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    What best describes your practice?
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    Do you currently use SEO for your business?
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    How much are you currently spending on SEO?
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A Dental Marketing Approach That Will Make You Smile

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The good thing about having a dental practice is that you’ll never run out of customers. Everyone’s got teeth. The challenging thing about having a dental practice is constantly finding new ways to promote it effectively and stand apart from the growing competition.

With over 198,517 dentists actively practicing in the U.S., 6000+ new dentists graduating each year, and a total predoctoral enrollment sitting at its highest historical level, ensuring your practice remains relevant and is continually reaching new patients is hard work.

Working alongside our clients in the dental service industry, our think tank has developed a number of highly effective, reliable strategies carefully tailored to the dental marketing niche. Elegant in their simplicity but staggering in their results. And we stand at the ready to help your practice achieve three straightforward goals:

• Get more patients walking through your doors.
• Reducing your dental marketing expenses.
• And edge out the competition.

Sounds too good to be true?

Just read on and find out what OTT can do for your dental marketing needs!

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Search Engine Optimization

If your page is not among the top 10 results for any given dental search, you might as well not have one. You want your content to connect with as many interested people as possible.

Our dental SEO services allow your organization to objectively find measurable actions that make it easier for your website to be found online and convert. We help you create relevant engaging content and expertly crafted strategies that will put you on top of searches.


Wordpress Website Design

The world’s most popular content management system, and home to more than 25% of the top 10 million websites. The fact that WordPress makes it easier for its users to create great websites from scratch within minutes does not mean that they are optimized right out of the box.

Again, great content and creative layouts play a big role here. But implementing the right plugins and keeping a constant eye on Search Engine updates can make the real difference.


PPC Management

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising can send hundreds of buyers to your website within 24 hours. Get it right and you alter the course of your business. Get it wrong, and you flush thousands of dollars down the drain. Maximize your ROI by having carefully designed campaigns around thoroughly researched keywords.

Our PPC specialist will find the most efficient keywords and craft the right copy to increase your click-through rate and conversions. And you will always be at the front seat. Our reports will show you how effective your campaign is from day one.


Google Maps Marketing

The prime source of phone calls and walk-in traffic for local businesses is Google Maps. This is not likely to change during at least the next decade, so you better take advantage of Google´s infrastructure to effectively boost your local marketing efforts.

An efficiently optimized Google Maps Marketing campaign will accurately display your business as the first option for queries near you, rank you as the best provider of products and services in your area, and boost your ratings among Google users.


Social Media Management

More than 1.7 billion people log into their social media accounts every day. Your customers and prospects are almost certainly among them. However, each social media channel is directed at a specific population and market.

That´s why you need expert guidance for social media campaigns, you need to know your audience and be prepared to really interact with them if you want true engagement and maximize your chances of having a clean and wholesome public image online.

A Professional Digital Image, Search Engine Optimized

Online, your website and your overall digital presence, work as your storefront. And just like in real life, if a potential patient looks your way and doesn’t like what they see – or worse, can’t even find you – then they are liable to walk away, never to be heard from again.

To prevent that from ever happening to your practice, our dental marketing approach stems from a complete overhaul of your online “storefront.”

  • We make sure you have a beautifully designed website that radiates professionalism and expertise. Incorporating the latest in UX and UI design, and packed with effective digital conversion mechanisms, we turn your website into a relentless client conversion machinery.
  • Websites alone can’t carry a sweeping digital marketing approach, so we also make sure you have a presence in every corner of the internet where your clients look — Social Media, Google Maps, relevant review sites for your niche. If your clients are there looking, we make sure you are right in front of them.
  • Far from being just about the looks, our digital presence overhauls come alongside an SEO-enabled focus. Every piece of content we develop or generate for you has the full force of OTT’s powerful SEO machine, which has proven time and again to consistently bring the results our clients are after, and the secret ingredient behind our 98% client retention rate.

Why Do I Need a Marketing Professional For My Dental Practice?

Very few dentists are also experts in marketing, advertising, web design, branding, and social media management. It takes a lot of knowledge and skills (both of which are constantly evolving) to be successful in marketing any business, particularly one that is as competitive as dentistry.

When you hire a professional dentist marketing agency, you are getting the expertise of an entire team, each of whom is a specialist in their field. As an experienced marketing agency with a proven track record of supporting dentists and their clinics, the team at Over The Top SEO is a great choice for your dental marketing needs.

Not only will your dental practice get the benefit of the best SEO experts out there, but you’ll also get all the help you need with branding and design, social media management, graphics and logo designs, email marketing campaigns, google maps marketing, and so much more! If the in-house talent at your dental clinic can do all that, we’d love to meet them!

But, if they can’t, the team at Over The Top SEO is here to help.

What Strategies are Most Effective for Dental Marketing?

There are many ways to get your practice noticed and even more to increase your number of patients. 

At Over The Top SEO we understand that each client is unique and shirk away from generic approaches, which might strike you as a pretty generic line in and of itself. Let’s get into a bit more detail.

Knowing that each practice varies in size and scope, and as such, varies in the goals they pursue, is essential for us to be effective at our job.

If you are the only practitioner in your office and don’t have much more time to tend to new patients, you might be looking into ways to increase revenue without necessarily increasing your existing client portfolio. If, on the other hand, you are a bigger practice that isn’t being found consistently enough by new customers, then money is being left on the table, and you might be looking for maximized exposure.

Whether you are coming with a limited dental marketing budget and specific objectives, or long-term plans for a digital marketing campaign to power your growing dental practice, rest assured we’ll design the best strategy and set the right goals for your campaign.

Let Us Help You With Your Dental Marketing

By selecting a marketing partner who has expertise in all of these areas, you are likely to have a marketing plan that will accomplish your professional and business goals.

The professional team of experts at Over The Top SEO have the knowledge and skills you need to utilize all of these strategies and more to their maximum potential. If you’ve gone through all of the advice above and find yourself lost or at least admitting that your time might be better spent elsewhere, we would be privileged to work with you and collaborate on a narrowly tailored and structured dental marketing plan that will help you reach your goals.

We’ll consult with you to identify marketing solutions to your practice’s unique needs and develop a digital marketing campaign that accentuates the positives of your practice, cultivates a personal relationship with your patients and clientele and provides new leads to potential patients and brings them to your front door.

Contact us today for a free website analysis and to learn more about how our marketing solutions can help grow your dental practice.

Let us help you find those new patients and stand out in the competitive dentist market today.

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