Crypto Marketing: A Complete Crypto Marketing Strategy Guide

Crypto Marketing: A Complete Crypto Marketing Strategy Guide

Since crypto launched in the market, there have been enormous predictions made throughout. Like, by the end of 2024, it is believed that the blockchain market will emerge with $20 billion in worth of revenue. Now this shows that, in the coming future, there will be more crypto industry & competition exercised. 

And this shows that opportunities are compelling and the competition is going to be intense. So, you have to prepare yourself with an efficient Crypto marketing strategy for ultimate growth. 

What Do You Mean By Crypto Marketing? 

Crypto Marketing

Crypto Marketing is the method of promoting and selling products or services related to the crypto business (an exchange, a wallet, a lending bank, a community, and so on). The activity related to making brand awareness, getting customers, raising return customers, and improving sales will fall under crypto marketing. 

In a few ways, crypto marketing is different from traditional marketing – 

  • Technology and terminology are used to express the crypto market which is new and complicated.
  • The market is known as community-supported and community-governed sometimes. 
  • The industry of crypto and its adoption are yet in their blooming season. 

Its specific factors signify that authentic marketers have to think twice about promoting the crypto business & take benefit of the fact that it’s digital. And people turn to online communities for assistance. 

Crypto Marketing Tips for Business Growth 

Invest in the Content Marketing

The Crypto world is quite new as you know and complicated at the same time. So, a need for good content is always required in order to educate people about it. The content about its introduction, its different forms, uses, benefits, present, and future outcomes, and of course, the way it works. 

The reason why people get inclined is because of its attractiveness and the novelty of Crypto Marketing: Know every Bits-and-pieces new technology. People do always keep an eye on the latest information. If that content is displayed on the Google search results, in social media, feeds, or even in communities, then it is likely to attract leads to your commodity. 

These contents also aid in building authority & maintaining trust if people find that relevant and make them understand what they are seeking. At the same time, this practice pushes your brand to a massive share of mind and leads to people opting for you over a competitor. 

The best way to share content is to make a blog for your website. So, once anyone comes to your blog they will discover your website and its offerings along. 

Here is the list of content topics that will work in the crypto blog : 

  • Detailed guides for beginners – a knowledge hub
  • Articles with reviews of the cryptocurrency market, reports on industry trends 
  • Expert Q&A or webinars 
  • A glossary of crypto terms that are kept up-to-date 
  • Crypto market tips & tricks 
  • How to use a crypto profit calculator to estimate your earnings

Go for Email Marketing

In order to distribute the content to your audience, you can go for a newsletter. Coin Desk has a newsletter that keeps careful to update its audience with information like bitcoin, cryptocurrency, and digital assets. 

Whereas Coin Base holds a newsletter which is known as ‘Coin Base Bytes’ that shares the weekly crypto news with its subscribers. 

The other option apart from the informational newsletter is email. You can also send emails to onboard new customers to your platform. You can inform them here about your latest launches or also can invite them for webinars. 

The best part of this email marketing is that you’ll not be liable for any platform’s algorithm to reach your users. Simply, you can send your message as a text, as a video link, or as an image. Now, ultimately it is all up to you how you design your email. 

For running an email campaign you will require three efficient things – 

  1. List of subscribers 
  2. An email platform to handle your list 
  3. Good content to send and create the impression

Create a Community 

A community is a group of people who proceed with a similar interest. Basically, this community aids you to attract a genuine audience and new users. However, a community resembles more than just followers on social media platforms. You will not be capable of moderating or influencing any conversation. 

In order to create a higher impact on people and the business as well then you should go with platforms like Reddit or Telegram. Discord is also one of the famous preferred platforms for crypto enthusiasts. 

Regardless of offering a platform for people to proceed with a discussion, a community seems a great way to listen to their weak points and acknowledge their desires from a platform. This assists you in refining your messages. 

Make Crypto Airdrops 

In order to circulate the token of your cryptocurrency in the hands of a huge crowd of people. You need to distribute free tokens in exchange for signup on the platform, or else by the integrity of being associated with the community. Now, this strategy of marketing is known as Airdrop. 

This would assist in 2 ways : 

  1. Building loyalty:  Early adopters would be called the ones who tend to be your most trusty supporters by virtue of gaining supreme treatment and the novelty of being an older adopter. 
  1. Sharing the word:  Early adopters along with freebie lovers would also share the word after they receive financial from the rage of the token. 

Run Bounty Campaign 

A bounty is recognized as a payment or reward offered as an incentive for accomplishing a certain task. 

Now in the industry of crypto, this bounty is basically given in the form of tokens of the cryptocurrency that the platform is promoting. You can go with bounty programs despite spending a lot of money on advertising to reach the desired customers. Just tap into the network of crypto enthusiasts for searching new users. 

If you understand, Bounties are different from Airdrops. During airdrops, people do not have to do any problematic tasks. Actually, it is something that fell out of thin air in your lap.

The bounties basically need tasks that require time and also the time-limits. For instance, posts, reposts, retweets, social networks, thread promotions on forums, and more. 

Use Referral Programs 

Referral marketing is known as a marketing strategy that encourages existing customers to showcase their family, friends, and contacts for becoming new customers.

This is basically made on the philosophy that you can possibly buy something or check out something in case it comes out as a suggestion from anyone you believe despite looking at its promotion on any social media platform. 

For running your referral program, you need to know the things which are – 

  1. There will be a specific referral link for all your current subscribers.
  2. A structure of incentive relies on how many referrals someone does. 
  3. A correct way to acknowledge your current users about the program. 

Therefore, all the crypto firms have saved sections on their website to promote and present their referral program. 

Select your Social media Platforms 

There are enormous social media platforms however not every platform is worth enough to spend time and effort for blockchain, crypto & virtual assets firms. In that crowd, Facebook is the most famous platform although it is popular among the older generation.

And the reason is that it has some high-level digital transformation. Apart from this, Snapchat and Instagram are also famous and also near the young generation but this younger generation is not equipped enough to understand the finances to take interest in crypto. 

Therefore, This is the list of different social media platforms that crypto companies should be on – 

Twitters: When it comes to Twitter, holds a large base of crypto enthusiasts and promoters, and the reason why several thought leaders such as Anthony ‘Poomp’ Pompliano, Coin Centre’s Neeraj Agarwal, and hedge fund manager Mike Novogratz are regularly sharing their views and also sharing information on the platform. 

If we look at the followers who showed interest in this industry then we have an example of a Coin base Twitter account that has over 5 million followers. Now, this proves that you should also roam there & include value to your followers. 

Reddit: If you wanted to get an idea of its popularity, there are over 4.7 million members in the r/Cryptocurrency/ subreddit & 1.3 M in the r/ Ethereum/. 

Discord: In the beginning, it is designed by gamers, for gamers however Discord has received acknowledgment in the crypto community. It is probably due to quite a bit of overlap among gaming and crypto audiences. 

Apart from all this, you can also go for Telegram which is also good for connecting with your users informally. 

What is a Crypto Marketing Agency? 

crypto marketing agency

There are several crypto enthusiasts who always keep an eye on crypto startups for investment. The reason is the ultimate growth possible in the blockchain space. 

As you know there are almost 10,000 cryptocurrencies across the market seeking buyers’ attention. Therefore, for increasing the crypto market ranking higher near buyers,  you must require a robust marketing strategy. 

They provide numerous services that include crypto SEO, Content creation, social media management, influencer marketing, public relations, email marketing, and affiliate marketing. 

The correct amalgam of technical and marketing expertise is the strongest point of a crypto agency. The best crypto agencies will be trained in web3 marketing by a proven team of web2 marketing experts.

That shows that they should be well-versed in both general digital marketing strategies and decentralized open-source blockchain platforms such as Ethereum. 

Advantages of Hiring a Cryptocurrency Marketing Agency 

Below are the top 5 benefits of hiring a cryptocurrency marketing agency – 

Secure Your Time and Money 

There are few companies who offer services at less prices and in return, they will perform the task accurately that you wanted. And that’s how you’ll save your time and money at the same time. 

Apart from this, crypto PR firms have a full team of professionals who are experts in blockchain marketing activities and also have experience working in a similar type of crypto organization. 

Take you to your desired buyer Group with local expertise 

Always appoint a marketing agency that understands your industry and customer base and can take your marketing efforts to the next level. 

Save brand coverage in a top crypto publication 

In the cryptocurrency business, getting featured on top of the crypto publications can benefit in many ways. So, it is one of the important parts of marketing. And while connecting with a good marketing agency will collaborate with top crypto publications for displaying your firm so as to make it popular. 

Work with subject matter experts 

Now, working with the best blockchain marketing company will enable you to collaborate with an experienced subject matter professional who holds years of relevant industry experience. Therefore, having a team of professional crypto marketers on board will assist your brand to reach a new height of success in very less time. 

Furthermore, appointing a full-service crypto marketing agency can secure your money as you do not have to pay for all the marketing tools specifically that advertising agencies already keep access to. 

Put updates on marketing trends.

When working with a top crypto marketing agency, then it will aid you to stay updated on all the recent news that’s happening around in the field of cryptocurrency, blockchain, and ICO marketing trends. You could make instant changes to your SEO, PPC, and advertising campaigns to keep up with the transforming behaviour of buyers. 

The Bottom Line 

There are over 2000 cryptocurrencies that declined in 2021 itself, which is why various crypto firms are shutting down every month. Although, globally the market of crypto hovers at $983.72 billion. In case you don’t want to be in the pile of dead organizations and coins. This is the time to invest in long-term marketing tactics. 

You can begin with content marketing and email marketing for sharing informative content with crypto enthusiasts. You can make a blog and start sharing information with your existing customers or also can add value to crypto communities. You should be patient as this game is quite long.