Things To Do in Denver: What to do in The Mile-High City

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Each day, my excitement about Denver grows bigger and bigger. There is a ton of fun and free things to do in this city. With so many options, it is hard to get bored. The High Mile City is an incredible travel destination, it has many points of interest, and the citizens are welcoming and kind.


Deciding what to do in Denver can be troubling for most visitors, they usually feel overwhelmed by the variety of the activities the city offers. So I wrote a brief travel guide to make sure you get the most out of your trip.


While in Denver, Union Station is a spot you can’t miss out. It became one of my favorite places in the city. Union Station isn’t only the epicenter of public transportation. This historic landmark is also the cultural heart of Denver. Union Station provides a dynamic atmosphere with its many windows and natural lightning. Great for pictures!


The Station is home to many shops and restaurants. You’ll find restored architectural features, boutiques, bars and more. This is the place to go if you want to hang out in a cozy coffee shop with friends, grab a cocktail at the Terminal Bar, or take lots of Instagram-worthy photos in the station lobby. There are also outlets throughout for charging your phone when running low on battery.


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If you plan to go sightseeing in Denver, I must recommend the Colorado State Capitol Building. Built in the 1890s, it’s part of the Denver Civic Center Historic District. Here is the well-known step that marks “One Mile Above Sea Level,” earning the city its nickname. It’s a trendy place for folks to take their pictures worthy of those famous words. There are free tours on weekdays from 10 am to 3 pm. Keep in mind there are several floors; you’ll have to walk up a few flights of stairs to get to the very top.


It’s an absolute must-see for history buffs. You can learn about the origins and materials of the Capitol Building. The architecture and statues are also a sight to behold.


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Technically located in Morrison, Red Rocks Park is an invaluable entertainment spot. Iconic acts like Grateful Dead, U2, and The Beatles have rocked the Red Rocks Amphitheatre. Its summer concert series is especially popular. Outstanding acoustics guarantee a musical experience that will exceed your wildest expectations. On non-concert nights, you can catch a movie or enjoy stand-up acts by local comedians.


Red Rocks Park offers unique opportunities to prove your physical prowess. You can join in group exercise classes, or have the incredible experience of doing Yoga at 6,450 feet. Two hiking trails accessing the most exceptional local landscapes offer spectacular views of Denver.


Don’t forget to wear comfortable fitness shoes and to have plenty of water at hand. I regularly hang out here with my Denver web designbuddies.


In Denver, brewery tours are a must. The city has an ever-growing list of artisan breweries. Great Divide Brewing Co is one of the most popular among the locals. Depending on the timing of your visit, you can enjoy a firkin release. There is an excellent selection of regular and seasonal beers, and Great Divide has something for everyone. The Tap Room is small but cozy, with sunlight coming in through the windows. It’s a lovely place to grab a weekday beer with pals and chill.


There are plenty of other options, too. There’s the Denver Beer Company, the famous Prost Brewing, Bull and Bush among the best bars in Denver. There’s also the Comrade Brewing Company, Vine Street Pub & Brewery, Cerebral Brewing. The list goes on!


It is no secret that marihuana has become a big attraction for tourists to Denver. Since it was legalized for recreational use in Colorado, there’s been quite a boom. It’s given the city nickname—the “Mile High City”–a whole different connotation. Keep in mind that you can’t legally toke up in public spaces, though. If you wish to partake, check out Airbnb and search for “420 friendly” listings. You can also find dispensaries marked by a green cross; they are all over the city!


And for potheads and squares alike, the International Church of Cannabis is a must-see. With dazzling, colorful artwork, the Church is quite a sight. They offer regular, smoke-free hours for enthusiastic tourists. It’s quite a surreal, existential experience, considered a “spiritual home for cannabis worshipers.”

Well, that should be more than enough to get you going for now!


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