Dining in Denver: 5 Restaurants near me

I’ve been having the greatest time in Denver so far.


Colorado’s capital, Denver, is the 19th most populous U.S. city and since I got here, I can understand why! There’s just so much to do, and Denverites happen to be very outdoorsy. The Mile High City has a vibrant vibe and a nice, youthful feel. For that reason, Denver is recognized as the best city for single people. The city is filled up with museums, art galleries, bars, clubs, and especially…yes, you guessed it: exotic Restaurants in Denver!


The city of Denver is a must-see for every food connoisseur. Its reputation for fine dining has risen in recent years, owing to the culinary imagination of driven, passionate chefs. To get a taste of the local lifestyle, I’m going to share with you my experience with the top 5 restaurants I got to enjoy during my trip.


Rioja is a famous Mediterranean-Spanish restaurant. It’s very popular among celebrities and food lovers thanks to their fresh ingredients and extensive brunch menu. I found the ambiance very pleasant; it has a beautiful, transparent kitchen, and hand-blown glass fixtures. The food is to die for: their menu mostly consists of Mediterranean food influenced by local and seasonal dishes. You can also find vegan options and gluten-free choices.


Rioja also has a sensational location. Larimer Square is one of Denver’s top 5 tourist attraction. Don’t forget to make your reservation first; you might not find an available table.


I regularly hang out here with my Denver SEObuddies.

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With hundreds of restaurants to choose from, it’s easy to get confused when picking a place to dine out. TAG is a dining spot you just can’t miss during your trip to Denver. TAG is a Continental Social Food restaurant, located in Larimer Square. It combines Asian flavors with Hawaiian roots and even some Latin flair!


Food was absolutely delicious. Preparation to presentation to service, everything was delightful and top-notch. The omakase blew my mind: it totally exceeded my expectations.


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One of the liveliest hot spots in Denver, Linger is a great place for a date night or drinks with friends. The indoor area is stunning, but the rooftop is simply epic. I fell in love with the psychedelic atmosphere — not to mention its retro bar, illuminated with Lite-Bright bulbs.


The menu is smashing. Portions are plentiful, and plates comfortably serve 2 or 3 people. I particularly enjoyed the pork belly bao and the Korean barbecue tacos. The hostesses were kind and accommodating. Prices were also fairly competitive for such high quality dining.


Built into the bones of an auto-mechanic garage, is nothing if not hip. It offers a trendy-vintage atmosphere and an eclectic menu with daring flavor combinations. I highly recommend the lamb: it’s seriously succulent, soft and juicy. The flat iron steak was fantastic, and the meat was real tender. Don’t even get me started on the mushroom tart with goat cheese.


The bar offers innovative cocktails. Their drinks, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, were tasty and refreshing. I recommend sitting on the patio when it’s nice out. I’m definitely coming back!


The best things is its only 1.5 miles away from my Denver web design office.


Lovely place for dining with friends. It’s located in Denver’s Lower Highland neighborhood. Avanti offers food from inspired by worldwide styles of cuisine. Everything and anything, from Venezuelan arepas to Japanese sushi. Avanti also has two bars, including one on a high-altitude terrace with a broad beer selection. Food was fresh, masterfully prepared, and a great value for the price.


The rooftop deck, with its view of the Denver skyline, makes for an amazing hangout spot. They also do trivia nights! Avanti is worth checking out at least once; the concept alone makes it worthwhile. I sincerely recommend it!

Well, that should be more than enough to get you going for now!

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