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Dental Marketing at Over The Top SEO

The dental market is a highly competitive healthcare landscape, and dentists everywhere must actively manage their dental marketing strategies to find and retain new patients. There are many marketing tools that are effective for drawing in new business to a new or established dental clinic. Working with an experienced marketing and SEO agency can help your dental practice reach new heights and expand your patient base.

The latest figures for practicing dentists in the United States show that there are nearly 200,000 practicing dentists across the United States. This translates to 60.9 dentists per 100,000 people. What’s more, the US Health Policy Institute projects there will be almost 8% more dentists in the US by 2035. That’s a lot of dentists vying for each new patient in their chair. Effective and targeted dental marketing can help ensure those new patients find your dental office and keep returning as satisfied patients.

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What is Dental Marketing?

Your dental clinic needs a cohesive, strong marketing plan that utilizes different media, optimizes your website, includes targeted advertising, brings exposure to your practice and raises your practice’s image and brand within your community. Hiring these various marketing tasks out piecemeal is an option, as is doing it all yourself, but when you hire a full-service marketing agency, you’ll get the most efficient and effective use of your marketing dollars. Whether you are a new practice looking to get established, an existing practice with room to grow, or are having trouble with patient retention; a dental marketing agency can assist you with a comprehensive plan that meets your needs. Our firm stands committed to providing dental offices with a specifically tailored, custom and state of the art marketing plan that is specifically made to fit your dental practice and your unique services and needs. We will get you the most return on your investment in us and effectively and efficiently get you to engage with your potential clients and patients.

Marketing is so much more than mere advertising. It used to be that some ad space in the yellow pages and putting a sign out front of your office was enough to bring patients in the door. But with the advent of the internet, the opportunity to stand out in a crowded marketplace in a unique way has eclipsed that. Marketing is comprised of every interaction your dental practice has with a patient. This includes many of the relational aspects of your practice, including your office staff and patient care, as well as your clinic’s web presence, your branding, advertising campaigns, and other factors that help cement your dental practice’s image in the minds of your current and future patients.

Why Do I Need a Marketing Professional For My Dental Practice?

Very few dentists are also experts in marketing, advertising, web design, branding, and social media management. It takes a lot of knowledge and skills (both of which are constantly evolving) to be successful in marketing any business, particularly one that is as competitive as dentistry. When you hire a professional dentist marketing agency, you are getting the expertise of an entire team, each of whom is a specialist in their field. As an experienced marketing agency with a proven track record of supporting dentists and their clinics, the team at Over The Top SEO is a great choice for your dental marketing needs. Not only will your dental practice get the benefit of the best SEO experts out there, but you’ll also get all the help you need with branding and design, social media management, graphics and logo designs, email marketing campaigns, google maps marketing, and so much more! If the in-house talent at your dental clinic can do all that, we’d love to meet them! But, if they can’t, the team at Over The Top SEO is here to help.

What Strategies are Most Effective for Dental Marketing?

There are many ways to get your practice noticed and even more to increase your number of patients. The most successful strategies you can utilize for your dental practice are discussed here, and the expert team at Over The Top SEO can assist you with all of these strategies and more, helping you to build the dental practice you have always wanted.

Build a Great Website with SEO

Your online presence is most often the very first impression potential, or new patients have of your dental clinic. What do they learn about you from your website? How easy is it for them to make an appointment online? What can people tell about your areas of expertise by reading your website? The team of web designers and coders at Over the Top SEO will create you a beautiful and informative website for your dental practice, including making sure it is optimized for all search engine algorithms and is responsive to all platforms, especially mobile devices. We will help you maximize the user experience each time someone visits your website, and we use the latest techniques and tools to gain the most traction from your site’s SEO allowing you to get more patients to your dentist practice.

Cultivate Referrals

Over The Top SEO is here to support all your marketing efforts, including finding new incentives and ways to recognize and reward new patients and the people who refer them to your dentistry. Whether you choose to utilize social media, use an email campaign to reach out to current patients, or grow your clinic’s reputation in new ways, we are here with great solutions. Modern referrals are not just limited to who your patients and friends know but also to all the people they know. Modern-day referrals need to go viral, expanding to new boundaries to help you compete for those new patients. Using effective advertising, social media campaigns, and remarketing, our professionals can help your dentist practice’s patient list increase while also building your reputation. Ask us how we can help!

Dental Practice Promotion By Utilizing Quality Content

Your web presence also tells potential patients a lot about your dentists’ interest and areas of expertise, and you can utilize effective content to educate potential patients as well as give them reasons they need to schedule an appointment in your clinic. Videos can provide a personal connection for potential new patients while also giving them helpful information, and video marketing is highly effective in the dental field. Providing free resources to your community helps increase your brand reputation as well as ensure patient confidence in your dental professionals. Our team at Over The Top SEO is here to help you create effective content, make sure it is SEO-friendly, and disseminate it through the right online channels.

By selecting Over The Top SEO as your dental practice’s marketing partner, you gain a full-service agency with years of experience in all the areas you will need to support your growing practice. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your dental clinic grow.

Dentist Marketing - Choosing The Right Partner For Your Dental Practice

A dental marketing budget can slowly whittle away at your profits. Only a few short decades ago, marketing your dental practice was much simpler, but now daytime tv is littered with dental office commercials. It doesn’t make sense anymore to try and outspend the competition for the most visibility. Especially not when there are more effective and efficient ways to reach your target clients. In the age of the internet, online marketing has become a must for dentists to reach new potential patients, and to hold on to those they already have. A personal connection can be built via social media, while services and staff can be advertised via a clean, personal website. Appointments can even be booked there, simplifying the process for the patient even more.

The question becomes whether you, as a dentist, have the time and energy to put into maintaining a website and staying up to date on the constantly evolving internet marketing landscape. Or, if your time and energy would be better spent elsewhere in your business, maintaining your practice, working with clients, and working with your professional staff. It may be easier to hire a professional firm that specializes in internet marketing, SEO, social media, and all of the processes that we’ve discussed above. If that is the case, then you need to select the right marketing partner to work with to achieve your business and professional goals.

Selecting the right marketing partner is an important decision for your dental practice. You need a team of professionals that can support your dental clinic’s growth in multiple, targeted ways that create a cohesive plan for bringing new patients through your doors. By selecting the right dental marketing company who knows how to use the best marketing strategies for dental professionals, you’ll have the winning combination to grow your practice.

What Do Dental Marketing Companies Do

When selecting the right dental marketing company to work with your dental practice, it’s important to make sure they have the knowledge and expertise to support your goals in multiple areas. The right marketing agency needs to be agile with the ability to support your marketing needs in many areas. For dental clinics ready to expand their practice, these are the areas in which your dental marketing company needs to focus.

Website Development and Management

A well-built website says a lot about you as a professional. In addition, dentists, as with other service providers, must be sure their website meets the needs of their patients. Patients will use your site for more than just finding your phone number and location, so your dentist marketing company must be expert at creating websites for dentists as well as experts in optimizing that website for user experience and conversions.

Dental SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) isn’t just a gimmick; it is necessary for this competitive market. Making sure your website is maintained to take advantage of search engine algorithms is incredibly important and one best left to true experts in this field. Because SEO for dentists is always evolving, trust professionals with years of experience in SEO who have created their own SEO tools and processes.

Brand Development

Every good practice needs an image and consistent branding, and your dental marketing company should help you to create and refine the brand for your dental practice. Whether you are starting out or refreshing your brand, the right logo, color scheme, and tagline can help solidify your dental practice’s image in your community.

Social Media Management and Advertising

Utilizing effective online advertising and social media management for dentists is a full-time responsibility. AdWords campaigns, Facebook ads, Google Map ads, and Click-to-Call ads are just a few of the ways your dental practice can increase your new patient numbers through advertising. The right marketing firm will tailor ads and social media campaigns to your market and focus efforts in the right geographical areas to bring new clients to your clinic.

Dental Marketing Strategies

Dental marketing is a time-consuming beast. As a dental professional, you have much to tackle to maintain a successful practice. On top of that, it’s an increasingly competitive marketplace where its becoming more and more difficult to stand out from the crowd to showcase your unique talents and show how you’re better than the competition. Increased access to data and technology has rendered communication easier and more complicated simultaneously. But being active on the internet is integral to the continued success for all dentists.

Marketing strategies can be complex, but there are a few simple tenets that anchor them. You’ll want to collect information, plan campaigns based on that information, implement those campaigns, and the review and assess the results of those campaigns.

There are many effective marketing strategies for all types of businesses but knowing which work best in the field of dental marketing is why you select a marketing partner that knows this market. These strategies are particularly effective at growing new and existing dental practices and should be the major focus of any dental marketing approach.

Here is some basic marketing advice that you can implement into your own practice:

Dental Marketing Starts With Proper Branding

From developing a unique and consistent logo to creating the right tagline, branding is a way to create a consistent and attractive look for your dental practice. The right branding projects your reputation and creates a sense of awareness about your dental clinic, which are important goals for branding.

Social Media Engagement and Ads

Your dental practices’ social media engagement is an important component of any dentist marketing efforts. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube are all great ways to interact with your current and future patients. We can help you create relevant and interesting content to engage your audience. Utilizing Facebook advertisements as well as ads through other social media channels is an effective method for getting the word out about your dental practice in your local area. These ads target your geographic area to bring in patients near you.

Google Ads

The goal of any advertising effort is to increase your patient roster. Getting prospective patients to pick up the phone and call to book an appointment can be accomplished through effective ads, including Click-to-Call ads that make it easy for anyone to reach out to your dental clinic. These types of ads are common through Google Adwords, Facebook, and other channels, and are effective especially on mobile devices. Ads on Google maps are also effective for pulling potential patients only from within a certain area of your dental clinic location.

Remarketing Ads

Any time a potential new patient visits your website, you have an opportunity to reach out to them later and remind them of your dental clinic. Using remarketing, which directs specific ads at those who have already come to your website or practice, is a very effective marketing tool. This is also a way to increase retention of current patients, reminding them to visit your dental practice again. Remarketing is available through many channels, including Facebook ads, which are inexpensive and targeted ways to drive more traffic to your business. Remarketing ads are a great way to offer incentives, such as discounts or special offers, to those who have previously found your practice online, and provide great return on investment for your dental marketing initiatives.

Patient Retention

There are many different strategies that work well for retaining the patients you currently serve. Reminding patients of their appointments, sending them messages to recommend new services, or reminding them when they are due for a cleaning or exam are all proven to keep patients coming back. Streamlining these processes using online tools, such as Google calendar, and utilizing email newsletters and reminders are all good ways methods to use with your current patients. Patient retention is really about building strong relationships, which can be facilitated both in the office and through the use of online tools and social media. Connecting with patients both in the office and online helps them feel more comfortable about visiting the dentist and creates a relationship with the dentists who serve your clinic. Email campaigns and social media enhance the patient experience and help educate them about their dental health.

Using SEO For Dentist Marketing

Your website must be created to benefit from search engine algorithms. A website heightened with SEO content is more effective at helping new patients find your dental practice and highlighting your business above others in search engine results. Including words that will help potential patients find you when they have a dental emergency is also a great strategy. Ranking high in search engine results is important in today’s competitive market, and an SEO-friendly website is a key to this strategy for your dentistry.

Make New Dental Appointments Easy

Whether you choose to utilize a mobile app like ZocDoc or creating an online portal for appointments on your own website, making it easy to make an appointment is essential to capturing the burgeoning young adult market. Make sure to have a way to book an appointment at is readily available on the front page of your website. Ease of use is integral and any complication or barrier to entry could turn away a potential client.

Patient Reviews & Web Presence

When a potential patient hears about your dental practice, they are very likely to look for you online to learn more about you. That means reading reviews of your practice from past patients and seeing what else they can learn about you from other online sources. Using your patient consults, newsletters, and social media platforms to encourage your patients to review you online is a great way to not only increase your number of reviews but also (hopefully) increase your review ratings. Consider giving your dental patients options of where they can review you, including Google and Yelp. It can also be helpful to provide step-by-step instructions to show them how to rate your dentistry successfully. Most consumers today trust online reviews to help them select service providers, including healthcare providers. Be sure you have claimed your business on Yelp and Google, update all the relevant information for your dental clinic, and check your reviews often.

Referral Dental Bonuses

Providing an incentive to current patients for bringing new patients to your practice is an effective marketing tool. Most people, over 90%, trust recommendations from their friends for things like a new dentist. Encourage those recommendations by offering a referral bonus. These will not only retain your current customers (they have to come back to redeem the bonus), but it will also bring new patients to your door. Whether you offer a discount on their next appointment or a reduced rate on a service like teeth whitening or dental filling, referral bonuses work to expand your dental practice. You can hand out simple referral cards when patients check out, or you can include referral reminders and coupons in your regular newsletters.

Cultivating referrals through other sources is also important. Consider establishing cross-referral alliances with other professionals in your area. Doctors, business owners, and others who are also looking to increase their business will benefit from such a partnership in the same way you will.

Local Marketing Events

There are many ways to establish your dental clinic’s name and reputation in your local community, and people are more likely to feel connected to you as a dental professional when they see you and your brand outside of the dentist office. By hosting local events, sponsoring local teams, and taking part in local education programs, you can reach new audiences, promote your clinic’s reputation, and give back to those who you already serve. Picture a child’s soccer jersey featuring your dental practice’s logo, getting your clinic’s name out there during every game. Providing free toothbrushes along with dental health information to preschool families is another great solution. Investing these dollars in your local community for dental marketing, particularly in the neighborhoods surrounding your practice could yield new families calling for dentist appointments.

Hosting a neighborhood celebration, sponsoring local activities, and participating in community events are also great ways to get the know those potential new patients. All of these things will also increase your practice’s image within the community.

Dentistry Videos, YouTube, and Web Content

The use of video marketing is on the rise in all areas of healthcare. Videos are more engaging than text alone, and videos allow you to tell a story and speak to your patients. Using videos of actual dental patients from your clinic is an effective tool for cultivating relationships with future patients, for establishing your credibility, and for cultivating referrals. Use your video and web content to show your expertise, letting patients know they can trust you with their dental health needs. Including a blog on your website, regularly updating a YouTube channel, and providing educational resources in your community establish your credibility and help promote confidence in your dental clinic. It is always important that all of this content should also be SEO-friendly.

Let Us Help You With Your Dental Marketing

By selecting a marketing partner who has expertise in all of these areas, you are likely to have a marketing plan that will accomplish your professional and business goals. The professional team of experts at Over The Top SEO have the knowledge and skills you need to utilize all of these strategies and more to their maximum potential. If you’ve gone through all of the advice above and find yourself lost or at least admitting that your time might be better spent elsewhere, we would be privileged to work with you and collaborate on a narrowly tailored and structured dental marketing plan that will help you reach your goals. We’ll work with you and consult with you to identify marketing solutions to your practice’s unique needs and develop a digital marketing campaign that accentuates the positives of your practice, cultivates a personal relationship with your patients and clientele and provides new leads to potential patients and brings them to your front door. Contact us today for a free website analysis and to learn more about how our marketing solutions can help grow your dental practice.

Let us help you find those new patients and stand out in the competitive dentist market today. Call us now. 97% of our clients stay with us after hiring us to work on their internet marketing. We’re doing something right for them. We’d love to bring that knowledge and expertise to work for you. Call today, and we can get to work right away on a specialized plan.

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