Stapleton, Denver

Located right where Denver and Aurora meet, Stapleton has become one of Colorado´s favorite neighborhoods. Today it has a total population of 25.000, but this demographic explosion is relatively recent. 40 years ago, Stapleton was not even inhabitable.


As Denver was experiencing significant economic and demographic growth during the early 20th century, the need to connect the city with the rest of the country via airways became unavoidable. Denver Municipal Airport, which is luckily close to our Denver SEO office, opened in 1929. As the airport grew in importance and infrastructure, it was renamed to Stapleton Airfield.


However, due to some errors in its original planning, new bigger airplanes coming into play, and growth experienced by both Denver and Aurora pushing for taller buildings and modernization, Stapleton was decommissioned in the 90s, and replaced by the huge DIA.


Stapleton Community was then envisioned, and it is one of the best new communities in the US and is the largest in Denver. It was meant to be a neighborhood that takes advantage of the awesome land left behind by the old airstrip, and focus on a more pedestrian oriented master plan.

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Interesting facts

Stapleton is a young neighborhood with most of its dwellers in their prime years. However, it is not a very diverse location, with 82% of its population being white, and only 1.4% non-English speakers. In contrast, is a very affluent area with an average household income of $140,000.


Stapleton is divided in 12 clearly delimited and identified neighborhoods. Each with their own image and style. Their design and layout encourages the creation of lots of communal spaces, making it very walkable and bikeable. This has allowed its residents to dedicate several days a year to reducing carbon emissions and to organize awesome events.

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The Neighborhoods

If you love outdoors, North End Neighborhood and its lush park spaces is the place for you. It seems to have a park for almost every preference. They even boast the biggest communal swimming pool with a two story waterslide. This is one of our top spots, as our complete Denver web design hangs out here once in 2 months for our team building. And it is very close to the famous rocky mountains too.


Then there is South End, which is technically part of Aurora. Residents here are proud of their tall and mature trees, and their awesome gardens. Being close to urban centers, you can find a lot of schools, and parks related to sports that are the favorite of youths. Skate Parks and climbing walls are among their chosen hangout areas.


Then you have everything in between. Complete rows of houses and streets thematically dedicated to energy efficiency in Beeler Park, to huge and family friendly event venues in Conservatory Green, to a full-fledged yet cozy Town Center in Eastbridge boasting a wide range of restaurants, boutiques and healthcare facilities. They even have a King Soopers that is the envy of Denver and Aurora.


Right south of the Conservatory Green area, there is one of the best shopping, dining and entertainment centers in Denver. The Shops at Northfield is an outdoor shopping complex completely designed to be pedestrian friendly. It offers one of the best shopping experiences in Denver with anchors such as JCPenney, Bass Pro Shops and Macy´s. There is plenty to do in Northfield if you like eating out, arcade gaming or comedy clubs.


You can visit the iconic Airport Control Tower. Although it is no longer operational, it still retains its allure. Punch Bowl Social bought the place a couple years ago and decided to preserve its traditional elements while offering their version of eatertainment. It has since become a must see if you happen to visit Denver.


There are events going on all year round in Stapleton. The Beer Festival is among the favorites, sporting locally brewed varieties for the connoisseurs, but also bringing the classics for those who just want to fend off the summer heat.

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