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Are you looking for a forward-thinking and dynamic way to get your criminal law firm’s name out to the public? It’s no secret that criminal defense work is one of the most challenging areas of law for a practicing attorney to find their niche these days. It’s also a competitive marketplace with many attorneys vying for attention and trying to make sure they can provide their services to those that really need them. Without an ingenious law firm marketing plan, your firm may not flourish and grow the way you expect. 


Marketing for the criminal law firm industry has changed drastically over the last few years, and if you want to keep up, you need a stable, well thought out and researched marketing plan.

You can’t get away with just hanging a shingle outside of your door, wait for clients to come pouring in and start practicing criminal law. On the other side of the coin, it no longer makes sense to try to outspend the competition without a focused strategy. It’s just not an efficient or effective use of a marketing budget. Commercials for criminal law firms take up advertising time on daytime television.


Billboards for criminal law firms take up real estate on the sides of highways where people are going 70 MPH. Thanks to the internet, however, you no longer need to rely on those traditional marketing sources in order to stand out, find your target clients and have them find you when they need you.

At OverTheTopSEO.com we realize that all marketing strategies must stand out to your target audience and cause them to regard your criminal law firm as an authority in the field. Your law firm must have a compelling and aggressive criminal lawyers marketing plan that will define the direction in which you’re headed. Every marketing strategy your business uses should be well planned and backed by extensive, quality research. 2018 promises to be an exciting new year for firms that use a modern legal marketing plan, and we’re here to help you!



While there are many criminal law firm marketing services available, at OverthetopSEO.com we understand that your criminal law firm has its own unique needs and we specialize in forward-thinking, persuasive and creative marketing strategies that will result in new quality clients for your criminal law firm. Unlike any other industry, when running a private criminal law practice, you are competing with hundreds of similar businesses who are in your area, all of which have their own marketing plans and are also searching for the perfect keywords. Every single law firm has unique marketing needs; some techniques work very well for some criminal law firms but don’t do well for others. Our experience working with criminal lawyers has given us the insight needed to find the right solution for your law firm.

Criminal Lawyers Marketing, Criminal Lawyers Marketing, Over The Top SEO
Some of our research has included:

The keywords people are using to search for criminal law firms online Strategies that successful law firm marketers are using The direction marketing trends are heading A criminal law firm must focus its marketing strategy on converting views into clients coming in the door.


First and foremost, your criminal law firm needs exposure. And the best way to do that is to appear on the first page of local google searches for relevant topics in your field. Also, you need to focus on client feedback, online reviews and your firm’s stature in your community to add to your firm’s authority on the topic of criminal law. It’s also so important to clarify who your target client is to effectively and efficiently utilize your marketing budget and get your criminal law firm to succeed and to achieve your professional and personal goals.


At OverTheTopSEO.com we know that a robust and effective marketing plan which strategically targets a specific market is absolutely necessary for your law firm’s success. Using our creative mindset and approach in marketing for criminal lawyers, we’ll help you create an eye-catching and compelling marketing plan while also ensuring all guidelines and attorney marketing rules and laws are followed carefully.

Criminal Lawyers Marketing, Criminal Lawyers Marketing, Over The Top SEO
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Durante los últimos años hemos inspirado y motivado a propietarios de negocios, empresarios y profesionales de todo el mundo, y hemos diseñado aplicaciones que impulsan el conocimiento de la marca y la productividad. Sin embargo, nos dimos cuenta de que no podíamos ayudar a todo el mundo y la verdad es que no todo el mundo es nuestra pareja hecha en el cielo. Por lo tanto, sólo aceptamos nuevos clientes después de un extenso proceso de selección que nos ayuda a determinar si seremos un buen partido para el otro.

Criminal Lawyers Marketing, Criminal Lawyers Marketing, Over The Top SEO
The primary objective of marketing is to bring quality clients to your law firm, to keep them happy and to receive new clients as a result of their positive word-of-mouth

Marketing is both the initial part of the sales job and the continuing effort required for keeping clients. For a marketing plan to cause the maximum impact and best possible results, it’s imperative to understand what areas your marketing focus should be geared towards.


Once a criminal law firm’s target markets are laid out, it becomes much more straightforward to assess marketing opportunities and decide whether or not to pursue them. We’ve researched, tested and evaluated the marketing tools we use, and we know exactly which keywords people are using to search for criminal law lawyers online – keywords such as “criminal lawyer,” “defense attorneys,” lawyers Washington, etc. We also know which combination of words are used depending on the crime/crimes they’re researching or the criminal charges they are facing.


Some results of proper marking by targeting the right audience include: High-quality phone calls and leads Improved credibility with Google and other major search engine providers New clients for your criminal defense law firm Marketing may be almost like a foreign language for many attorneys, but OverTheTopSEO.com understands that internet marketing is one of the most critical ways to successfully market criminal law practice. With an out of the ordinary and memorable criminal law marketing plan, you have the opportunity to build prosperous and long-lasting attorney-client relationships.

Cost Effective Criminal Lawyers Marketing Agency

Generally, criminal legal services are one of the most expensive things to market. Only a few decades ago, merely hanging a sign on your door advertising your services as a criminal attorney would have been enough to get clients in the door, but that will no longer fly today.


You need to figure out a way to stand out as a criminal lawyer or law firm in an increasingly crowded market. You and your competition are all focusing on obtaining clients in the same geographic area, and you may even have overlapping target clients you want to reach and convert. So, falling in line with everyone else, and copying each other’s marketing strategies will just lead to more muddled efforts, competing for the same views and driving up the price on keywords and pay-per-click ads. You need to provide a distinctive call to action and distinguish yourself from your competition.


You need to highlight your strengths and communicate and accentuate the unique positives of working with you and your firm. The most critical step to ensure your success is the creation and development of a marketing plan that suits your criminal attorney law firm’s specific needs. While it may take some time and preparation, attempting to market your law firm without a particular plan will more than likely end up costing you more time and additional expenses in the long run.


Every type of business and service needs to be engaged in marketing their brand, and this especially goes for online legal services and law firms as there are so many competitors in this filed. A good marketing plan will develop and change with client and marketing needs and will be updated as marketing strategies change. When it comes to a budget, the consensus is that you should spend around 3% of your law firm’s gross revenues on your marketing campaign.

Criminal Lawyers Marketing, Criminal Lawyers Marketing, Over The Top SEO
Criminal Lawyers Marketing, Criminal Lawyers Marketing, Over The Top SEO
The four most important steps to follow when creating your marketing plan are as follows:

Distinguish your firm’s unique business objectives Start articulating monthly results setting worst and best-case scenarios which will allow you to see the progress the marketing plan is making Monitoring your return on investment (ROI) because when designing your law firm marketing plan, we must know how much your goals are going to generate regarding income.


Initially estimating your ROI will take some guessing and will require research Finally, you will do everything needed to achieve your marketing goals and will refer to back to this section when setting your marketing budget. You should also take time to look around at online ads, billboards and even pay close attention to the commercials your criminal law attorney competitors are using. Get an idea of the strategies they are using and how they are targeting specific audiences.


When you come across an idea you haven’t seen before, take note and consider how you could use something similar in your marketing strategy. After you’ve made the time for research and looked at marketing strategies other criminal law firms are using, you can start jotting down ideas for your unique marketing strategies. There are so many different law firm marketing strategies both online and offline. If you have a vision for your marketing, we can help you see it through! But do not fall into the trap of over-monitoring or overanalyzing the competition’s strategies.


You’ll end up wasting hours that could be better spent working with your clients on what other law firms and lawyers in your area are doing to target clients that you may have no interest in attracting. It’s important to keep it under control, just figuring out what you can do to make your ads better than theirs. You’ll look at what strategies you can incorporate into your multifaceted, digital internet campaign and what you can do to make your ads better, more focused and better targeted at the clients you want to see in your office. Then walk away and for us on your own efforts and your own business.


After a little time passes, then you can go back and check out what your competitors have changed up in their marketing efforts, if anything. You can even take a look at that point at what they’re doing to copy your efforts. Then adapt — implement some changes to differentiate yourself again — and survive and thrive. You have to avoid the copycat trap. Attorneys have a habit of finding an argument that works and then hammering it home, using it time and time again to win their cases.


Doing that makes sense in the courtroom but doing that in your marketing is a death sentence. Marketing isn’t about falling in line; it’s about standing out from the crowd, going in a different direction, pivoting, and providing a strong, narrowly tailored message for your firm. Do not fall in line with everyone else. Drive traffic to your website to get views, then convert those views into clients, and then let your competition fall in line behind you.

Law Firm Marketing Strategies

Every criminal defense law firm is different and has their own individual needs but according to the experts who watch and evaluate today’s marketing trends, some of the most significant ideas emerging as viable trends include: Diversifying search engine marketing strategies Better understanding of who the target market is and how to reach them Websites that are more engaging Improved referral process Prospect targeting earlier in the research phase Signing up with online legal directories is also extremely important and represents one of the fastest and most effective marketing opportunities available to date.


Success with the online le-gal catalog isn’t merely a matter of publishing your law firm’s name and contact information; your listing should be well thought out and optimized for any other successful marketing tactic. Having a blog also provides a fantastic opportunity for lawyers and law offices to increase traffic to their website because they help in boosting search engine optimization rankings and as the blog grows your potential clients are given more examples of your expertise in criminal law.


You should also make sure to use an email platform to manage your firm’s email account. There are countless inexpensive specialized email marketing tools out there you can choose from, and it’s highly recommended that you use a dedicated email platform. They allow you to send to specific email lists, send automated emails, track advertisement performance and analyze email marketing effectiveness.


Some of the most essential steps for setting up your criminal law firm’s website include: Setting up Google analytics Designing your website structure Registering a domain name Coming up with great, eye-catching content for each page Setting up a blog Knowing how much business each lawyer internet marketing strategy brings to your firm versus how much was spent is extremely important. It is not uncommon for a firm to forget to calculate the referral fees when figuring out their budget and this information is crucial in coming up with the correct figures. Of course, not every criminal lawyer will become a marketing expert but knowing a few marketing strategies will set your law firm out among the rest!

Criminal Lawyers Marketing, Criminal Lawyers Marketing, Over The Top SEO
Criminal Lawyers Marketing, Criminal Lawyers Marketing, Over The Top SEO
Small Law Firm Marketing

The amount of work that goes into getting a new law firm up and running is astronomical, but there is nothing more important to your firm than getting new clients. Having the plan to get them in the door should be your top priority. Research shows that many small law firms often have an ineffective marketing plan in place, whether it’s due to a poor understanding of how a solid marketing plan works, or due to a lack of time, many small firms aren’t reaching their potential because of poor marketing. It’s also important to keep in mind that marketing is not the same as advertising.


A solid marketing plan consists of much more than promotional television advertisements, radio commercials or direct mail. Marketing is a much more significant process, beginning with advertisement and reaching all the way to the development of new service offerings, and long-term strategy development. If you are a criminal defense lawyer, you probably chose the field because you love the work and you want to help people.


Criminal defense is a difficult legal specialty to have, but it is satisfying and meaningful work. Once upon a time a criminal attorney who was opening his private practice just had to practice law, but the times have changed. Today more than ever before, attorneys are facing fierce competition, both in the field of law and new marketing strategies that are being discovered almost daily. Marketing is of the utmost importance for any small law firm that is going to thrive and keep their doors open in the future.

Professional Criminal

Lawyers Marketing Services

How often do you remember the criminal attorney ads you see? I think it’s fair to say that most of us don’t remember most essential details such as what was being advertised, where the advertisement came from or any of the contact information. Very few remember ads, and if there does come a time that we need the service, we find the information required in a Google search. You need a marketing plan that will make your criminal law firm stand out from the rest!


After a person is arrested and faces criminal charges, you can bet the first thing they do is run to their computer or smartphone and research the charges they’re facing. They need to find the perfect attorney and they need to do so quickly. That’s the moment you need to be there for them, and that’s why you need a marketing plan that will keep you at the top of the search results. Research shows that a vast majority of people do not look at anything beyond the first page, so being at the top of the results is critical to your success.


It’s imperative to understand which marketing methods will work best for your firm, and why. For your criminal law firm website to bring in new business, it must rank well in Google and other search engine providers. For that to happen, it needs to have content that targets the proper keywords and locations. However, keywords aren’t the only thing you will need for success; there are quite a few other ways to get your business name out there when it comes to search engine optimization and criminal law firm internet marketing.


You also need to show through your advertisements that you have the experience it takes to help your client with the conviction they are facing and that you will know how to defend them in court. The best way to show this is through a responsive, easy to navigate website. Successful marketing strategies have focused marketing messages highlighting the benefits of using your expertise to help them win their court case.


Having a successful marketing plan means arming yourself with all the tools needed to have the most visible footprint online. If you want to be seen online, there’s a lot to do and a lot to keep track of. Partnering with an expert marketing firm can make things easier to manage, and allow you to focus on what’s most important – your clients.


Some of the most critical marketing tools include:

Set up of your firm’s website

Setting up a blog

Social media advertising

SEO tools and search engine optimization

Ads- both online & print

Email marketing campaign

Criminal Lawyers Marketing, Criminal Lawyers Marketing, Over The Top SEO
Content Creation

Creating memorable content that stands out above the rest is the name of the game. Hiring a marketing firm with an experienced content team who can create customized content is a great idea. You’ll want to pick a firm that can fluently write on a variety of legal topics to attract your target audience.


Very few small criminal law firms have a planned out and documented content marketing strate-gy, despite research studies showing those who develop their content marketing plans are more likely to achieve success. This kind of writing will urge your audience to trust you on providing authentic information on law-related topics. You’ll want to make sure your content is well formatted and looks good on a mobile device as well. If a potential client visits your site on their phone and finds it easy to navigate, they are far more likely to stay longer and continue researching your firm.


Advertising There are numerous ways to advertise and market your criminal law firm, and while they can be hard to dial in, they can be hugely profitable. You can advertise on search engines, social media sites, and individual websites, however, fine-tuning your ads for your budget is an art all of its own.

Criminal Lawyers Marketing, Criminal Lawyers Marketing, Over The Top SEO
Criminal Lawyers Marketing, Criminal Lawyers Marketing, Over The Top SEO
What To Do When You Need Criminal Lawyers Marketing Help

If you’re overwhelmed by all of this information, then the best way to succeed in your marketing goals and implement a winning, effective, efficient advertising campaign is likely to hire an outside firm or consultant. There are many marketing firms that specialize in this kind of legal marketing, but that doesn’t mean they all know what’s best for you.


Many large marketing firms will try to sell you on a one size fits all marketing platform that they claim is universal across all business sectors, but you know better than that. What works for one kind of business won’t work for yours. What works for one type of law won’t work for criminal law. Even what works for one law firm won’t necessarily work for yours. You need a marketing firm that will work with you to provide a specifically tailored marketing plan that is developed to work for your business and is narrowly focused on bringing the clients you want to see to your firm’s front door.


You need a marketing firm that will work with you on developing a marketing strategy that works for you and gets you to your business and professional goals and beyond. That’s why OverthetopSEO.com can work for you. We want to assist you in making sense of criminal law firm marketing and help ensure your desired success. We have the expertise and talent needed for successful online marketing and will help you grow your firm in every possible way. We’ll provide a comprehensive, efficient and effective marketing campaign that will provide you with maximum return on investment (ROI). You should focus on what you know: the law. You should focus on what’s important: your clients. Let us focus on our expertise: marketing.


We can create a plan that gets your firm’s name and website in front of the right eyes at the right time, helping you to stand out from the crowd and highlighting your strengths for your target client, showing them how your firm is best situated to assist them in their time of need. That’s the only way that your firm can reach its true potential and help those that truly need your services. That’s why you got into the criminal law field in the first place — to help your clients. Focus on that. And let us focus on getting them to see you and getting them to your front door.


You will not be disappointed in what we can do to optimize your marketing and get you the most bang for your buck. You can ask any of our other clients. 97% of them have chosen to stick with us and our services. We’re doing something right. We converted them, and we can help turn your target clients into your client base. We cannot wait to hear from you!

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  • Criminal Lawyers Marketing, Criminal Lawyers Marketing, Over The Top SEO
  • Criminal Lawyers Marketing, Criminal Lawyers Marketing, Over The Top SEO
  • Criminal Lawyers Marketing, Criminal Lawyers Marketing, Over The Top SEO
  • Criminal Lawyers Marketing, Criminal Lawyers Marketing, Over The Top SEO
  • Criminal Lawyers Marketing, Criminal Lawyers Marketing, Over The Top SEO
  • Criminal Lawyers Marketing, Criminal Lawyers Marketing, Over The Top SEO
  • Criminal Lawyers Marketing, Criminal Lawyers Marketing, Over The Top SEO
  • Criminal Lawyers Marketing, Criminal Lawyers Marketing, Over The Top SEO
  • Criminal Lawyers Marketing, Criminal Lawyers Marketing, Over The Top SEO
  • Criminal Lawyers Marketing, Criminal Lawyers Marketing, Over The Top SEO

    Después de contratar algunas empresas de SEO a lo largo de los años, con pocos o ningún resultado, decidí darle una oportunidad más. Aprendí sobre Over The Top SEO mientras investigaba las mejores compañías de construcción de enlaces en Google, y me encontré con su sitio web. Uno de sus empleados me presentó al fundador, Guy Sheetrit, e inmediatamente me di cuenta de que mi experiencia sería diferente. Guy parece tener un conocimiento de SEO que supera con creces el del 99% de las empresas de SEO con las que he tratado en el pasado, y los resultados hablan por sí mismos. Planeo usar sus servicios en los meses venideros.

  • Criminal Lawyers Marketing, Criminal Lawyers Marketing, Over The Top SEO

    Over The SEO Ninjas ha hecho cosas sobresalientes para el crecimiento de nuestro negocio y nuestra presencia online. Antes de trabajar con Over The Top, intentamos llevar a cabo nuestras propias campañas de PPC con resultados muy bajos (desperdiciando mucho dinero). Después de traer a Over The Top, que entiende nuestras necesidades y está muy atento, el teléfono suena sin parar. Gracias por ayudarnos a triplicar nuestros beneficios! Les damos el más alto respeto por su conjunto de habilidades y les recomendamos encarecidamente para la construcción de cualquier sitio web de la empresa y la presencia en línea.

  • Criminal Lawyers Marketing, Criminal Lawyers Marketing, Over The Top SEO

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  • Criminal Lawyers Marketing, Criminal Lawyers Marketing, Over The Top SEO

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  • Criminal Lawyers Marketing, Criminal Lawyers Marketing, Over The Top SEO

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  • Criminal Lawyers Marketing, Criminal Lawyers Marketing, Over The Top SEO

    Somos una compañía bastante grande en la industria de las autopartes y Over The Top SEO nos ayudó a crecer MUCHO en los últimos 2 años. Con gusto los recomendaríamos en cualquier momento y lugar.

  • Criminal Lawyers Marketing, Criminal Lawyers Marketing, Over The Top SEO

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  • Criminal Lawyers Marketing, Criminal Lawyers Marketing, Over The Top SEO

    Nos sorprendió mucho la forma en que Guy, Greg, Paul y el equipo de Over the top SEO trabaja, es la primera vez que alguien nos abre los ojos a lo que está sucediendo con nuestras campañas y nos involucra profundamente en el proceso, lo cual ahora entiendo la importancia de por qué lo hacen de la forma en que lo hacen, estamos con OTT desde hace más de 9 meses y estamos muy contentos con ellos, son la única empresa que nos proporcionó resultados en bruto constantemente.

  • Criminal Lawyers Marketing, Criminal Lawyers Marketing, Over The Top SEO

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  • Criminal Lawyers Marketing, Criminal Lawyers Marketing, Over The Top SEO

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