What are GIFs and Giphy?

Several casual marketers might not necessarily be aware of using GIFs to power their social media posts to reach an audience. If you aren’t a frequent user, then this gif might not even come to your mind. Also, you might not have an idea about GIFs and also about Giphy which can be utilized for short animated images, similar to what YouTube does for videos. 


Similarly, a Gif is defined as an animated image. And technically, it’s not an image file type, likewise JPG and JPEG files. The core difference between GIFs and other types is mainly that GIF files can involve the above image. It means it showcases similarly to short animation. 


However, these GIFs are not original videos. They are just an advanced version of the old flip books where you could show a lined-up altered image in instant succession. They weren’t created with animation in mind, but once people saw their potential, animators and marketers started using them. 


The prominent reason behind the popularity of GIFs is that you can utilize them to convey feelings and ideas. This is what makes them an important part of social messaging. And because sites like Giphy have made them way more simple. This is a great tool for marketing which helps like the way search engines work.

GIPHY Money Calculator
What is Giphy Money Calculator?

In no time Gif has taken over the market and reached the audience with various marketing messages into it. This gif is basically a short video clip that’s been used on social media with a note or message. Doing this is very affordable for marketing promotions. So, every marketer uses this tool for their regular exercise.


When you post the gif on any social media, it draws the attention of the audience and as a result, they spend more time on your website. And, when they spare more time on your website, this is how you gain revenue through audience engagement at less price of investment. So, simply a money calculator is not an expensive marketing alternative in order to grab your audience’s attention. Also, this tool is in trend in all marketing companies.

GIPHY Money Calculator
With your Social Audiences, You Can Share GIFs

Might be it stuck in your mind, what is the correlation of GIFs with social media marketing? However, likewise, emojis, images, videos, and anything apart from other plain texts, GIFS assist in including a variety of social media posts, and sometimes also convey a message with just a single (animated) picture. 


Due to this, social media marketing becomes more entertaining and exciting. Also, your gif would appear in specialist search engines that Google, in turn, chooses and utilizes in its more famous search engines. 


But, we can normally utilize the terms GIF generically here. There are basically two similar items you can utilize during your post on social media. Technically, GIFS have a strong foundation. In your postings, you can use something very similar called stickers. The backgrounds of the stickers are translucent. Although from the user’s perspective Giphy is almost identical to GIF, the coding is distinct enough to have various APIs for each type. Unless otherwise specified, references to GIFs in this article include both stickers with transparent backgrounds and GIFs with solid backgrounds.

Create and Organize

Your GIFs While Using Giphy

Giphy is a very well-liked website for GIFs. As per the record, 5 hundred million people use 7 billion GIFs received from Giphy each day. Since Giphy developed an API that makes their GIFs accessible on virtually every social media platform and messaging application, many users use Giphy GIFs without even realising it.


In fact, the spread of Giphy is even wider than that. They have indexed almost every GIF created by anyone anywhere in their search engine.

GIPHY Money Calculator
GIPHY Money Calculator
Media Value Calculator is Earned by Giphy

(GIPHY Money Calculator)

Over The Top SEO (OTT) apparently has a Giphy Money Calculator tool that will show you the earned media value of GIFs on your Giphy account. By going time, you’ll see this price increase for your most popular GIFs – your frequent content.

In What Way Does Giphy Enhance Your Social Media Marketing?

Keep in mind the enormous magnitude of Giphy from earlier. In other words, any GIF you produce will appear in their search engine. Your GIFs will also be readily shared and used by individuals on their social media accounts because of the extensive use of Giphy’s API.


Never forget the fact that a GIF involves a number of images that are associated to form animation. This resembles that you can instantly include your logo or URL and other marketing items in your GIFs. 


Also, as already noted before, GIFs and Stickers are technically different. They have certain Giphy APIs. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Whatsapp use Giphy’s GIF API so that users can quickly add GIFs to those platforms. Whereas Snapchat and TikTok have used Giphy’s Sticker instead API so that you can utilize the Stickers on those platforms. However, you can also use GIFs on traditional Instagram, also you can use these stickers on Instagram Stories. 


A sticker is a GIF file with transparency around the edges. To register as a sticker, at least 20% of the pixels in the first frame must be transparent, as per Giphy’s help documentation.

Giphy Enhance Your Social Media Marketing
GIPHY Money Calculator
Never Underestimate the Search Power

In order to raise their search engine rankings in Google and other search engines, many business enthusiasts invest a lot of money in enhancing their SEO, or search engine optimization.


During the past few days, your motive was only to try to get your blog posts and web pages to rank for primary terms which you think are crucial. Later after, Google began featuring images and companies expanded their SEO to add pictures and other types of images as well. 


Google remains to include sections in their search results and complicated the world of SEO. Even they begin to rank items more at home in social media, involving videos and tweets. 


You can at the very least incorporate some subtle product placement into your GIF. But don’t show them any advertisements for your product or a deal. GIFs are often chosen by consumers to convey a story or a message. They do not view them as a form of advertising.

Make a channel on Giphy Branded

Simply, you could employ one of the other GIF search engines like Gyfcat or Tenor. Likewise Giphy, Tenor has APIs which are used by almost all the prominent social media applications. The suggestions that we make related to Giphy could also be applicable to Gfycat and Tenor. 


Like you would on a platform like YouTube, you should create a branded channel on Giphy if you’re serious about using it for promotion. You begin by creating a Giphy account. You may now begin adding GIFs (or stickers). You must upload at least five GIFs in order to authenticate your Giphy channel, and you must have at least a few. If you are a business, music artist, actor, or another public figure with content that you make or own, you may do this. Just a note for the agencies, though. According to Giphy, all content you submit for your clients must be housed on your website and not your channel.


You can share your GIFs on any social media or messaging platform that utilizes the Giphy GIFs or Stickers API when Giphy accepts your application and grants you Verified Giphy Brand Channel accreditation.

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GIPHY Money Calculator
Strategies For Your GIF Marketing Plan

Similar to another kind of SEO, you also wish to upgrade your search terms which probably your target audience is going to use. However, ranking for popular GIF searches is still fairly simple compared to other sorts of searches.


This resembles that you need to analyze what terms are going to be favorites for your target audiences. What topics will likely do searches in the case of GIFs? What would you think are the most crucial key terms? What are the buzzes across your potential customers? 


We have come across the process to target the right keywords and how to utilize GIF Marketing to encourage Brand awareness. 


GIFs will have a lesser search volume than text, movies, or more generic images. Additionally, individuals are not likely to search for your company name unless you have established a strong reputation for yourself. As a result, you should concentrate more on the kinds of circumstances where they are most likely to share GIFs. The next step is to produce a few GIFs on those subjects, making sure to include your logo and website address in each one.


GIFs will have a lesser search volume than text, movies, or more generic images. Additionally, individuals are not likely to search for your company name unless you have established a strong reputation for yourself. As a result, you should concentrate more on the kinds of circumstances where they are most likely to share GIFs. The next step is to produce a few GIFs on those subjects, making sure to include your logo and website address in each one.