Heading to Denver with kids? Lucky for you, there are hundreds of places to take your toddlers in The Mile-High City. Denver offers much more than hiking. There are so many things to do here.


Attractions range from interactive museums to amazing zoos, aquariums, beautiful parks and restaurants. Here’s my list of the top five spots your kids will love during your trip. Prepare yourself to become Parent of the Year!


I had a lot of fun with my family at the Denver Zoo, where education comes alive. During our visit, we were fortunate enough to see almost every animal they had. The animals look happy and well taken care of, it was cool to see them so up-close. My favorite part was the giraffe area. The outdoor exhibits are also fascinating, they’ve managed to make all viewing areas a real treat. There are educational lectures throughout the day and many entertaining shows.


I recommend getting there early, particularly on weekends. Don’t forget to bring plenty of sunblock and hats. Me and my Denver web design buddies regularly take our kids here.

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This place is worth every penny. Its exhibits include climate change, woodland mazes and entire “mountains” to climb. Expect a huge variety of play areas. There’s an impressive farm/slide room, stuffed animals, an awesome bubble room and more. A fun fake kitchen/market, climbing buildings and more will keep your kids happy. There’s always something new to explore, and your children will fall in love with the place.


Check out the special seasonal events, but make sure to check the online calendar before your visit. Admission is free on Tuesdays between 4 pm and 8 pm.


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This candy factory is just amazing! I just visited for the first time, and I’m definitely hooked. Located just outside downtown Denver, it has a solid Willy Wonka vibe. It’s one of the best things you can do with kids in Denver! I felt like a child again, staring wide-eyed through the glass panes of a candy store. The tour lasts about 25 minutes, and it’s completely free. My favorite part was towards the end when we visited the shop!


My 5-year-old niece loved learning about how candy is made. She even got a free slice of birthday cake! There have every flavor imaginable, like Five Spice, Very Blueberry and Strawberry Lemonade. Their candy is gorgeous and so pretty, that you don’t know whether to eat it or take pictures of it!


This is the best water park I’ve ever been to. Rated as one of America’s top ten water parks, Water World is located a mere 15 minutes north of downtown. We went on a Thursday, and didn’t have to wait in any lines at all! We had a total blast. There are all types of slides and pools. The Dinosaur and Egyptian rides are remarkable, great fun for kids and adults. My niece’s favorite part of the park was “Water Fun House.” Their water-propelled roller coaster is also a ton of fun!


Check the Lazy River if you want to take a break from the slides. Ice creams stands are strewn about the entire park. The portions they serve are huge and the ice cream is delicious. Don’t forget to try some! The park offers free parking and family picnics are welcome.


Perfect for a quick day trip, especially for families and dino-fans. Located on the west side of Denver, it offers fascinating information, exciting stories, and of course, fossils! The Stegosaurus bones and Iguanodon tracks are mindblowers for kids and adults alike. My dino-crazed niece loved touching the fossils on tour.


For $8 per person, they offer a guided tour in a small bus. The guides are knowledgeable, friendly, and excited about dinosaurs. If you don’t mind doing a short hike, you can enter the area for free and trek through it yourself. This outdoor museum is an excellent experience for all ages.


The best things is its not too far from our Denver SEO office.


I was awestruck by the wildlife at the Downtown Aquarium, with over 500 species. Other attractions include a 4-D theatre, carousel and train ride. The Mystic Mermaid show is what really brought us to the aquarium; kids positively loved it. The place was very family friendly and had a very modern feel. It’s one of the greatest things to do with kids in Denver. Avoid going in the afternoon though, it gets pretty crowded and can be very hard to walk.


This was a cool experience overall. I would go again. Don’t miss out on it!

Well, that should be more than enough to get you going for now!


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