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Why does offline marketing matter?

First, let’s define marketing: Marketing is everything you do to make selling unnecessary.

If you pick the right market, pick the right message, and deliver that message via the right medium, your selling is much easier.

That’s the beauty of marketing.

But with Google, social media, and email, why do any of your marketing offline?

Because it works.

Marketing Campaigns
Marketing Campaigns

Why Is Offline Marketing Important?

Fact: Amazon, Google and Facebook all use offline marketing.

But why is that? Shouldn’t they be able to rely 100% on online marketing?

Well, here’s the secret hiding in plain sight: Nobody spends all day staring at a screen. Your customers actually live offline. In the real world.

And that’s why real, offline marketing matters.

Want proof?

Here’s a direct mail letter from Facebook …

What do those billion-dollar companies know that you don’t?

They know that every successful business needs multi-channel marketing to survive and thrive. And those marketing channels must include tactics that touch your prospects offline.

We’re Different. And That’s Good For You

Unlike other agencies, we won’t force you to invest your whole marketing budget online. That would be cutting you off from the other half of the equation – offline marketing. And that would be malpractice.

Instead, we customize offline campaigns that make your online marketing more effective — and help new customers find you. From direct mail and cable TV advertising … to print ads and AM radio … we’ve got you covered offline.

This one-two punch — offline marketing to boost your online marketing – can work wonders. With customized campaigns that are affordable for any serious business.

Our Reviews!!

Over The Top SEO
Reviewed from Google

5 out of 5 stars

Alicia Mason
Alicia Mason

5 out of 5 stars

posted 1 week ago

Very proactive SEO company, they were super transparent the whole time we've been working with them. What really captured our company's attention was their work culture and attention to details. It is safe to say we will be continuing our work with these guys.

Marlene Strickland
Marlene Strickland

5 out of 5 stars

posted 2 months ago

Services offered by Over The Top SEO is excellent. Given the fact that almost all SEO companies promise the same things, But this company really helpful to get ranking in SERPs.

Here’s A Sample Of How We Deliver More Customers For You Offline

Our offline marketing campaigns are systematic and scalable. You’re limited only by your ability to handle all the new customers we generate for you. Here’s a partial list of what we can do for you:

•        Direct Mail belongs in every real business. It still “delivers the best ROI for customer acquisition and retention” according to research by Target Marketing. And research from the Direct Marketing Association shows direct mail to be 10-30 times more effective than email when generating leads and new customers. With letters, postcards, self-mailers and more, there’s a solution for you.

•        Print advertising. Space ads in newspapers and magazines can deliver windfall profits for you. Because our copywriters follow direct-response principles. We track results to the penny, so you know exactly what’s working and where to roll out your winners. A great print ad is a money-making asset that can churn out new customers month after month, year after year.

•        AM Radio: With brokered programming (also known as time-buy and blocktime), you can broadcast a 30-minute show of your own content, to reach your target market with incredible authority. Plus, AM radio lets you brand and build your business rapidly, and can be syndicated to reach a national audience.

•        Tradeshow Marketing: Tradeshows and conferences are an ideal way to reach large groups of prospects at once. As an exhibitor, using our tradeshow booth designs and marketing collateral, you can quickly connect with people who are looking for solutions like yours. This is arguably the most-overlooked form of “search” marketing today!

•        Cable TV is truly cost effective, often running only about $175 per spot – a savings of up to 94% vs. prime-time TV. And our national network of contacts in cable TV can get your ads on channels like CNN and ESPN for wholesale prices that may surprise you.

What’s The Bottom Line?

Your goal in marketing is to turn strangers — people who have never heard of your business — into promoters — loyal customers who tell others.

And our customized offline marketing campaigns can grow your business by moving people through what we call The Ideal Customer ProcessTM:

Strangers -> Prospects -> Leads -> Customers -> Promoters

When your business transforms strangers into prospects … who raise their hands to become leads … who make a purchase as customers … and spread the word about you as promoters — you win.
But none of that can happen without the right marketing mix. And online tactics alone are never enough. You need to combine them with offline marketing for maximum results.

Our results speak volumes: In the last 12 months, we’ve put more than $300 million into the marketing pipeline for our clients.

From attorneys to software developers … locksmiths to photographers … consultants to retailers … we work with billion-dollar Fortune 500 corporations and small, entrepreneurial companies alike.

What can we do for you? Let’s find out …

Do you want to know what it will take you to rank higher?

Then do this: Request a Free SEO Diagnostic Review.

During your private 30-minute meeting by phone or Skype, an SEO Advisor will perform a live analysis of your website to uncover lost opportunities in your search rankings. You’ll see exactly what your website does well, what it doesn’t, and what to do next. There’s no cost and no obligation if you qualify.

Some of our clients

Why don’t you see more websites?

Because over 98% of our clients request confidentiality. You would, too, if your site suddenly ranked higher than your competitors and you started getting their customers! That’s why we respect our clients’ wishes.

But we’d be happy to show you specific SEO case studies based on your industry. That way, you can decide for yourself …

What to do now?

Take the next step. Request a Free SEO Diagnostic Review.

During your private 30-minute meeting by phone or Skype, an SEO expert will perform a live analysis of your website to uncover lost opportunities in your search rankings. You’ll see exactly what your website does well, what it doesn’t, and what to do next.

There’s no cost, no obligation, and you’ll receive a Surprise Gift to thank you for your time.

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