Crypto Ad Networks For Beginners: A Look at the Most Popular Options

Crypto Ad Networks For Beginners: A Look at the Most Popular Options

For your crypto-related ventures to reach the relevant audience, crypto advertising is crucial. While most conventional ad networks, like Google AdSense, have outlawed cryptocurrency advertisements. You cannot offer crypto advertisements to their users on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. These limitations put advertisers in a difficult situation and rob publishers of a reliable source of money.

Publishers produce excellent cryptocurrency content and generate a lot of traffic, but without advertisements, their efforts go unpaid. Also, advertisers miss out on reaching the targeted audience of these websites—a group of people who might be interested in their adverts. This conundrum is resolved by crypto ad networks, which give publishers and advertisers a place to combine their best interests.

What Is a Crypto Ad Network?

A platform that links cryptocurrency publishers and cryptocurrency advertisers are known as a crypto ad network. It enables cryptocurrency initiatives and businesses to advertise their goods and services on forums, blogs, and websites with a cryptocurrency focus.

The primary distinction between bitcoin ad networks and Google AdSense-like services is that the latter only serves the cryptocurrency sector. As a result, crypto ad networks are aware of the specific requirements of this industry and can provide tailored advertising for optimum performance.

1. Coinzilla

Coinzilla - Crypto Ad Network

Launched in 2016, the advertising network Coinzilla has established a reputation as one of the most reliable networks for cryptocurrency advertising. More than 20,000 publications have been encouraged to monetize their websites, and it has promoted more than 200 companies.

The variety of customization choices offered by Coinzilla, including display, native, pop-up, and press release advertising, is fantastic. Native, CPM (cost-per-mile), pop-up, and other cryptocurrency advertising options are provided by Coinzilla. The business offers solutions that are incredibly flexible for both the advertisement itself and the creative process.

With a minimum deposit of 0.05 BTC, 0.5 ETH, or €5,000, respectively, Coinzilla also enables deposits and payments made using Bitcoin, Ethereum, and fiat wire transfers. Monthly and weekly payments are made. Also, you can earn 10% through Coinzilla’s referral program when you introduce qualified consumers.


  • High criteria for advertisers
  • Referral system
  • Solid client service


  • Restrictive rules for websites

2. Bitmedia

Bitmedia - Crypto Advertisement Network

When it comes to impressions and site visits, Bitmedia can boast impressive figures. 20,000 campaigns are currently being launched on the network by more than 5,000 cryptocurrency websites. It’s difficult to find a better ad network firm to expand your cryptocurrency project with over 1 billion impressions globally and 20 million unique visitors each month.

It employs targeting choices powered by artificial intelligence, such as geolocation, posting frequency, and timing. They provide clients with both CPM and CPC models in addition to rigorous verification procedures, ensuring that each seller may be manually confirmed. Additionally, there are manual clicks, impression tracking, and third-party traffic audits. These checks help to ensure that neither sponsored traffic bots nor unnatural bots will skew impression totals.

The majority of the websites Bitmedia works with are cryptocurrency-related, but they are also interested in non-crypto websites that attract and engage users well. The crypto advertising company also provides withdrawal options for fiat money or Bitcoin, with a minimum withdrawal of 0.0001 BTC.


  • AI algorithm serves relevant users with ads
  • Pleasant user interface
  • Dependable methods of payment


  • Favors cryptocurrency websites

3. Adshares

Adshares - crypto ad network

Adshares is another established business that specializes in promoting blockchain, cryptocurrency, and NFT projects. Adshares provides sponsored content on authoritative websites, premium blockchain banners, newsletters, and listings on exchanges in addition to banner ads.

The network provides a variety of ad formats, including CPA (cost-per-action), CPM, and pop-under campaigns. Because it doesn’t demand verification or have strict requirements for network membership, the platform makes advertising simple.

Adshares encourages openness in both its advertising and payment systems. Payments are autonomous and dependable, even capable of sending payments every hour because they are blockchain-enabled. Publishers have complete control over the material that appears on their websites thanks to the platform.


  • Simple registration; no need for verification
  • Access to premium websites and marketplaces
  • Ads that can be modified
  • Precise analytics
  • Consistent payments
  • Feature to get around AdBlock


  • Favors cryptocurrency websites
  • No referral scheme

4. CoinTraffic


A sizable amount of traffic and impressions are generated by CoinTraffic each month thanks to its network of more than 400 publishers and 1,000 advertisers. Many advertising forms are available from CoinTraffic, however, its income model primarily supports CPM and pop-up advertising types. Still, neither CPC nor affiliate marketing mechanisms are present. With specialized account managers monitoring the effectiveness of your campaign, you can negotiate customization choices.


  • Adaptable campaigns
  • Good impression and traffic rates
  • High-quality visitors
  • Accepts both cash and bitcoin payments
  • Payment withdrawal is as low as €25 


  • CPC ad model absent
  • Strict rules for websites
  • No referral scheme

5. CoinAd


In contrast to the majority of cryptocurrency ad networks, CoinAd has a unique policy whereby they send invitations to publications who wish to join their platform. Publishers who are invited gain access to a number of benefits. With traffic coming from about 200 websites that include cryptocurrency-centric content like amusing memes and crypto events, CoinAd can generate impressions for websites by offering numerous Ad formats. The platform enables popular cryptocurrency websites to collaborate with reputable marketers and boost traffic from interested crypto users. The advertiser also has control over the options for scheduling, geotargeting, and ad display.


  • Amazing sites
  • Weekly payments you can count on


  • Invite-only rule

6. A-ADS

Crypto Ad Networks For Beginners: A Look at the Most Popular Options

One of the earliest crypto ad networks is A-ADS, or Anonymous Advertising, which was established in 2011. With over 70 million impressions and over 60,000 clicks every day, it is still a sensible option for publishers today. The platform follows the blockchain idea of promoting transactional anonymity by doing away with the usual verification and personal data requirements for crypto ad networks.

Advertisers can customize A-Ads with features like geotargeting and ad placement options, and the interface is user-friendly. A-Ads also employs a CPD (cost-per-day) model, which is uncommon among crypto ad networks, in addition to CPA, CPM, and affiliate programs. Because of this, your campaign’s daily budget can be more adaptable. Only cryptocurrencies can be used to pay on the platform.


  • Convenient and dependable customer service
  • There is no strict verification process
  • Ad campaigns that can be altered
  • Anonymity


  • Only takes cryptocurrency payments
  • Some advertising might appear on websites with lesser quality.

Crypto networks have developed into safe practical methods promoting a variety of crypto projects content from NFTs crypto influencers’ right audience These platforms allow the promotion of adverts and generation of more revenue for publisher websites while charging rates that provide advertisers with better returns on their advertising spend

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