Google Shopping Ads: How To Set Up Your First Campaign

Google Shopping Ads: How To Set Up Your First Campaign

Google Shopping Ads is an advertising service provided by tech giant Google. If you are an eCommerce business and want to sell your products online, you can make great sales by adopting this service. Google Shopping Ads allows you to show your product pictures price and features on top of the search results. 

Google will display your products only if it best matches the search query. The product page of the advertisers will appear when visitors click advertisements. Product titles, prices, images, reviews, and occasionally shipping details are all displayed in the Google Shopping advertising. 

With that much potential, deciding to create and place your products’ ads, will be worth the effort and money. Here are the top easy-to-follow steps to use Google Shopping Ads.

Create an Account with Merchant Center

Setting up Google Merchant Center is the very first step and prerequisite to avail of this service. After this, you can upload your product feed and catalog to integrate with Google Ads.

Make Your Shopping Product Feed

Shopping Product Feed

It’s time to log in and build your shopping feed after creating a Merchant Center account. It has a simple format like an Excel sheet. This product feed section works as an inventory of your product. It will help Google decide what products to choose for your Google Shopping Ads campaigns. You need to regularly upload, maintain, and update your ads here. On the sheet, you must fill out the product ID, product title, link to the product, image link, and price. Remember that a successful product feed is necessary for shopping success. 

Connect Merchant Center Account to Google Ads

Connect Merchant Center Account to Google Ads

Your Google Ads account and your Merchant Center account must be linked in order to display your products’ ads. Follow the below steps in your Google Merchant Center account to do so:

  • Click the Tools icon
  • Go to Settings
  • Click Linked accounts
  • Select Google Ads
  • Click Link accounts
  • Enter your Google Ads customer ID
  • Send link request

Now you are able to create Google Shopping Ads and launch your ads. 

How to Create and Set up Google Shopping Ads

Now you have everything ready to run your ads.

Create a New Shopping Campaign

After reaching here, creating a new campaign should not be tough for you. Just follow the below steps. 

  • Go to your Google Ads account and log in
  • Click on the campaigns and hit the plus button
  • Choose shopping when it asks for campaign types and move to next
  • Give your campaign a name

You should always pick a descriptive name for your campaign that you can remember easily. Using an obvious or too simple name will not explain the advertisement and may make it difficult to distinguish, particularly if you are running a bunch of ads.

Select a Merchant Center account

Now you need to select the Merchant Center account that includes the products you want to market. If already connected, you can choose the associated account. After selecting your Merchant Center, you will not be able to change it once your campaign has been created.

Choose Country

You must select the country where you want to market your product. The country where you have citizenship and the country where you want to sell both should be mentioned properly.

You should list every nation you sell to in this section if you sell worldwide. By providing this information, you can make sure that your adverts only show up in relevant country-specific searches.

Select If You Want to use an Inventory Filter

If you wish to employ an inventory filter for your Google Shopping Ads, you must go for it. You can specify requirements for products using this filter, determining whether they will show up in your adverts. By using this filter, you can make sure that only certain goods that satisfy your criteria will appear in your ads. Therefore, you may set up filters to make sure that your irrelevant products don’t appear in adverts. For instance, if you simply want to advertise your black forest cake, ice cream shouldn’t be displayed there.

Place Your Bid

Learning how to make Google Shopping Ads helps you see how important bidding is to your overall ad strategy. The type of bid you want to place must be decided in this step. There are several ways to bid on Google Shopping ads, including CPC, vCPM, and CPM. Most of the time, it’s CPC, or cost per click, that many prefer to choose.

Set a Budget

Setting a budget for your campaign is as important as the task itself. Choose a daily spending budget that functions best for campaigns as well as your business goals.

How many leads and clicks you may receive for your business will depend on your budget. To get the most out of the process, make sure you have a sizable budget. Although there isn’t a predetermined amount you must spend, you should make sure to select a total amount that benefits both your company and produce outcomes. 

After setting up the required budget, select your preferred networks where you want your ads to appear. The Google search network, Google search partner sites, and the display network are the options you will get.

Choose Platforms 

Your advertisements can show up everywhere including mobile, tablets, and desktops. But you can choose them manually. In order to reach the individuals who are most interested in your business, you usually show your adverts across all devices.

Set Your Locations

You can configure your advertising so that only users in the regions you serve see them in search results. You can cut down on ad waste by people clicking on your advertisements in locations where you don’t provide services by setting up location-specific ads.. After entering locations, click Save and start running your advertisement. You are good to go for the campaign.

Google Shopping ads can be a great way for your businesses to appear in front of potential customers. However, OTT, known for the best online marketing services is available to assist you if you are unsure how to make a mark through Google Shopping Ads. Feel free to reach out to us and have faith that we’ll create an advertising plan that will increase revenue.