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Stop bending over backward to get more calls or walk-ins looking for your services. Make your sole focus providing a quality service to your customers, and let us handle the rest.

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Stop Running Around

Most businesses struggling in the garage door niche share an underlying problem that has nothing to do with the quality of their services: A lack of an updated, robust marketing strategy.


It’s the main reason why most companies like yours are scratching to stay afloat when they should be expanding.


The fact is that the old way of doing things is long gone. The faster you accept that and do something about it, the faster you can turn the tables around.


There are plenty of clients out there looking for your services right now, but you need to be where they are. Otherwise, you can bet your competitors will be.

What Will It Take You To Rank Higher?
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We have inspired and motivated business owners, entrepreneurs, and professionals around the world for the past few years, and we’ve designed apps that both boost brand awareness and drives productivity off the charts. However, we realized that we couldn’t help everyone. and the truth is not everyone is our match made in heaven. Therefore, we only accept new clients after an extensive screening process that helps us determine whether we will be a good fit for each other.

What are the Challenges?

Few other SEO firms of our scope can boast a similar understanding of the garage door business like ours. Right now, there are more garage door installation projects within your area than you could tend to in a decade. Each one bound to need your services at multiple points within that time; enough to guarantee a constant and healthy stream of clients knocking on your door. And yet the books hardly ever reflect that fact. Instead, they often tell the tale of a business which barely does “OK” (if even that) with an unreliable revenue influx.


Something’s just not adding up there.


Yes, the garage door installation and repair niche is packed with service providers. The competition is fierce. But all it takes to get those revenue numbers to tick up dramatically is to have those potential clients finding you first, and making such an impression that they won’t keep looking forward. It really is as simple as that.


The thing is we don’t do business with companies who can’t adapt and respond to the challenges of their niche, like adjusting to compete through pricing, prioritizing areas of coverage, or effectively managing customer relationships. Companies like that are quick to interfere with – or outright cut out – their marketing efforts, and bound to struggle to keep up.


We simply don’t waste our time.


We are equipped to deliver precise answers and solutions that help our partners thrive in their market, but they have to be worth it. In other words, we want them to make money. Yet we accomplish nothing by generating you leads and helping you convert them if you do not mind your side of the deal, leaving money on the table due to a subpar service or poor client management.


We’ve have been approached by big names in the garage door servicing industry, waving huge budgets and big talks, but we’ve had to pass due to their poor expansion dispositions or unrealistic approach to garage door marketing. Many of which are barely in the business anymore, outdone by smarter competitors with firms like ours by their side.


We handle all the aspects of marketing as garage door SEO our partners need, but we need them to understand their own business in depth. That way, we know we aren’t wasting our time with a company destined to face financial problems down the road. Many are eager to raise their hand when we talk expansion, but lack in critical areas like CRM, inventory management, competitive pricing, call tracking, or even proper licensing. That’s a HUGE no-no for us.


And forget about trying to hide your problems from us. There are no secrets in this business, and we will always find out when something’s not right.


We know first-hand the realities of the day-to-day operations in this industry. We have worked in the past with lifelong professionals who treat their services and craft as an art, provide an insane price/value proposition, and still struggle with the bottom line. This is the reality of the garage door service niche, and those are the challenges.


What makes you different?


Just like you probably found us by searching for a local SEO services near you – or some of the many other high-performing keywords we dominate – your potential customers who are searching for the services you provide should be finding you within seconds. The question, then, is why they should pick YOU? Who are you?

Garage Door Marketing

Top Team Garage Door

Top Team Garage Door provides residential and commercial garage door replacements and repairs in multiple cities across four (4) states. As a result of changes Google made when targeting the garage door repair niche, they experienced a big drop in traffic and sales. Partnering with Over The Top SEO, Top Team Garage Door was able to reverse that drop and provide a 50% increase in traffic and phone calls through Google Maps marketing and local search optimization.

  • Case Study50%

    Increase in traffic

  • Case Study50%

    Increase in phone calls

Case Study
  • Case Study Backstory

    Top Team Garage Door is a garage door repair and replacement company based in Minnesota, working in multiple states. The company came to Over The Top SEO looking for local search engine results, Google Maps rankings, and web design/development work. Their biggest drop in traffic and sales came when Google started the Google Verified Providers ads and strictly filtered the search results keeping mainly Google advertiser partner sites like Home Advisor and Yelp in the search results over locally-based small businesses.

  • Case Study Goals

    The primary goal of the campaign was to increase phone calls generated from local SEO campaigns and Google Maps presence within various cities within all four states. And from those calls, booking more repairs and replacements within the geographic areas where Top Team Garage Door had a business presence.

  • Case Study Challenges

    The business had expanded to include several legitimate locations in multiple cities throughout several states outside of Minnesota. However, in Google Maps, the garage door repair industry has been heavily targeted by lead generation companies and again, in an effort to curb this activity, Google has been quick to close down even legitimate listings that appear to be optimized.

  • Case Study Results

    Within the first 6 months Over The Top SEO achieved a 50% increase in their website traffic and phone calls. This was accomplished by a campaign strategy of ranking the website within each of their target business areas within both Google Maps and the organic rankings.

We’ll Get You the Clients; You Get Them an A-1 Service

Increasing your customer flow and revenue through Google can be prohibitively expensive, or insanely profitable. It all depends on who you have by your side, backing you up.


We’ve seen many garage door companies fall into the trap of thinking they can handle everything themselves. Most lose their cool once Google starts draining their marketing budgets with little to no change in their services’ demand.


As mentioned before, the sheer amount of garage doors on the market should give you pause if you aren’t getting calls 24/7. Whether that’s to repair a broken garage door mechanism or to purchase and install an entirely new rig, it makes no difference. Your company should be known as the ones to talk to whenever someone in your area has a garage door-related problem! And yet it’s not uncommon to see companies like yours struggling to generate significant revenue – let alone expand! – due to consistent failures to promote their brand.


They use horribly designed websites that only convert potential customers out of sheer luck. They have no value proposition that separates them from the countless other services in their area. Or they are almost comically overshadowed by their competitors in terms of ORM. In the garage door industry, your problem is never that there aren’t enough clients out there, just that you are failing to connect with them! For that to happen, you need to be where the action is. And be there in a way that puts your would-be competitors to shame.


A firm like ours makes sure all those things – and many others – are taken care of, placing services like yours on the top spots for your niche. The thing is that you’ll never be able to beat them – or us, for that matter – on your own. For a company like ours, dealing with a lone company like that feels like a kitty fight, even though the business on the other end feels it like a shark attack.


The sooner you realize that you need a powerful partner backing you up on this fight, the easier it’ll be to claim what’s yours.


We are currently driving over 30,000 calls / leads /walk-in’s on average per month into the garage door services market, and will certainly continue to do so again with the right partners in your area. Are you that partner?

Garage Door Marketing

You Need an Effective Website with Powerful SEO and Quality content

The main idea here is that whenever a potential client searches for anything related to your garage door services on Google, your website appears among the first three organic positions or in the map pack. Something that doesn’t happens by accident.


Google only prioritizes websites that consistently deliver the solutions its users are looking for, that abide by their rules, keep visitors interested, and are responsive on all platforms. And that’s just some of the many factors search engines account for when ranking your site.


What does that all means? That your garage door marketing strategy should revolve around organic traffic through SEO, and NOW! That means having a properly structured and fast-loading website, schema, and an effective garage door SEO approach. That is, if you want to rank high in users’ searches.


The thing is, though, that all those things call for specialists with very specific skillsets and know-how, which don’t come cheap in our house. So, don’t be cheap. If you insist on being so, we invite you to carry on to the next company you found when you searched for a garage door marketing company.


When your website is designed with the best user experience in mind, when its content speaks louder than that of your competitors, when your brand is exposed to the public in a way that converts effortlessly, when your garage door services deliver fast and comprehensive solutions, and you have no financial problems clouding your head every day, you are painting the picture of a badass brand rather than a tiny garage door service struggling to stay afloat. The picture of someone we can partner with.


We cover ALL YOUR MARKETING NEEDS: from running multiple garage door marketing campaigns, getting you ranked in the organic SEO / Maps, to branding and exposure in all media outlets we find relevant. With us, you get fully customized, all-hands-on-deck support and coverage package for your garage door company and its employees.


Understand this: all this here, what we are talking about? It’s all REAL. We do it on a daily basis!


The fact is that we want to keep our growth going upwards, and part of that is bringing our partners along for the ride. So, when something is working, and we know it is, we replicate it. You, lucky one, are entering a path into something much bigger than JUST you and your business. Basically, you are getting a triple-platinum VIP ride on the express train to success in the garage door industry by gaining access to our knowledge, resources, and ability to do what others find impossible. So, when it’s time to share, just remember who got you – and keeps you – there.


In this niche, the most powerful results come from Organic SEO & Maps. They rule with an iron fist and always win the garage door marketing race, hands down. They guarantee gradual growth and long-term stability for businesses, especially local. In fact, you probably found us by searching for help with your garage door marketing, garage door SEO, or garage door marketing strategy. Either way, here you are.


Long story short, we can rank anything we want in top organic positions, and we convert more leads to paying customers than anyone. That’s what we bring to the table, and all it takes for us is to want to do it.


And that’s what you pay us for, of course.

Garage Door Marketing
A Focus on Local SEO for Garage Door Companies

Driving a generic SEO campaign is a great way to waste time and resources. It’s useless, period. But a customized garage door SEO campaign is a whole other story.


OTT takes the local approach, gives it some of the OTT love, and powers up any garage door service to a top spot on Google’s Map Pack. Being on maps is so effective that businesses see a drastic increase in traffic in a matter of hours after being featured on it! Psst…! we can literally PUT you there.


The best part? Having your garage door company properly featured on the map pack is only 1 of 3 key ways to put you among the first options that your potential customers, looking for garage door services and solutions, will see. It is just like it sounds, 1 of 3. It means each vertical brings between 30% to 40% of the overall traffic in Google.


We can rank maps like no other; we can make the impossible, POSSIBLE… Google maps marketing is one of the strongest, most reliable ways to generate revenue almost instantly for your business.


But make no mistake, dominating an area is just the start. Garage door marketing is meant to be expanded. Local leads are just the tip of the iceberg in this business. Understand this: those who never expand inevitably perish because their competitors eventually come for them.

Garage Door Marketing
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What’s the Best Part of Garage Door Marketing?

As a garage company, you are uniquely positioned as a provider of services that are constantly on demand – a demand that most of the time can’t be left to be tended to later. This sense of immediacy is a double-edged sword, but when wielded by an expert firm with the resources that we command will be one of your stronger revenue-driving forces.


Your potential clients are already in need of your services. You just have to make sure you are the first option they see in searches and convey the certainty that you are the service they need. That’s it. Which is why the most important thing for your business is SEO. It can be the difference between an expanding operation and a failing endeavor.

Advantages of Having Over the Top SEO On Your Corner

Get your website completely cleaned up, modernized, and optimized to drive in more business.


Have access to a professional organic or outreach marketing team.


Have a dedicated team performing regular backlink management tasks, such as tracking, reporting, removal, and disavowals.


Get hundreds of ORGANICALLY generated and valuable backlinks from authoritative sources.


Implement effective and laser-focused local SEO that draws the attention you want from your target audience, and then expand your turf across the state and beyond.


Start receiving a continuous stream of calls from each of your targeted regions, generated by targeted ads and content specific to them.


Earn listings in trusted local and national directories, and always have uniform information about your business across all platform – It is important that everything you find on the internet about your business is consistent.


Keep super tight control over who uses your information on the web.


You can have the most impressive office space, jam-packed with the highest-quality garage door equipment, and filled with highly experienced technicians inside. If your website is not convincing visitors that you offer a high-quality service, and if Google is not convinced that your site offers an excellent user experience, it is impossible to make it rank.


And SEO is not like you just write a couple of descriptions and make your website pretty. There are over 200 factors that need to be taken care of before a website even takes off. The worst part is that every time we check a new website, there is a ton of work to be done on the backend side of things before we even start with the design part.


These are the things we need to know:

 – If your website is secure (HTTPS.)

 – If your website is responsive.

 – Page load speeds.

 – If it has the correct schema markup.


Then we analyze other factors:

 – Quality of content.

 – The length of content.

 – Social signals that link back to your website.

 – Quality of backlinks that link back to your website.

 – Presence of optimized images on your web pages.


Just fixing all that requires a lot of work, and we don’t deal with people who think that just because they can’t “see” changes in their websites, they will go after the next shiny object. We can’t allow you to give away our work after we’ve done all the heavy lifting. If that is your plan, go right ahead and find another sucker.

Garage Door Marketing


These are some common questions most business owners have when looking for a garage door advertising & marketing service that can help their company grow. We always give brutally honest answers, though. If you are not ready to hear them, then you should not be here.


What Kind of Problems Can Marketing Help Us Solve?

Quite a few, actually. The main focus will always be to grow your organization, attracting more clients, and developing a well-rounded plan to support the influx. Through effective and ethical marketing, we can put you in a zone of profitable growth.


How Can I Get More Clients?

With an SEO-mindful website that allows it to rank on top of search results and designed to convert more leads. It’s a reliable strategy that can take longer to provide results, but it delivers an ROI second to none. Don’t expect to rank immediately with a website that was recently managed by amateurs, though. It takes time to pick up their mess and get things back on track.


What Would Be a Sound Garage Door Marketing Budget?

First, burning money faster won’t make a difference without a plan. After we check your answers on our questionnaire and have an honest one-on-one talk, we can tell you how much you need to spend and HOW. However, expect it to be NO LESS than 20% of your monthly revenue.


Have You Done Work for This Niche?

To put it shortly: We live and breathe garage door marketing. Right now, several of our partners own big garage door services, and they have consistently increased their scope and revenue year-over-year since they are with us.


What If I Want to Invest in Traditional Marketing?

That’s your call. We don’t advice against it, but when compared to SEO and digital marketing, traditional channels have little to offer.

Garage Door Marketing

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