How Good are Fiverr SEO Services?

How Good are Fiverr SEO Services?


How Good are Fiverr SEO Services?

Budget can be a nuisance at the best of times, as anyone who has run a campaign or managed a marketing team will know.

It’s sometimes the wonderful case where a glaring inefficiency can be resolved, saving cost and retaining value.

It’s also the case where a few pennies saved can drastically cut the quality of an important function. The consequences of budget mismanagement can be catastrophic.

We’ll be going over the subject of Fiverr SEO services and its usefulness today.

As the name implies, Fiverr is a website where users can put up jobs or “gigs” in exchange for five dollars.

Shooting to popularity some years ago, Fiverr now retains its place in the web as a go to for many people seeking a variety of services for a low price. These can range from hiring someone to sing happy birthday for you to professional logo design.

Its place in SEO is questionable however.

Some functions are too critical and require a skilled professional that will never stoop so low as to work for a “fiver”. Others are less black and white and could be the right kind of service to source cheaply.

Let’s go over some do’s and don’ts when it comes to Fiverr SEO. We’ll start with what to avoid.

Automation of links

We know for a fact that Google still puts good recognition on back links. This is an integral part of SEO and if your site is heavy on this you will likely be ranking well amongst your competitors.

It’s best to avoid this with Fiverr. The pitch will be that they will build you automated links that will help your SERPs.

This is a huge risk, as many will use outright black hat techniques in order to maximize their profit and minimize actual time spent. This can have enormous consequences for your page and can result in severe penalties all in the name of saving a few dollars.

We strongly recommend avoiding this service on Fiverr. You’d have to be mad to say yes, or at least have a page that you aren’t relying on to stay ranked. If that’s the case, go nuts!

The back links providers

This is the biggest culprit when it comes to Fiverr SEO services fiascos. It can’t be stated enough – don’t use this.

The pitch on Fiverr is that they will offer you a massive one thousand back links to help improve your ratings. This isn’t a natural process for any website to follow and you’re in real danger of messing your site up in a serious way should you make use of such a service.

Don’t ever make use of this on Fiverr. It’s a shady practice that will easily be recognized and punished by Google. You’re also very unlikely to be able to prove what work has been done on your site – who is going to want to consult with you on your plans and their performance as well as deliver back links for a total of five dollars?

Penguin will catch on instantly if you use this practice – steer clear. White hat, accurate SEO work and organic natural links are the way forward. Don’t compromise!

Page one rankings – as if by magic

You might have heard of this one before!

The age-old promise (with little to back it up) of getting your site on the first page of Google. Not all dissimilar from the shady used car salesmen trope, this offer is suspect even when you aren’t charging a fiver for it!

Regardless of the poor quality of SEO you’ll get for five dollars you should always keep in mind the fact that no SEO professional worth their salt is ever going to guarantee page one rankings.

What they will do is consult with you and submit a detailed plan of work and advise of how soon you can expect results to roll in. You’ll never get this on Fiverr.

Proper keywords, back links, domain authority and more combine to give SEO success. Don’t have your efforts and money wasted on a crafty individual offering the world for five dollars. It almost sounds like a fable it’s so far fetched.

Fiverr does have a system where you can pay extra for a service but it’s never on a large scale. You won’t find consultative work of high quality that is suitable for critical business functions on the site.

So what is it good for?

There are a few tasks that are useful to a marketer or SEO that you can delegate to Fiverr.

These tend to be towards visuals and low level jobs that aren’t going to sink your project or site if mishandled.

Logo design and graphics work

You’d be surprised at the amount of genuinely skilled designers that are on Fiverr. It’s a great location for minor work or start-ups to help build portfolio. A lot of gigs out there are suitable for details such as e-book covers and banners or even Photoshop work.

Be sure that you double check that your work is not stolen and is fully copyright free and you’ll be good to go.

While logo design falls into its own section, we’re including it here. You can make use of Fiverr logo gigs for a small site or beginner blog. You can send the job to a few different designers and only be out of pocket a small amount with a good chance of a logo you’ll like being made for you.


One of the better Fiverr offerings. For a low price you can get anything you like crawled or scraped. There are of course a number of uses for this which can help your SEO on a greater scale.

Data entry

Another great task to outsource. Fiverr is a good choice for such manual work. There are actually many people willing to spend their time in return for a paid gig.


Having a stranger proofread your work for low cost might be a bit unnerving. However, it’s still possible to get good results and extra surety from a proofreading gig. This can help polish your site content among other things.

So what’s the verdict?

Don’t risk your key SEO functions that need consistent monitoring and skill on Fiverr. Keep in mind that SEO is an ongoing and evaluative process. It means that you will never be able to fully outsource it for such a low price.

Also keep in mind that many who promise such work for a low price will resort to highly dangerous black hat techniques to make it worth their while. It simply isn’t worth the risk.

Minor tasks that you would like to “automate” for a low cost as discussed above are fair game as Fiverr SEO services go. You can make your life easier in small ways with it. You might just be surprised how much use you can make out of it – all without breaking the bank.

Just keep it small and don’t rely on it too much!