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Optimize Your SERP Snippets

A Google Preview feature in your account can assist in determining the potential causes of your ad or ad asset not showing up. Additionally, the tool displays a sneak peek of a Google search page for a certain phrase. You can view which advertisements and assets are showing up for your term using this. The tool will inform you whether your ad is eligible to show in that circumstance once you enter a search keyword and other details like language and location.

It matters how the content of your website looks on Google. Users might not be able to comprehend the purpose of your page if, for instance, your title tag in a search engine is cut off.

To ensure that users are receiving all the information they need to click, utilize our Google Preview Tool to see how your site pages will appear in search results.

Google Preview Tool
Why Should You Utilize The Google Preview Tool?

Unbelievably, 93% of internet activities start with a search engine. This means that almost all users who are looking for information online start by entering a search term into a search engine like Google.


How do they choose what to click, though? A title tag, a meta description, and your website URL are just a few of the things consumers will see when they view your pages’ rankings in search engines.


An effective click depends on these components. Users are persuaded to click by your title tag, which should accurately describe the content they will be reading. Your meta description serves as a sales pitch to click on your page and provides more details about what your page will discuss.


However, consumers might not obtain all the information they need to click if any of these two elements is cut off due to length. However, employing a Google Preview Tool like ours can assist guarantee that Google displays the content of your website correctly.

Google Preview Tool
Google Preview Tool
What Do You Get From Using Our Google Preview Tool?

Simply enter the URL of the website page you wish to test into our free Google Preview Tool and click “Search” to make use of its features. I’m done now!

  • You will have direct access to how your page appears in Google. Our tool gives data such as:

    • Characters in your title tag
    • Minimum and maximum characters in your title tag
    • Characters in your meta description
    • Minimum and maximum characters in your meta description
    • Pixels in your title tag
    • Minimum and maximum pixels in your title tag
    • Pixels in your meta description
    • Minimum and maximum pixels in your meta description


What Do You Understand About Featured Snippets?

Featured snippets are a highly sought-after spot in Google’s search results page. These brief text excerpts are strategically displayed at the top of the page to provide quick answers to a searcher’s query. These snippets are automatically retrieved from websites included in Google’s index, making it crucial for website owners and content creators to optimize their content to rank for this coveted spot.


Typically, featured snippets include definitions, tables, steps, and lists, providing users with valuable information at a glance. As an essential part of search engine optimization, optimizing for featured snippets can help increase your website’s visibility and drive more traffic to your site.

Google Preview Tool
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What Happens When A User Clicks A Featured Snippet?


When a user clicks a featured snippet, they are taken straight to the area of the page where it was displayed. Without further site annotation, the browser will automatically scroll to the location where the snippet appeared. Clicking a featured snippet will lead a user to the top of the source web page if their browser doesn’t support the necessary underlying technology or if our systems are unsure of exactly where on a page to route a click.

How Did Google’s Featured Snippets Work?


Sometimes, rather than following the link to a page as is the case with our usual style, the listing for a page’s description appears in Google’s search results. “Featured snippets” are the term for results presented in this manner. Featured snippets may appear by themselves in general search results, in the “People also ask” section, or in conjunction with Knowledge Graph data.


We show featured snippets when our systems conclude that this format will make it easier for users to find the information they’re looking for, both when they read the page’s description and when they click the link to read the page itself. They are especially beneficial for people using mobile devices or voice searches.


One listing typically appears in featured snippets, but more than one could.

Featured Snippets
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How Featured Snippets Are Opted For?


Featured snippets are derived from search results pages. Whether a page would be a good featured snippet to highlight for a particular search query is decided by Google’s automated processes. Your feedback enables us to enhance the precision of your search results as well as our search algorithms.

What Are The Types of Featured Snippets?

The most common featured snippets in Google’s search results fall into 4 categories :

1. The Definition Box:

This text snippet provides a clear, short definition or description to searchers. For instance, there is a definition box at the top of the results when you search for “rich snippets.” Google frequently uses definition boxes to respond to “what is” inquiries. Here’s an illustration:

The definitions Google frequently uses are succinct and to the point. The typical length of a definition in a featured snippet, according to OTT, is between 40 and 60 words.

2. The Table:

Here, Google extracts information from a page and presents it as a table.

3. The Ordered List:

This is a list of things that are listed in a particular order. For queries that require a series of steps, Google frequently uses ordered lists. For lists like this one that rate items in a particular order, they also use ordered lists.

4. The Unordered List:

Google uses this method to display a list of items that are not needed to be in any specific order.


For instance, the tools on our list for keyword research aren’t listed from greatest to worst. There is only a list. For this reason, Google just lists each tool that we mention without providing any information that gives it a positive or negative ranking.

Google Preview Tool