Get Google Guaranteed for your company right away. We make sure Local Ads Services can help your contracting firm appear first when locals search for the services you offer on Google. Potential customers can contact you directly from your Guaranteed ad campaign by calling or sending you a message since you are Google Guaranteed.


When using Google Guaranteed Ads, people who see your advertisement will also be able to read actual customer evaluations and recognize that you are a service provider who has been approved and backed by Google.


Possessing a Google Guaranteed badge will provide prospective customers the confidence they require to choose you as their service provider.

Google Guaranteed Marketing Services
How Do You Acquire A Google Guaranteed For Your Company?

Businesses that use Google Ads and pass Google’s stringent screening process are the only ones that receive a Google Guarantee (green check mark). Once your company has met the requirements, Google may repay customers who are dissatisfied with your services for any reason up to $2000. In addition to making your company stand out from your rivals owing to Google’s endorsement, this gives clients the assurance that they are hiring professionals, but the benefits don’t stop there.


Your listing will always be at the top of every Google search result for your particular industry within your location, in addition to the green check mark that immediately distinguishes your business as verified. Customers can also obtain estimates and make appointments by clicking on your advertisement.

Google Guaranteed For Your Company
What is Google Guaranteed
What Does “Google Guaranteed” (Value Leads) Mean?


You have the option to pay for advertising services when you sign up for Google Local Services, which earns you a Google Guaranteed Badge and improves your online reputation. The Google Guaranteed Badge is directly linked to user reviews of your business, giving potential clients more information about you before they contact you.


How Can You Become Google Guaranteed?


A Google Guaranteed business must adhere to a number of criteria, such as holding the necessary insurance and licenses. Individuals and businesses are both covered by the guarantee if they hire a Google Local Services provider through Google. All of a company’s evaluations and ratings will be taken into account throughout the rigorous screening process, and the owners will be subject to background checks.


Google Guaranteed Marketing Services
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What Advantages Does A Google Guarantee Offer?

A Google Guarantee offers customers and company owners online peace of mind and trust. This is how:

  • You will gain trust and build your brand with the Google Guarantee

Can select your business with assurance knowing that you are through Google’s stringent verification procedure and that the Google Guarantee, which covers unhappy clients for work scheduled through Local Service Ads with a lifetime ceiling for coverage of $2,000, is in place.

  • You can highlight your positive reviews and ratings

To assist you to gain the trust of searchers, your local service ad includes ratings and reviews from previous clients.

  • No Ads or Keywords to Manage

When a customer types in one of the millions of pertinent search terms—be they general like “Plumber” or particular like “leaky faucet under the sink”—local service advertising will instantly appear. The information from your business profile will be used to automatically construct the ad format.

  • Advertisers Pay per Lead – not Click

When using traditional pay-per-click advertising, you are charged each time your ad is clicked, even if the customer never interacts with you. You only pay with a Local Services ad and a Google Guarantee when your advertisement is successful.

  • You will appear at the top of Google search results


Local Service advertising is displayed by Google right at the top of the results page, above the map. People will notice your ad with the green check mark next to the “Google Guarantee” first in their results.

  • You will be included in voice search responses


Did you know that voice searches now account for 20% of all searches? Local Service Ads are one of the only ways to guarantee that users of the 400 million Google Assistant-enabled devices can find you.

How To Begin Using Google Local Services

Visit the signup page to get started with Google Guaranteed Local Services. This manual will walk you through each stage of the procedure if you need any assistance. Since your GMB profile already contains the majority of these facts, the procedure would be substantially quicker for well-established enterprises with a Google My Business page. Three steps make up the registration process: welcome, sign up, and create your profile. There are a few steps for each stage to help you move through the procedure. In this sequence they are:


1. Connect With More Customers

In addition to outlining some advantages of signing up for Local Services ads, the first step also discusses the Google guarantee. Note that you automatically apply for the Google guarantee when you sign up for Local Services ads.

2. Eligibility

Google wants to make sure you are qualified before you begin the sign-up process. All of the job categories listed in all states have not yet received LSAs. Therefore, this form saves you time if your company is not eligible.

3. Set A Budget

Now that your company has been approved for LSAs, you need to create a budget for how much you want to spend. This spending limit is flexible and can be changed whenever you want from the Local Services advertisements dashboard. You may find detailed information about how and when you’ll be charged for LSAs in Google’s support files.

4. Business Info

The next step, where you input the details of your company and your email address, aids Google in determining whether or not your company is already registered with Google My Business. This process is similar to the eligibility form that was used previously.

5. Create Your Profile

Making your profile is the last step in setting up your local services adverts. Many of the same details, like business hours, address, and service type, are found in this area if you already have a Google My Business profile.

6. Create An Account

By opening an account, you can link your Gmail or other email address to the neighborhood services company. Again, this step is not essential if Google My Business is already set up.

7. Business Details

Enter your company’s name, how many employees you have, and your address next. Unless you want to publish it, none of this data will be made accessible to the public.

8. Set Up Your Service Area

Using the previously supplied address, Google suggests service locations. Depending on where your consumers reside, you might decide to widen or narrow your service region. Choose carefully since who sees your Local Services ads will depend on the service area you choose.

9. Set Up Your Service Types

Google will be able to target potential clients who are especially looking for your type of business by using the service types you specify. For instance, if someone searches for “area rug cleaner near me” and happens to live in your service area, it’s probable that your company will appear at the top of the search results.


10. Set Business Hours

Advertisements for local services are designed to link clients with service providers. In order to display advertisements to clients during business hours, when you are most likely to reply, Google requests your business’s operating hours. It provides for a bad user experience if they send you leads and no one is available to answer from the Local Services advertisements by Google app, the office, or both.


11. Preview Your Ad

Finally, before completing the sign-up procedure, you get to see a preview of your LSA. In case you wish to change the principal business address or how your name appears, the preview lets you go back and make changes.


12. License and Insurance

The process ends with the upload of license and insurance details. In addition to making it possible for Google to guarantee your business, this is a crucial element of the LSA platform. You can choose to skip this stage, but until you’ve finished the verification, you won’t be able to publish your advertising. Google will authenticate your firm when you upload all of the necessary paperwork. After completing the process, no advertisements are sent live; instead, you are taken to your dashboard, where you can change budgets and toggle your LSAs on and off whenever you like.

Google Guaranteed Marketing Services
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What Is the Process for Google Guaranteed Local Service Ads for Contractors?

Google Guaranteed Ads for contractors are pay-per-lead ads that put your company at the top of Google search results on desktop and mobile, allowing you to interact with new customers.


Get Verified To Receive The Google Guaranteed Badge

Google will validate your company after you sign up for Google Guaranteed Local Service Ads, and your listing will display a Google Guaranteed badge. This will demonstrate to local searches that Google trusts, supports, and backs your company.


Following verification, we assist you in choosing your budget based on the number of leads you desire to get each week.

Why Get Google Pay Per Lead Services to Grow Your Service Business?

Paying per click through Google Local Ads Services is different from Pay Per Click Google Ads Service in that you only pay when a genuine and qualified lead gets in touch with you directly through a Google Guaranteed call.


The quantity of Google Guaranteed calls and leads you will receive will decide your monthly cost based on your budget. This enables you to spend as little or as much as is required to achieve your goals.


You won’t need to worry about exceeding your monthly budget anymore. Additionally, you will be able to contest leads that have been shown to be invalid or of poor quality.


For contractors, Google Guaranteed calls are an excellent method to receive qualified leads on a set budget.


(If the verification process is unsuccessful, your company won’t be allowed to use the Ads.)

Grow Your Service Business
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By obtaining Google Screened and Google Guaranteed status, OTT warmly invites new partners who want to increase their marketing objectives and overall marketing strategy.


With years of expertise in digital marketing, OTT knows just how Google can advance your brand and make your company successful.