be able to receive more organic traffic and visitors. That means it will take time however and the right knowledge of how to stay within the regulations and boundaries set up by Google.


Create Valuable Content for Your Site

Of course, if you’re going to have a site to rank – you need to make sure and have good content on your site. Quality content is the best way to deliver value to your prospects and clients and to get them share it as well. Not only that, but it will also keep people coming back for more, and in time they are more likely to hire you on for your efforts.

Corporate Lawyers Marketing
Corporate Lawyers Marketing

  • Run a PR Campaign This isn’t just a simple press release; this is a way to deliver value that the press will appreciate. It’s a great way to bring awareness to your firm and show people that you’re a firm who knows what they’re talking about and will continually deliver value at a consistent rate. If the content is good enough, it could even get featured on different television NEWS reports, which is easily some of the best advertising there is.

  • Improve the Intake Process Making it easy for people to actually hire you is essential. One of the largest mistakes that people make is not making it easy for people to get in. That means not following up on leads, not having enough information and not knowing when someone is ready to start in the first place. Having this process streamlined is essential.

  • Perform Retargeting Campaigns Retargeting is essentially using data you’ve collected to send ads to people who are interested. It’s the ads you see that follow you on social media, to websites and all over the internet. This is effective remarketing and helps by making people know, like and trust you over a period. It’s one of the most effective ways to market and turn prospects into clients.

  • Use Video to Improve Conversions Videos have proven to improve conversions and build relationships. With videos, you can change the entire perception of an individual to help improve conversion rates. Videos are one of the most effective forms of marketing and advertising as well as delivering information to your clients.

  • Ask Clients to Review Your Law Firm This is highly effective when you have a satisfied customer or client – ask them if they can write a good review for you on Google, Yelp or Facebook. The best law firms have quality reviews written for them by different clients. It’s one of the most important factors to having a successful marketing campaign for a law firm.

  • Use Email Marketing Email marketing is an excellent way to grow any business. That includes law firms who need to improve relationships or send out relevant content. This all starts with building a list of quality leads that you can market too. The reality is that a lot of people may not need a legal team when they first encounter you but likely will down the road. Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to build a relationship with a prospect and when the time comes for them to take on a law firm, have your team be the one they think of and choose first.

Corporate Lawyers Marketing
Corporate Lawyers Marketing
Choose Over The Top SEO For Your Corporate Lawyers Marketing Needs

A lot of law firms have a tough time attempting to figure out what type of marketing is best for them. One of the most effective ways to avoid this is to track everything; this can be difficult if a firm doesn’t have the technical knowledge. But, it can save a lot of time and even more money.


This is one of the reasons that hiring a team to take care of marketing and advertising can be so important. Regardless of whether it’s SEO, PPC or Social Media, professional teams are almost always going to outperform people who are just advertising on the side or just figuring out how it works. We here at OverthetopSEO want to work with you to create an effective and efficient digital marketing campaign to help you reach your business and professional goals. We can’t wait to hear from you!

Do You Want To Know What
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See If Your Business Qualifies
What Will It Take You To Rank Higher?
What SEO Opportunities Are You Missing?

Do You Want To Know What
it Will Take You To Rank Higher?

See If Your Business Qualifies To Work With OTT.

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