Five Powerful Resources to Learn SEO

Five Powerful Resources to Learn SEO

When you first search the web on the hunt for resources to learn SEO, it’s easy to become intimidated. SEO is a complex field with a large amount of nuance and depth. It’s not uncommon for people to be put off by in-depth articles concerning advanced SEO topics and loaded to the brim with specific terminology.

We’ll be avoiding that in this article.

Below we have a list of five resources you can use to kickstart this fascinating and fast-moving world. These resources will give you a foundation of understanding with which to get started.

Thanks to the open nature of the internet, as long as you have the drive to learn you’ll be able to find just about all the information you need to train yourself on SEO. That’s not to say formal learning or learning services don’t have value – but don’t let yourself think you have to break the bank to get started with SEO.

1. Webmaster World

We’re putting Webmaster World at the top of the list for a specific reason: concise content.

It’s not uncommon in the SEO world for articles to be full of “waft” – long, rambling pieces that convey their information in far more words than needed. This can be particularly frustrating for a beginner who needs to have their information presented in a straightforward way.

We also like how Webmaster World presents its content in a format where it’s easy to read and then talk about. You can read your article and then immediately view the responses, criticisms, and commendations from the community within the site. That’s a great way to get a real sense of the quality of the content the article has provided, not to mention a further opportunity to get more information in the form of tips or notes against specific points.

That said, you will need to pay to subscribe to the website and the community. We feel it’s a worthwhile purchase. It isn’t an exorbitant fee and for the quality of the community and articles, it’s a sound investment.

2. Moz

Previously known as SEOMoz, it’s similar to Webmaster World in that it is an old and established community. There are article submissions and discussions from very respected and reputable figures within the world of online and digital marketing.

The community encourages a very open and supportive mode of discussion. That’s great for beginners who can get involved with the MOZ community without feeling awkward about their lack of knowledge. You’ll find that the older hands are very willing to discuss basic ideas and tips with beginners in a way that can help lift them up and get them started with SEO.

You’ll also need to pay to get the best out of the MOZ community, namely by subscribing to a Pro membership. Again, the quality of the website and the support you can expect to receive makes it a worthwhile purchase in our eyes if you really want to learn SEO.

It’s also worth noting that they maintain a list of free guides and a very informative page you can access without requiring the Pro membership. It’s a great place to start before you commit to spending money.

3. SEO Book

If you’re serious in your quest to learn SEO, you’re going to come across the name Aaron Wall sooner or later.

The man is a giant within the world of SEO marketing and has been ranking sites and learning the intricacies of the SEO world since its inception. With a very refreshing and candid approach, his articles give a devastatingly accurate insight into the topic being discussed. Truly an expert among experts, his blog is a fascinating glimpse of the mind of an SEO professional who has followed the evolution of the SEO scene all the way from its formative stages to its current state.

The SEO Book website has some particularly useful training and resource offerings, with a section where you can watch videos and access a link to the SEO Book community forum.

As we’ve mentioned above, be very careful about what you’ll part your money for. As a beginner, you won’t need too much information to get started at the most basic level. Good sales talk is all too easy to fall for and before you know it you might find yourself out of pocket with little value gained.

That said, we recommend taking a look at SEO Book and seeing what it can do for you. If there is a particular paid item that you feel would really help you further then by all means invest in it and make the best use of the content.

4. The original blueprint of Google

This is a fascinating read. Specifically termed “The Anatomy of a Large-Scale Hypertextual Web Search Engine”, this is the very first document that describes the foundation of Google’s search engine.

The Ph.D. brainchild of Larry Page and Sergey Brin while at Stanford University, this document describes the basics of their first iteration of the Google search engine and describes the initial trends observed in regard to internet use.

While Google has since outgrown the scope of this original document, this is a real piece of history and still a very useful learning tool. The document describes the basics of search engines and Google’s initial PageRank system. Although the information is outdated by now, you’ll pick up a very interesting understanding of the basic concepts of search engines. That information can have genuine use in being a glue of sorts to help link together different concepts – having a basic foundational understanding as you’ll get from this document is incredibly useful.

5. SEO Industry Experts

When it comes to learning SEO, learning from SEO industry experts is a great option. These professional SEO experts have dedicated their careers to understanding search engine algorithms, staying up-to-date with the latest trends, and providing strategic insights to help businesses succeed in the digital landscape. By following leading SEO professionals on platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn, you can gain fresh, sound, and strategic SEO insights that can elevate your skills to new heights.