Gaming & Esports Sponsorships Management

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Gaming and Esports Sponsorships Management

Our Vision For The Industry

At OTT, we have a code that sets us apart from most other companies in our industry: Commit 100% to what you do, anticipate and overcome the competition, and don’t stop until you reach the top.

Then find yourself new heights, and keep climbing.

It’s a mindset we see reflected in most professional competitive gamers out there, and the catalyst that led us to create our gaming and esports sponsorship initiative. And just like with everything else we do, we make sure our sponsorships live up to our name.

History is filled with ideas that grew beyond their initial stance as hobbies or casual pastimes into world-changing milestones – And the growing gaming culture is proof of that.

What began with a monochrome table tennis simulation now includes massive competitions like the League Championship – An event whose latest outing encompassed 16 languages, over 20 different platforms, and 44 million peak concurrent viewers.

And behind that growth in both scope and production quality that the competitive and game-streaming scenes are going through, there are thousands of skilled, passionate gamers dedicated to the medium – and the companies that stand behind them, helping them achieve their dreams.

While other brands settle for running cut-in ads and having their rotating logos appear now and again on Twitch, we see this shift in the culture as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

An opportunity to collaborate with streamers, competitive players, and esports competitions to create amazing content, break barriers, and reach all audiences that share our passion, our drive, and our love for video games.

That is the vision you could be a part of.

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We have inspired and motivated business owners, entrepreneurs, and professionals around the world for the past few years, and we’ve designed apps that both boost brand awareness and drives productivity off the charts. However, we realized that we couldn’t help everyone. and the truth is not everyone is our match made in heaven. Therefore, we only accept new clients after an extensive screening process that helps us determine whether we will be a good fit for each other.

Gaming and Esports Sponsorships Management
What OTT’s Gaming Sponsorships Bring to the Table

The world is waking up to the profound significance, and massive potential gaming and esports can deliver to everyone. How they can serve as platforms to inspire people and bring them together; to create meaningful engagement and facilitate connecting with others.

However, unlike most other brands out there, frantically chasing the “gaming boom, our interest lies in setting trends that leave a mark in the industry and build a lasting legacy. We seek to innovate the way in which sponsors help their partners, by focusing our approach toward enhanced content creation and novel activations, rather than mere quick exposure.

For that, we exclusively want professional gamers in our team that can push the boundaries of performance to reach their true potential, and we provide a support ecosystem built around key industry connections with leagues, brands, and publishers to make it happen.

Just like it is with traditional sports, we want our top professional players to earn six-figures-and-up salaries through team contracts, sponsorship and commercial deals, and tournament winnings. And we want to partner up with those skilled and deserving enough to make it happen.

But above all, what we want is true gamers. Passionate about the work they do and capable of delivering world-class esports and game-content creation experiences.

Together, we can bring these experiences to hardcore and mainstream audiences alike, reach key partners, and help the industry and hobby grow as a whole.

Are you up to the task?

Our Approach to the Scene

Gamers are passionate and creative by nature, prone to devoting themselves to playing and improving themselves while innovating to achieve their objective. We strive to create sponsoring structures that support and draw from that core premise, creating campaigns that follow that same level of craftsmanship and intent.

When it comes to gaming, OTT wants to partner with the influencers, content creators, and sports teams poised to dominate the industry at every level.

Esports Leagues and Tournament Sponsorships

One of our primary focuses is establishing sponsorships across specific esports leagues and tournaments. These partnerships are aimed at the highest levels of performance in competitive gaming – Think Dreamhack, and you’ll get the picture.

We are heavily invested in developing these brand and cross-platform partnerships within the high-end esports world, and make sure our partners have everything they need to dominate them.

Esports Team Sponsorships

Arguably the most recognized avenue for esports partnerships, we are committed to expanding our portfolio of official team sponsorships. We want teams that reflect our organization’s core principles and are worthy of carrying our brand wherever they go to compete.

With industry-leading deals meant to support our partners and push the esports scene forward, OTT is committed to the progression and expansion of professional gaming in all its forms.

So, we are proud to partner with competitive esports teams that see the world as their arena and are constantly going out there ready to conquer it.

Individual Player / Professional Streamer Sponsorships

Just as traditional sports personalities have individual sponsorship beyond their team’s endorsement, we are interested in partnering with individual esports athletes and professional streamers in the industry.

OTT’s streamer program is designed to adapt to gamers ranging from the “up-and-coming streamer” all the way to the “well-established content creator” or influencer level. If you are competitive, driven, eager to improve and grow, and motivated enough to reach the top, this program is for you.

However, with over 2.2 million gamers sharing their content on Twitch every month, the competition is fierce – Only the bests are the right fit for our brand.

Ready to Secure our Brand’s Partnership and Become An OTT-Sponsored Gamer? Might Not Be as Simple…

As we mentioned at the beginning, when you are with us, you get the full support of a huge marketing brand powering-up your gaming career. However, that’s easier said than done.

Due to the nature of the industry, we have to be very selective to whom we open our doors to, only letting deserving partners in.

Before talking about sponsorship potential, we perform a full vetting process and SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) to make sure we are partnering with the right gamer for the job.

If you think you got what it takes to make it big in the majors, then, by all means, get in touch. We’ll talk and see how it goes.

Gaming and Esports Sponsorships Management

Gaming and Esports Q&A

Due to the growing popularity of the competitive gaming scene and esports sponsorships in general, there’s also a lot of interest surrounding the topic – as well as a lot of misinformation.

So, we talked it over with the boys at content and had them put together a quick resource tackling the most common questions on the matter. You are welcome.

What Do Esports Sponsors Do?

Sponsors enter into partnerships with people participating in the industry – esports teams, individual esports athletes, gaming streamers, and influencers – as a marketing strategy.

Sponsors associate their brand to these teams and gamers to help their content creation and competitive gaming efforts. It’s a mutually beneficial relationship where the brand gets marketing benefits like increasing brand exposure, build customer loyalty, and unique opportunities for promotion. The sponsees, in turn, gain the sponsoring company as a financing source, and other related benefits like obtaining gear, networking opportunities, etc.

How Do You Become a Sponsored Gamer? / How Do I Get Sponsored for PUBG? (Or Any Other Game, for That Matter)

You start by building your brand recognition and public image – which can take a myriad of forms.

Participating and winning in tournaments, cultivating an online following, streaming, joining a high-profile team, creating gaming-related content… The list goes on.

Once you have achieved a given level of notoriety – what the “necessary” level is will vary from sponsor to sponsor – you can reach out to esports sponsor companies and try to establish a relationship with them to gauge interest and eventually make a deal.

Having said all that, the foundations on which you build these things are your skills and personality. Start by nurturing both, and you’ll have a much better chance of reaching your goal faster.

How Much Is an Esports Team Worth?

It depends on the team. Right now, the top 5 most valuable esports companies/teams around the world seem to be:

#5 OpTic Gaming – Owned by Infinite Esports & Entertainment. Valued around the $130 Mil. mark.

#4 Echo Fox – Owned by Vision Venture Partners. Valued around the $150 Mil. mark.

#3 Team Liquid – Owned by aXiomatic. Valued around the $200 Mil. mark.

#2 Team SoloMid – Owned by Andy Dinh. Valued around the $250 Mil. mark.

#1 Cloud9 – Owned by Jack and Paullie Etienne. Valued around the $310 Mil. mark.

What Does the E in Esports Stand For?

The “E” in esports stands for “electronic.” Also known as electronic sports, eSports, or e-sport, the word and its variations are used to refer to competitive or professional video gaming in all its forms.

Esports is a form of competition using video game systems as a platform, usually involving teams of professional players facing in elimination matches to determine the best performer in a given video game.

How Much Do Esports Sponsors Pay Gamers? / What Does a Sponsor Pay For?

In a nutshell, a sponsor pays for the privilege of associating their brand to a particular esports athlete or professional gamer.

Each deal is different and mostly tailored to each specific partnership. In general, the professional gamer receives some form of monetary compensation (whether direct in the form of money, or indirect in the form of equipment and other benefits) in exchange of providing the sponsor’s brand with opportunities for marketing – Which can be as simple as wearing their logo on their shirt, or as involved as creating exclusive branded content for them.

How Do I Start an Esports Team?

Most of the process of starting an esports team is rather straightforward: You put your team together, choose a game to specialize in, settle yourself and teammates in a specific location for training, and starts making appearances in tournaments (online or otherwise.)

After that, it’s a matter of skills and performance to gain notoriety and recognition to help establish your team as a brand.

Who Is the Highest Paid Pro Gamer?

Currently, the top 5 most valued esports pro gamers are:

#5 Ivan Ivanov, @LiquidMinD_ctrl – Member of Team Liquid, with net earnings around the $3.6 million mark.

#4 Johan Sundstein, @OG_BDN0tail – Original founder of Team OG, with net earnings around the $3.7 million mark.

#3 Amer Al-Barkawi, @Liquid_Miracle – Member of Team Liquid, with net earnings around the $3.8 million mark.

#2 Kuro Takhasomi, @LiquidKuroKy – Member of Team Liquid, with net earnings around the $4.3 million mark.

#1 Tyler Blevins, @Ninja – Professional streamer, with a net worth around the $15 million mark.

Is Esports a Billion Dollars Industry?

Yes, and it is growing.

Back in 2018, the esports industry’s total revenues reached $869 million. By early 2022, it was slated to hit the $1.1 billion mark; a marked 27% increase from the previous year due to increased revenue generated from advertising, sponsorships, and media rights.

It is projected to reach the 2.96 billion mark by 2022.

Is Esports Bigger Than Football?

It is arguably one of the world’s fastest-growing sports and the first sport outside of soccer that is truly global. It is estimated that by 2022, esports as a whole will have a bigger viewership than the NFL.

What Are the Biggest Esports Games?

It is not a static roster, as new contenders are usually raising in popularity to earn a spot in the top 10. Currently, some of the most popular games in esports are:

How Do Pro Gamers Make Money?

Professional video gamers can generate revenue in a number of ways. Their three primary sources of revenue usually are:

Pro gamers that belong to a team usually get a salary as well for their work.

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