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Bonanza is one of the best alternatives

You have for managing and selling through an online store,

And it can complement and expand very nicely your already existing e-store presence.

Headquartered in Seattle, Washington, Bonanza is an online marketplace with a business model similar to eBay but with an emphasis on direct sells, and simplicity. By 2017, Bonanza confirms that it has fifteen million items on sale, listed by more than 30.000 active sellers.


With such a healthy and growing active community, Bonanza is a marvelous place for someone who already has an online store presence (such as products listed on eBay, Amazon, or Etsy) to expand their exposure by listings on the site. Also, Bonanza’s unique perspective on online marketing – Simplicity and Low Rates – makes the site very appealing to new sellers.


You can list items on the site without fees, and once you sell the fees required by the site are very low. By listing in Bonanza, you also gain the advantage of free distribution: Items posted on the site can be directly sent to a partnered platform (of which we’ll talk about more later) such as Google sellers and automatically have your product showing on their sites as well.


Finally, even if you don’t have prior experience with online sales, Bonanza makes it really easy to set up your store (called “booth” on the site) and start selling without too much hassle, setting up and benefitting from things like checkout options, coupons and deal implementations, etc.


However, just as any other online selling store out there, behind the scenes Bonanza’s platform is nothing more than a Search Engine. As such, it is vital you make sure to apply SEO for Bonanza strategies to make sure the site’s algorithms are constantly leading more and more people to find your store, come in contact with your products and convert those visits into sales.


To help you do that, we’ve compiled an easy to use beginner strategy of SEO for Bonanza. Things you can implement right now to make your Bonanza store be more prominently shown in search results, a factor that will also benefit your products listed on all of Bonanza’s partner sites.

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Investigación de palabras clave

Keyword research is the basis for any SEO implementation, and our SEO for Bonanza quest is no different. What keyword research entails is finding which words people are using right now on search engines (such as Google, Bing, or Yahoo) to find the kind of items you are selling.


Once you know what these keywords are, you will implement them all through your Bonanza listings, which will help search engines notice them better and show them more prominently when interested people enter their queries. The most easy-to-use and straightforward tool to do so comes from Google, in the way of Google’s Keyword Planner. Signing up and using the tool is completely free, which is a plus.


Just by using its two windows you can take your initial pool of keyword ideas (words you think people most often uses to find the kind of things you sell) and refine them through suggestions made by the tool to those that will most effectively drive people to your listings. Once you register and log into the Keyword planner you’ll see this window:

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Durante los últimos años hemos inspirado y motivado a propietarios de negocios, empresarios y profesionales de todo el mundo, y hemos diseñado aplicaciones que impulsan el conocimiento de la marca y la productividad. Sin embargo, nos dimos cuenta de que no podíamos ayudar a todo el mundo y la verdad es que no todo el mundo es nuestra pareja hecha en el cielo. Por lo tanto, sólo aceptamos nuevos clientes después de un extenso proceso de selección que nos ayuda a determinar si seremos un buen partido para el otro.

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Once there, you just input your starting keywords (1).

These will be very general words that by themselves are of little practical use because they are too broad or there’s too much competition for them. Say for example you are trying to sell some lamps. You could begin by a broad keyword such as “Lamp” but going a bit more specific, using what is called “longtail keywords” will serve better to refine your keyword research from the get-go. In my example, I’d go for something like “Reading Lamp” if that’s what I was trying to sell, instead of just “Lamp.”


Once you input your starting keyword, you have a section to refine your search parameters (2) which I highly recommend you to do. Focusing your search on a geographic zone you intend to service, or a specific language you want to cover will yield more accurate and usable results. Once you are done refining your search, click the Get Ideas button and it will show you the second screen.

This window is where the magic happens.

Not only do you get a list of longtail keywords suggestions, complete with their relevance, CPC, etc. on the Keyword Suggestions section (1). If you also set up an AdWords campaign, you also get a lot of information about the specific words you entered in the Search Data section (2) such as gender projections and the types of devices people are using to look those keywords up.


Your goal here is to run down all your initial keyword ideas and refine them using these criteria: You are looking for words with the high search volume, low competition, and as usual, longtail keywords over single keywords. Once you finish the process, you’ll have a list of effective, robust keyword to use on your Bonanza’s listing and start reaping the benefits. Let’s go over the places where you must use them and the best way to do so.

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, for Bonanza, Over The Top SEO

our SEO for Bonanza strategy continues on your product titles. Once you have your keywords selected and ready to go, you can take this simple formula to assist you in making the perfect product title: [Main Keyword] | [2 Keywords with high Search Volume] + [Value Prop] + [Style or Quantity when applicable] Select your primary keyword (this is the one on your list that has the most volume, least competition and best relates to your item) and use it at the beginning of the title.


Add a couple other keywords that enhance or provide further details on your product and a short “Value prop” or advertisement sentence that evokes on your potential customer the benefit of your product. Finally add details such as size and colors, etc., whenever applicable.


A few other considerations for your Title: Don’t use special Characters Don’t use All Caps Limit to 80 Characters Crafting titles like this has a twofold benefit, not only does it help search engines to find and prioritize your listing on search results, but it also makes sure your product will be listed on Bonanza’s feed partners, who would disqualify your items if their titling rules are not followed.

Item Categories

Categories are a very important feature implemented in Bonanza’s platform. Choosing your item’s categories will heavily influence when Bonanza’s algorithms prioritize or even consider your items on searches. It also influences the selection process of Bonanza’s feed partners, which is why it is an important step in our SEO for Bonanza map.


Do not gloss over this selection. Take your time and really consider what the most appropriate category to fit your product is. If you are not entirely sure or think your product belongs in two different categories, do a little research and determine in which category people normally lists items similar to yours. That will give you a pretty solid basis for your choice.


Keep in mind that in the interest of simplicity for the user, Bonanza’s platform has an option of “Guess my Category” but I’d recommend you use this feature only as a guide if you have no idea in which category your product would fit best. It is always better to use your criteria and knowledge of the product to select the best match as far as product categories go.

, for Bonanza, Over The Top SEO
, for Bonanza, Over The Top SEO
Bonanza Advertising & Feed Partners

Bonanza advertising and feed partners network is a powerful optional program which serves as one of the most attractive features of the platform. As such, it is a necessary point of interest in our SEO for Bonanza guide. This feature guarantees an increase in your product’s exposure with minimum effort.


Meaning that it would be foolish not to take advantage of it if you’ve decided to use Bonanza as one of your online e-commerce platforms. As I mentioned at the beginning, Bonanza has a network of partners sites. These sites include Google Shopping, Next Tag, Bing Ads and even eBay, which means you can cover a whole slew of sites and manage them from a central hub.


To access the advertising setup on Bonanza while on your seller dashboard, click on Advertising (1) on the left menu bar, and select Broadcaster (2) on the emerging menu. The remarkable thing about Bonanza’s advertising program is that it costs you nothing up front! No additional listing fee or payment needs to be made to set this up. Instead, the costs of this features come from when you make sells (be it in Bonanza or those partner platforms), and the different levels have incremental percentages of what the fee will be once you sell your products.


So as long as you factor in these increased costs on your product’s pricing, you can’t go wrong. Keep in mind though; there are several reasons why some partners won’t accept your products listings if some criteria aren’t met. This is why it is so important to cover all the bases below in order to guarantee you are getting the full benefits of the program, and having your listings enjoying the maximum exposure from this feature.

One of the reasons many listings get rejected on some of Bonanza’s partner sites have to do with improper titling. That’s why we touched on this at the beginning, some titling criteria have to be met for your products to even appear on those sites. For example, Google Sales never include titles that are typed in all caps or include special characters.As long as you follow our titling recommendations though, this won’t be an issue for you.

Product Identifiers

Another important characteristic when composing your listings, and something that will undoubtedly help your SEO for Bonanza, is the inclusion of the correct unique product identifiers.Things like the right barcodes for boxed products, ISBN numbers for books and similar. These details determine exactly what your product is, and are not only required by some of Bonanza’s feed partners but can also go a long way in helping the site’s search algorithms to catalog and display your listings accurately.
, for Bonanza, Over The Top SEO
, for Bonanza, Over The Top SEO
Main Product Photo

Your product’s primary photo should be a clean and crisp image, spotlighting your product on a white background. No advertisement copy should be included in there. Putting things like “Buy Now” or “Best Choice!” will only serve to disqualify you on specific feed partners. Concentrate your main photo in showcasing and clearly displaying your item.

Be thorough

As you create your listings, try not to ignore any of the fields requested by Bonanza, even those that are optional. Fields that you might initially think are not entirely necessary for your product, like gender, size, or color, are very useful to help search engines locate and catalog your items, and what’s more important, can serve your overall SEO for Bonanza strategy, helping you rank better and show to the relevant buyers.


Furthermore, individual bonanza seller partners will ignore items when they have blank fields they consider essential. Keep in mind that Bonanza’s algorithms will try and do their best to fill up blank spaces, and meet up any requirement feed partners might ask of your listings. However it will never top the care and attention of details you can readily work on them from the get-go, making the whole process that much more efficient and smoother, since the automated software is bound to miss a thing or two. Bonanza.com is an excellent choice for anybody looking to start or expand their online marketing presence.

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Hay tres razones para ello.

Analizamos y solucionamos los problemas de su sitio web.

Nuestro software le muestra exactamente lo que le pasó a su sitio y cuándo. Porque definir el problema es la mitad de la batalla para resolverlo.

As Certified Google Partners, We Play By The Rules.

Trabajamos contigo para darle a Google y a otros motores de búsqueda exactamente lo que quieren. Para ayudar a su sitio web a recuperarse de las penalidades, a tener un mejor posicionamiento en la búsqueda y a conseguir más clientes para su negocio. Y si nos encontró después de buscar en Google o en otro motor de búsqueda, ha demostrado por sí mismo que nuestros métodos de SEO funcionan.

Nadie más tiene nuestro sistema.

El sol literalmente nunca se pone en nuestro equipo, porque somos globales. Y nadie más tiene nuestros sistemas. Eso te da una ventaja única al trabajar con nosotros, y con nadie más.

Even though it doesn’t have as big a pool of users as other sites like eBay

their feed partners programs and simplicity of setup make them the right platform for you, managing to reach your products onto many potential buyer’s eyes. It is also an excellent choice to sort of echo your listings through a bunch of platforms with relative ease.


One of my favorite features is how you can automatically import or export things to and from eBay, if you happen to be already selling on that site. Imported items sold on Bonanza will change the inventory availability on eBay automatically and vice versa, which makes the site a great option to be your center online selling hub. SEO is a far-reaching and extensive subject, but its effects are clearly noticeable once you start implementing them on your selling platforms. And although we have covered many great SEO for Bonanza strategies you can apply from day 1, other, more advanced strategies can take your small, hobby online store, into a potent money-making asset.


However, covering all there is to do as far as SEO optimization goes might be daunting, especially if you have big plans and expectations for it. Always remember that contacting and enlisting the help of SEO experts can take the setup time and learning curve away from the equation, and have you enjoying the benefits of robust, professionally tailored SEO strategies for your online platform.

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    Después de contratar algunas empresas de SEO a lo largo de los años, con pocos o ningún resultado, decidí darle una oportunidad más. Aprendí sobre Over The Top SEO mientras investigaba las mejores compañías de construcción de enlaces en Google, y me encontré con su sitio web. Uno de sus empleados me presentó al fundador, Guy Sheetrit, e inmediatamente me di cuenta de que mi experiencia sería diferente. Guy parece tener un conocimiento de SEO que supera con creces el del 99% de las empresas de SEO con las que he tratado en el pasado, y los resultados hablan por sí mismos. Planeo usar sus servicios en los meses venideros.

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    Somos una compañía bastante grande en la industria de las autopartes y Over The Top SEO nos ayudó a crecer MUCHO en los últimos 2 años. Con gusto los recomendaríamos en cualquier momento y lugar.

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    Esta compañía es probablemente la mejor que hemos encontrado hasta ahora, hemos estado sufriendo de pobres expertos "SEO" por 5 compañías que son conocidas por ahí y sin embargo todas fallan en cumplir y prometen en exceso el cielo. Con el exceso de la cima tuvimos literalmente un 100% de interacción en nuestra campaña, fuimos una parte activa del proceso y todavía estamos siempre en el bucle. Finalmente vimos resultados después de varios meses con un crecimiento continuo de las ventas. Estamos muy contentos de haber conocido a Guy y su equipo de profesionales, y no vamos a ninguna parte.

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