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Who else wants more clicks and sales at lower cost? We partnered with Google to make Display Advertising easy

What is display advertising?

Online, display advertising includes banner ads and video ads. Unlike text ads, display ads use pictures, audio and video to deliver your advertising message …

… and your first stop should be the Google Display Network.

Because Google Display reach over two million websites and over 90% of people online. You can reach people while they’re visiting a website, watching a YouTube video, checking their Gmail account, or using an app. Your potential audience is enormous.

Advertising on the Google Display Network can help you:

•      Sell more products or services
•      Engage with customers and build loyalty
•      Increase awareness of your brand

Plus, there are additional networks beyond Google (more on that below).

First …

display advertising

How Do Google Display Ads Work?

Google AdWords has two networks: Search and Display.

The Search Network reaches people when they’re searching for something in Google. Generally, you must be in the first 8 paid AdWords positions to show up on the first page of Google search results. Difficult, to say the least.

By contrast, the Display Network lets you get someone’s attention earlier in the buying cycle, before they’re searching. For example, if you run a carpet cleaning business, you can catch a buyer’s eye when he’s reading an article about carpets, before he starts looking for carpet cleaners.

That means your ad can appear by itself, in a competitive vacuum. And you don’t have to pay sky high-prices to appear on page one of Google Search.

On the Google Display Network, your ads can appear in:

display advertising
display advertising
display advertising
display advertising
display advertising

Who Else Wants More New Customers?

1. Save Up To 90%
In the Google Search Network, competition is driving costs per click through the roof. We’ve seen prices in competitive industries like water damage of between $80 and $200 per click.

On the other hand, ads in the Google Display Network may cost less than 10% that, from $2 to $10 per click. This gives you more margin for error and freedom to test multiple ads.

2. More Creative Options
Most advertisers stick to a limited range of ideas. But you can do things with video and banner ads that are impossible with text-based ads. So you can discover new appeals and open new markets for your business.

3. Virtually Unlimited Possibilities
In text-based Google AdWords, you are limited to the top 8 or so spots if you want to land on page one of search results. That’s it.

But with the Google Display Network, your advertising possibilities are virtually unlimited. You can appear on more than 2,000,000 websites worldwide, and target just the right audience.

4. Continuous Improvement
Unlike traditional advertising in print, on TV or radio, Google Display ads let you measure your results immediately. You see exactly where your ads run, which ads produce the most clicks and sales, and at what cost.

Based on the data, you can adjust your targets and bids to get continually more value from your ads. It’s a virtuous circle.

display advertising

Beyond Google

To give you even more options, we have access to advertising networks beyond Google Display.

As a result, we can give you access to online properties like Facebook, Amazon, The Wall Street Journal, Huffington Post, CNN Money … as well as people using Skype, Microsoft Outlook, Xbox, and more.

You’re limited only by your ability to scale and handle the new traffic we can send you.


Display advertising, on or off the Google network, is incredibly complex and getting more so every day. The details can be daunting. You may be tempted to quit or ignore display advertising altogether … then watch helplessly as competitors swallow you up.

With every passing day, the gap between winners and losers is getting wider — and harder to cross.

Yet, display ads may be the last, best source of low-cost website traffic available today. But only if you do it right. Because if you set up your campaigns incorrectly, you risk burning through huge piles of money, because Google and other networks can show your ads in so many places so fast.

What We Do:

We take over the daily drudgery of managing your display ads, whether it’s on Google or another network. To free you up for other things.

Our experience as Google Certified AdWords Partners — combined with our custom reporting tools — can scale your business rapidly, predictably, and profitably.

We manage display advertising accounts spending from $2,000 per month to more than $500,000. It’s all made possible by our system, which includes:

  • Bid Setting and Fine-tuning (to maximize profits and more than pay for our services)
  • New Campaigns and Ad Groups (to roll out your winners and open new markets)
  • Targeted Campaigns and Ad Groups (for mobile, desktop, and tablet users)
  • New Landing Pages (to generate more leads than you’re getting right now)
  • Strategic Reporting and Analysis (turning mountains of data into actionable insights)

Bottom line: Our Display Advertising services help boost your return on investment (ROI) by helping you invest in advertising more intelligently.

With conversion tracking that reduces your target cost-per-acquisition (CPA) and target return on ad spend (ROAS). It’s like hiring an MBA to optimize your display ads to meet your business goals … at a fraction of the cost!

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