When it comes to engineering feats, few people ever think of entertainment venues. Many just mention a couple, like the Hoover Dam, or the Giza Pyramid Complex. But massive entertainment has always been in the minds of those who think big, take the Roman Colosseum, for example. Built thousands of years ago, it still captures the imagination of tourists and historians, and it is part of our legacy as species.


, ATT Stadium – A Lot More Than a Sports Venue, Over The Top SEO

Jerry Jones, a successful businessman, and owner of the Dallas Cowboys, must have had this in mind when he envisioned building the massive AT&T Stadium as a home for his team.


Jones wanted a stadium like no other. It should attract not only the local fanbase but also visitors from Fort Worth and all surrounding cities. But he knew that if he built his team´s HQ in Dallas, many would refuse to come to watch the games. And people who live in Dallas might find that going over to Fort Worth would be a total hassle. When the Cowboys play in Irving, not many of their loyal fans find the time to get there. We certainly found it worth the drive when we visited one of our Dallas SEO partners.


The only way to pull crowds from every city was to pick a neutral ground for everyone. That’s why they chose Arlington, and the stadium has been a blessing for the small but proud city. It boosted various sectors of the city economy, as its hotel and motel tax revenue increased by more than 70%, and sales tax revenues went up 36%.


But Jerry Jones was worried this $1.2b dollars structure would be too far from fans to see and would fade from memory. So he asked the chief designers at HKS, Inc. to do something about it.


They chose the current location as it could be seen from Dallas, and still draw a clear picture from Fort Worth, Bedford, Euless, and Hurst. It can even be seen from the air, and it has been featured in many televised events broadcast all over the world.


The AT&T Stadium is so big and has so many features that work independently, that it took several specialized companies to build it.


Its famous retractable roof has a unique design made by Walter P. Moore, a respected structural engineering firm that also designed the roof at the NRG in Houston, the first structure of this type for the NFL. Uni-Systems, the ones that made possible the vertical lifting doors in Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, were in charge of the implementation of all mechanization and systems.


Touring the AT&T Stadium

As usual, these huge structures also have plenty of other amenities and attractions for visitors with diverse interests.


Starting with its 19,000 square foot dining space, the Stadium Club combines the comfort and flavor of high-end restaurants with the laid back nature of a sports bar.


But most of the stadium´s massive structure is dedicated to the arts. Almost every corner is covered by pieces from modern and recognized artists from all over the world.


If you want a tour, prices can range from $22 ($17 for children and seniors) for self-guided tours, up to $40 ($32 for children and seniors). These come in all sizes and flavors. NFL fans can get a behind the scenes experience right on the field the day before a Cowboys game, while art buffs can enjoy a paced guided tour for a more intellectually stimulating experience.


AT&T Stadium

One AT&T Way 

Arlington, TX 76011

(817) 892-4000



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