Drip Campaign: Streamlining Your Marketing Efforts for Success

Drip Campaign: Streamlining Your Marketing Efforts for Success

A drip campaign is a sequence of automatic emails you send to website visitors after they perform a particular activity. You have the option to decide how many emails and at what rate to send them for any particular activity. Using information like the contact’s name and precise references to the activity they took, these emails can be customized. Someone who registers for your online course, for instance, might receive an email drip campaign from you. Alternatively, you might send abandoned cart emails to customers who add an item to their online basket but do not complete the transaction.

What is Drip Marketing?

Drip marketing is the practice of automatically sending a predetermined number of emails to your audience at predetermined intervals in response to their activities or status changes. Following significant events or acts, businesses utilize drip marketing to stay in touch with their audience in a tailored and focused manner.

A drip marketing campaign, for instance, might be based on:

  • Making a purchase
  • Taking part in a gathering at your shop
  • Registering for a webcast
  • Registering for a white paper or report
  • Leaving a shopping basket empty
  • Becoming involved in customer service
  • Haven’t ordered anything in a long.

Drip marketing is effective and distinctive due to a few factors. The usual material is

  • Automated and prewritten
  • Delivered according to a predetermined timetable in response to audience activity or another type of strategic automation plan
  • “Mapped” to key engagement points

The “drip” in drip marketing refers to sending a series of emails gradually and steadily. It might be 2, 5, or whatever you determine is the ideal amount of emails to exchange on a specific subject without going overboard. You compose the emails once for each campaign—like an abandoned cart drip campaign—and then use automation to personalize and send them. Your drip marketing campaigns run automatically after they are set up.

Why Use Drip Campaigns?

By converting visitors into customers, creating recurring business, and re-engaging a dormant audience, drip marketing can help you increase sales. You can establish a connection with your audience and show that you’re an excellent resource for their needs by explaining the value your firm offers.

Half of us are involved in “a never-ending quest for products, services, and content that encourage behaviour altering,” according to a study of 2,000 people. This behaviour can be encouraged through a drip campaign.

Drip campaigns can also be successful because they are targeted, which means they can be based on a certain action and customized.

How Drip Campaigns Are Used?

Drip campaigns are made to reach out to a specific person at the ideal moment with a customized message. These emails, which include welcome letters, birthday wishes, and order alerts, are automatically sent out, so they work for your company while you concentrate on other tasks.

Connecting with the appropriate person at the right time is simple with automated drip campaigns—without having to put in any extra effort. There are numerous instances of drip campaigns that could be effective for your company, whether they are triggered by dates or actions.

Each prospective customer can follow a drip email through your sales pipeline. Including welcome drips, onboarding procedures, lead nurturing efforts, abandoned shopping cart reminders, and new product recommendations.

Reach out on dates that are important to your audience

By using date-based automation, you may reach out to your audience on the days that are important to them. This automation can be used in a variety of situations, including:

Asks for subscription renewal or reordering. A drip campaign is a great way to let your audience know when their subscription is up for renewal if your company offers any products on a subscription or membership basis, such as a gym or yoga studio, a paid newsletter, a farm delivery service, regular deliveries of essentials like toothpaste or shaving cream, etc. Remind them of the benefits you offer and the ways in which they have profited from your services. If you can, lure them in with upcoming new goods.

Events like birthdays and anniversaries. Even though you might not decide to turn this into a series, sending an email on a customer’s birthday, the anniversary of their first purchase or any significant occasion can be a terrific way to emphasize your brand’s worth and even inspire a purchase.

Communicate in accordance with a user’s actions

A lot of drip campaigns can be started when a member of your audience takes (or doesn’t take) a certain action. These are a few illustrations of drip campaigns:

Welcome Emails:

Making a favourable impression when a new audience member enters the room is crucial. You may tell new customer everything they need to know about your company with welcome drips. You can also use welcome emails to get in touch with people you met in person, such as during a trunk exhibition, wine tasting, or sale that you organized. A drip campaign can be an efficient approach to inform new audience members about forthcoming activities, discounts, or other events while also creating a sense of shared values.

Initial Automation in Purchases:

When a customer makes their first purchase from you, it’s a great chance to thank them for their patronage, remind them of the product’s qualities and features, offer them advice on how to maximize their purchase, recommend complementary items that other customers have bought, and reassure them that they made the right choice. At this early stage of your company partnership, expressing gratitude might help them feel like members of a unique group.

Product Suggestions:

Offering related products after a customer make a purchase is a fantastic strategy to increase sales. This can be mentioned in an email that confirms your order or notifies you of shipping. If someone purchases a dress on your website, for instance, you might offer a belt or scarf—whether they are frequently purchased along by other customers or are suggested by your in-house specialists. As an alternative, you might get in touch a few weeks or even months following a purchase to recommend replacement components or refills. For instance, you might send an email three months after someone purchases an air purifier from your website proposing replacement filters.

Send follow-up emails to your audience to inform and welcome them:

A drip campaign might encourage someone to take further action if they contact your customer care or sales staff, for example, to ask about the status of an order, the delivery window, or another issue. A drip campaign might suggest people sign up for online or automatic payment if they phone about a forgotten invoice or payment, for instance. A drip campaign can help them finish a product registration or tutorial video on how to use your product if they started but didn’t finish, which will strengthen their connection to your company.

Abandoned Shopping Carts:

Online customers frequently add an item to their cart, delete it before checking out, or decide not to make the transaction at all. An effective abandoned cart email may persuade them to reconsider the purchase. But be careful not to come off as too “big brother”—you don’t want to seem overbearing. For instance, if a customer returned a certain skirt, you might send them an email promoting your entire spring collection or one from that particular designer without mentioning the precise item they bought.

Lead Nurturing:

Prospects’ active interest makes drip campaigns highly effective. It’s your cue to get in touch with someone with pertinent content if they sign up for a webinar or a content component like a white paper or an interactive tool. For instance, if you offer lawn care and a potential customer signs up for your guide on winterizing their yard, you may send them emails with more advice and specials for your lawn care goods and services. Lead nurturing can take many different forms, such as providing them with more information about the features of your product, what they will learn from your online course, or providing them with information about your service. In any case, a lead nurturing campaign can boost both your sales and the purchase value.

Email Unsubscribe:

You may send a follow-up email to the person who unsubscribed from your e-newsletter to get their opinion. You may give a special “we want you back” offer or incentive in addition to asking for feedback if they cancel your subscription service (like a gym). In order to win them back, you can also follow up with them three or six months later, when their circumstances may have altered.

How Should a Drip Campaign be Set Up?

create drip campaign in simple steps

A constant marketing workhorse, drip marketing keeps up the marketing, nurturing, and selling activities vital to your success. To set up and manage your drip campaign, follow these 5 steps:

  • Decide on a trigger. What precise event or date is the foundation of your drip campaign?
  • Choose your audience (s). Will your “first purchase” drip campaign, for instance, be sent to all new audience members or just those who make purchases that are, say, $100 or more?
  • Prepare a unique message for every email. Your drip campaign emails don’t have to be extensive, but they must adhere to your brand guidelines.
  • Based on results: Evaluate and make adjustments. The type of email you send, its recipient list, and other elements will determine the appropriate measurement for your campaign. Keep track of how each of your emails is performing, including their click-through and conversion rates, and be ready to make adjustments as you learn more.
  • Keep sending drip emails: The copy you use can become outdated when your offerings change; occasionally examine all of your drip campaigns to make sure they aren’t getting stale.

Launch Drip Campaigns For Your Business.

Despite everything you have to accomplish, employ drip marketing to support your efforts to promote your business. You may concentrate on other business concerns while the right message is being sent at the right moment to the ideal target. To create a successful drip campaign, hire a reputed company like OTT SEO. Our team will help you to achieve your target, and engage better.