Free Things To Do In Denver

Hi fellas! Today we will talk about some of the coolest free things you can do in Denver, Colorado.


Worried about your budget? Say no more. This guide is the answer for travelers wanting to live large for less. Something I love about this city is that it has cheap options for you to enjoy. You’ll find a variety of things to do in Denverthat will cost you nothing, including bookstores, tours, museums and entertainment.


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City Park Jazz

If you’re a jazz lover like me, you’ll love the vibe here. This park has played host to some of Denver’s most amazing live jazz performances. Their music program covers a wide range of music and doesn’t just stick to jazz. It’s the perfect place to spend the day, hang out with your friends, have a picnic with your family, take your dog for a walk and enjoy a foot-tapping good time.


Make sure you get to the park early to claim your spot. I recommend getting there at 1 pm or 2 pm. Remember to bring a blanket, some snacks, a beach chair and some rain gear. It often rains, so be prepared. However, if you don’t bring your own food, fear not! There are also plenty of food trucks. Prepare yourself for a beautiful evening. And remember to donate, if you can!

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Tattered Cover Book Store

I’m glad that there is a place to bust out your inner nerd on 16th Street Mall. No visit to Denver would be complete without a walk through this astounding bookstore. It is one of the largest independent bookstores in the United States. The place is huge and welcoming, and it made me feel very comfortable hanging around there. It’s one of those bookstores with that “antique” look. Plus, their iconic deep green color palette is a lovely sight.


They have a wide selection of titles, from local authors to best sellers. I spent several hours just browsing the aisles! If you’re lucky, you might encounter a free book signing or a live reading by an author. You can also find calendars, games, magazines, cards, toys and other souvenirs. Their staff members were the best, and I could tell they were all bookworms just like me! They gave me helpful suggestions before picking my books. They make the place even cozier! And for the parents among us, they even have a children’s area! I regularly pick books from here to improve my Denver SEO and Denver web design skills.

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The Denver Center For The Performing Arts

This complex is utterly fantastic. If you’re into the performing arts, there is every single event here is always outstanding. Whether it’s ballet, an opera or a musical straight out of Broadway – everything is done perfectly. The place is enormous, so many theatres of different sizes in one location. Seats are ample and comfy, and parking is a breeze!


My friends got me a ticket to watch “The Phantom Of the Opera.” The acoustics were amazing, the show was majestic and the acting was spot on. I quite enjoyed the scenery and special effects. It was nice to see an American Sign Language interpreter translating the show. All in all, an incredible experience.

Art District On Santa Fe

This is precisely what I wanted to do when I came to Denver. With not one, but seven “First Friday Art” walks, the city has enough galleries to satisfy art lovers. There are so many cool things to see! From traditional art to contemporary, you’ll find paintings, sculptures, photography, textiles & more. It’s the perfect spot to get some inspiration.


The ambiance was delightful. People were bustling up and down the streets. It’s an excellent way to bring folks together and have a great time. There’s also live music, and some galleries even serve wine and cheese.

Denver Skatepark

Denver Skate Park is the largest and most renowned skatepark in Colorado. It’s a concrete paradise of ledges, rails, long ramps, banks and bowls. Despite the diversity of skill levels, everyone seems to respect each other. That was a total relief because I’m a beginner myself. I thought I would embarrass myself, but the seasoned skaters were very supportive!


The park is always open and admission is free. You should check it out. It’s smack-dab in the middle of downtown, which is the heart of Colorado.

Well, that should be more than enough to get you going for now!


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