Essentials of Building a Successful Brand Identity

Essentials of Building a Successful Brand Identity

Creating a successful brand identity is not a one day task. It takes years of effort to reach the minds and hearts of customers.

Most of the successful brands have some characteristics in common like complete understanding of the target audience, uniqueness of the USP, passion to do something, consistency in delivering brand promise, knowledge of the existing competition and adequate brand exposure across every channel.

Here are some essentials that every organization should have in order to become successful:

Capture Feedback

By taking the feedback you can easily find out what your customers are thinking about your brand and what measures you can take to make it better.

  • You can easily identify customers who are not happy.
  • You can solve the problems of your unhappy customers by using their feedback and stop the problems from happening again.
  • Get advice from customers related to your product or services that you deliver.
  • Increase customer satisfaction which in turn will help you in building a healthy business relationship.

Without authentic feedback, you won’t be able to measure the level of customer satisfaction.

Make Your Brand Stand out

Make your brand stand out by adding logos and color palettes that will capture your brand’s essence and increase transparency. Transparency can help you in making your brand stand out.  

Understanding: The best brands are those that understand their target audience. You should create content that is relevant to only your target audience persona like if you are targeting parents you may mention a common parenting problem.

Consistency: If the standards of your brand are not defined clearly then you may end up alienating your audience. The objective here is to get your followers and readers to stick around as long as possible, however, to do that, you have to give them a sense of recognition and consistency.

Visibility: Make your brand as visible as possible. Your customers won’t be able to respond you if your brands are not visible to them.

Offer more value than your competitors to make your brand stand out by simply offering better quality products and services.

Be There When Your Customer Needs You

Your brand should follow an omnichannel strategy to interact with audiences personally. This will allow the customers to remain connected with your brand no matter which channels or devices they are using.

You should have a strong presence on local channels. An effective Google Maps marketing strategy can be a great help in this regard. It will allow you to rank locally for micro-moment relevant keywords for a dominating web presence.

It is true that you cannot control the customer behavior so you need to practice the art of availability by making use of both social and offline channels to guide the customers as and when needed.  

Keep Your Promises

Avoid making promises that you can’t keep. Customers expect consistency, and if you make a promise you can’t follow, that will be made apparent. Ensure to stay consistent on what you can and can’t provide.

Making false promises will drive your customers away from you so it’s important that you should keep your promises to make your business a powerful one.

Below given are tips that you should keep in mind when designing promises with your customers:

Keep your brand promise unique: Make a promise in a unique way that your customers are least expecting. Avoid making promises like ‘great service’ or ‘fast delivery’ as they are too common and boring.

Keep it simple: Your customers should easily understand what you are promising. Get directly to the point and avoid making it too fluffy.

Simple always win rather than complicated.

Make it consistent: It simply means that you need to be reliable when delivering brand promise to your customers. If you promise quick service then it’s important that you must always deliver quick service.

Whenever you make any decision related to your new products ensure that you put your customers in the forefront.

If followed and understood properly the above-given steps will help you in boosting your brand loyalty to a great extent.