The best burger in Denver

While in Denver, I couldn’t help indulging in my favorite guilty pleasure: a great burger! Denver offers an extensive selection of restaurants near me to get your burger grub on. I had my fill of tasty burgers in the Mile-High City, and there were definitely many standouts. Fresh buns, juicy patties, molten cheese and the works, Denver burger joints have it all.


When visiting Denver, my advice to burger fans is to let loose on the many spots to get their fix. Sample the generous range of local options and find your favorite. But in case you’d like to know a good place to start, I’ve prepared a list of the finest burgers in town. Try them all, if you can!


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The Squeaky Bean: Cheeseburger

Located in Saddlery Building in Lower Downtown near our Denver web designoffice, the Squeaky Bean is a remarkable burger joint. Their fresh, locally-sourced ingredients make for delicious, savory and authentic flavors. The Squeaky Bean gets their greens from Bean Acres, over at Warren Tech. They have a significant community presence and deep roots in Denver. The atmosphere is warm and welcoming, but it’s the burgers that’ll keep you coming back for more.


Their humble Cheeseburger, featuring pickles, the Squeaky Bean special sauce, and melted onion, is truly their best offering. Valued at 15 dollars, the Cheeseburger is all that a burger can be and more. Its simple ingredients are elevated by their superb quality and perfect balance and execution. No matter what, don’t miss out on this burger when visiting Denver.

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Highland Tap and Burger: Rocky Mountain

Located in the trendy Highland district, Highland Tap and Burger offers a distillation of the Colorado experience. A casual, comfy indoor dining space compliments a lovely patio to enjoy burger and beers over a Colorado sunset. Their locally-sourced ingredients are carefully selected from the most exceptional farmers and providers in the community. It’s a great place to hang with friends or have a pleasant date night.


The Rocky Mountain burger was remarkable. My mouth waters every time I think of it again. It features seasoned Rosen, Colorado ground lamb, haystack mountain goat cheese, tomato, mint, relish and wild baby arugula. It packs the many flavors of Colorado’s heartland, and it’s a truly unique experience. You can’t get a burger like the Rocky Mountain anywhere else! Definite must-try for burger lovers.

Hopdoddy: El Diablo

Hopdoddy is the place for hot buns, cold beers, and much more. Located in Denver’s lively Union Station, Hopdoddy offers a cozy ambiance and supreme quality and service. Strong ties to the community, commitment to local sourcing, and charitable contributions make Hopdoddy a Denver staple. It’s a place that made me feel like everyone was genuinely welcome.


The El Diablo burger really blew me away. It packs Angus beef, Tillamook pepper jack, habaneros, serranos, caramelized onions, salsa roja, chipotle aioli, lettuce and tomato. At 8.50$, it’s an incredible bang for your buck. The thing is a beast. A delicious beast. And at 780 calories, it won’t put too much of a dent on your diet, if you’re the type to worry about that. When you swing by Union Station, don’t forget to pick up one of these babies! You can thank me later. I regularly take my Denver SEO colleagues out here on Fridays.

Park Burger- RiNo: The Royale

If you want a grab a great bite in a warm, family-friendly environment, Park Burger is your place. Park Burger offers award-winning shakes, burgers, beer and fries across its four Denver locations, including Platt Parks, Highlands and Hilltop. But it’s the Park Burger at Denver’s artistic RiNo district that’s the real winner of the pack. I’m already pining for their delicious Royale burger.


The Royale features almost five and a half ounces of beef, with delicious caramelized onions, blue cheese and crispy bacon. For 9.25$, it’s one of the tastiest and best-value offers in town.

Well, that should be more than enough to get you going for now!


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