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Domain authority and page authority

These days, websites are all about reputation. They’re about trust.

How can you tell whether your website has a ‘good’ reputation? How can you find out if people ‘trust’ your website, compared to those of your competitors?

In SEO, we use ‘domain authority’ and ‘page authority’ checkers to do this job.

Here at Over The Top SEO, we specialize in creating our own industry-leading tools to do jobs such as these.

You’d expect us to have our own domain authority checking software, and you’d be right.


But what is ‘domain authority’?

Basically, your website’s ‘domain authority’ is a statistical measure of relevance. ‘Domain authority’ measures how relevant your website is, relative to those of your competitors. If you’re in the business of selling men’s fragrances, a domain authority check will measure how ‘trustworthy’, ‘relevant’, and ‘detailed’ the information about men’s fragrances is on your site.

This is a measure of ‘quality’, not just quantity. You might have millions of words on your website, but if they’re not ‘useful’ to a site visitor because they’re not all that informative, your domain authority will suffer. And that means you’ll rank lower in Google.


What affects domain authority?

There are a range of key factors that affect domain authority. First, there’s the quality of information, as we mentioned above. Then, there’s the quality of in-bound links. The more your website is ‘linked to’ by other, high-authority websites, the higher your domain authority. As your common sense would tell you, it’s better to be ‘linked to’ by the New York Times than by the National Enquirer, because the information you find in the New York Times can be said to have a higher ‘authority’. It’s more believable and it’s more respected.

The quality of your authors also affects domain authority. If the people writing for your website are well-known and widely published, particularly in high-end, respected publications or on highly regarded websites, that will raise your domain authority.

The competitive situation in your sector will also affect your domain authority. In a highly competitive sector, such as financial services (or SEO), you have to compete hard to gain an edge in domain authority. You do that by ensuring you have the highest quality information possible, with the most respected authors. This will ensure those precious in-bound links keep coming.


What about ‘page authority’?

Essentially, ‘page authority’ measures the relevance of a particular page on your website. It scores a particular page using similar criteria to your website’s overall domain authority, but does so only for a single page. If that page, which might be an article or topic treatment on your site, is referenced more than other pages on your site, it’ll have a higher ‘page authority’ than other pages on that site.

The more pages you have with higher page authority, the higher your domain’s aggregate domain authority. This means that it’s not enough to make your overall website an authority in a particular area or sector. You need to look at each individual page carefully and make it the very best it can possibly be.

Here at Over The Top SEO we have our own proprietary metrics for both domain authority and page authority. We specialize in making your site, and its individual pages, the best they can be. Our job is to make your site a ‘go-to’ authority in its sector, through brilliant and insightful content that’s well-researched, original, and new.

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