3 Reasons To Focus on Customer Retention For eCommerce Business

3 Reasons To Focus on Customer Retention For eCommerce Business

Most e-commerce firms prioritize attracting new consumers, as they should, but failing to take care of your current clientele is a typical and expensive mistake. Marketing to your present customers allows you to reach potential customers who may have moved on while also drastically reducing your marketing expenses.

You may increase your sales and increase your revenue in e-commerce marketing by learning more about retention. This strategy is low-cost and highly rewarding. The best part is that these clients have already been located, are aware of your brand, and are much more likely to convert than newcomers.

What is Customer Retention? 

Customer loyalty, or an organization’s capacity to retain customers over time, is measured by a metric called customer retention. Consumer retention can represent or forecast customer satisfaction, repurchase behavior, customer involvement, and emotional links to a brand in addition to counting the number of devoted customers.

Customer retention numbers are tied to the first transaction made by a customer and include all future contacts, whereas customer relationships often start with an initial engagement.

Organizations can use this feedback after customer retention has been assessed to do data analysis on aspects of customer success and customer experience. As an illustration, if a decline in client retention is noted, a company can use this information to determine the fundamental cause and modify its product offers.

Because it costs significantly more to acquire new clients than it does to keep existing ones, customer retention is crucial. Additionally, returning consumers are more likely to participate in word-of-mouth advertising or serve as brand ambassadors.

Why is it crucial for firms to retain customers?

An organization risks losing out on recurring business if it does not prioritize customer retention and instead just concentrates on growing its client base. Although the procedure for acquiring new clients, also known as customer acquisition, is crucial, it is also far more expensive. Gaining new clients is crucial, but so is keeping existing ones and turning them into loyal patrons

3 Reasons to Focus on Retention Marketing

  • Outstanding ROI: 

Your ROI will be impacted favorably by the cheap cost and high success combo. Your company will still experience significant profits even if retention is only a small component of the entire e-commerce marketing strategy. Harvard Business Review claims that increasing your retention rate by just 5% can increase your profitability by at least 75%. This percentage can reach 95% for certain brands, yielding a large return on investment for your retention-focused initiatives and programs.

  • Affordability:

Your marketing expenses automatically decrease, sometimes significantly, when you sell to and satisfy an existing customer. According to OTT, selling to a repeat client can save you up to five times as much money as finding a new consumer who isn’t familiar with your e-commerce brand.

Programs to keep customers can also help you make more money overall by giving you more opportunities to sell without raising your prices.

  • High success rates:

You can increase your overall conversion rates by focusing a portion of your e-commerce marketing strategy on returning consumers since they are more likely to make another purchase. Your current customers are five times more likely to make another purchase from you and seven times more inclined to try your newest product, according to OTT.

The market for new holiday launches, new product releases, and more is already created when you develop strong relationships with your previous consumers. It is much simpler to connect with and resell to prior consumers because they are already familiar with your brand and products.

Importance of Customer Retention

Three Strategies for Customer Retention

How can you build a segment for your e-commerce marketing activities and benefit from client retention? maintaining contact with your clients. With exclusive benefits and activities reserved especially for them, you can show your customers how much you care about them. By rewarding your clients, you will increase their loyalty, which will be extremely beneficial to your brand.

  • Let clients know you value them

Follow up with intention. Reconnecting with a customer to express gratitude for their patronage and check on their happiness will also help them feel valued. Several approaches to this include:

  • A brief thank-you note on your social media accounts.
  • Free shipping on their subsequent order to demonstrate your appreciation for their business.
  • The handwritten message of gratitude is delivered with each order.

A customer’s decision to patronize a small business has an impact on the owners and employees of that company. Customers will return frequently when you remind them of how important they are to you because it is a far more personal engagement. The majority of customers will choose the brand that acknowledges and values their purchases over an anonymous large box store if that is their other choice.

  • Engaging and Staying in Touch

You have two options: either simply execute the order and hope for the best, or make a concerted effort to interact with your clients after the sale. There are many tools available to you, and most of them are cheap and simple to use, like DataQ. Use social media or targeted email marketing to engage with customers and help them remember and connect with you. A quick follow-up email or message after an order has been filled might show your customer that you are interested in them. Additionally, focusing on their experience by asking for feedback without the salesy talk will build good sentiment. Without incurring significant expenses, regular touchpoints can strengthen your relationships.

  • Offer Special Perks

If you’ve ever gotten an email advertising exclusive VIP discounts or a deal for current customers, you understand how alluring this kind of campaign is. Making repeat customers feel unique by providing an exclusive bonus for “insiders only” enhances the likelihood that they will make another purchase. Sales can be increased immediately and over time by targeting a group of returning customers and making them an exclusive offer.

Even while you should always look to expand your clientele, investing time in your current clientele has numerous benefits. You can benefit from the higher ROI and profitability that only repeat clients can offer for a comparatively small investment.