Drug Rehab Marketing / Addiction Treatment Marketing | Guy Sheetrit – OTT

Drug Rehab Marketing / Addiction Treatment Marketing | Guy Sheetrit – OTT

Hey Everyone, Guy Sheetrit here from Over The Top SEO, On the topic is Addiction Treatment Marketing & Drug Rehab Marketing. in this video I’ll be sharing some of the amazing things no one else would or could do for you in the rehab industry, there’s a lot to cover, so let’s start.

If you are a treatment center owner, big, small, successful or not you probably know by now that your niche is extremely problematic, the positions you were forced to accept and recognize online just in the past couple of years alone, have made it almost impossible for you to show up on any of the search results on Google, to top it off it comes with so many rules and regulation from the government, congress, lawmakers, the health industry & google that contradict each other on daily basis and bluntly forces you, the rehab center owner to face a very sad reality where you don’t actually matter and for the most of you its game over soon.

The demand for rehab centers is not going anywhere, in fact, drug & alcohol consumption is progressively increasing, and at some point, they will need drug rehab to get sober in, the problem is that you are being outranked, outsmarted and outnumbered by your competitors, meanwhile, you slowly fade to nothing.

The frustrating part about it is that even if you do end up making a marketing “home run” and finally able to get some traction to your website, it’s NOT NEARLY ENOUGH.

Let me break it down for you:

We only have 3 verticals to play in, equally sharing about a 3rd of the overall local traffic that your website needs when it comes to Google.

1. Google Ads, This vertical is 100% occupied with big players spending $100,000’s on ads each and every month, these players know exactly what they need and how to get it, they only care about making each click so expensive for you so even if you did generate an admit here and there, your odds of going full census from Google Ads are non-existent, guaranteed.

2. Google Maps, is probably the most rewarding vertical in the Rehab space for several reasons, The main once are:
Physical Presence, Visibility & Reputation.

People that struggle with addiction must look for a place that can help them get better, not a place that shows more places that can help them get better, that’s why Google Maps is responsible for the highest conversion rates when someone is indeed calling you from your Map rather than your Ads.

Last but not least,

3. Organic SEO, Rehab is by far one of the hardest niches to rank for, and outranking all the directories organically are basically lucid dreams in most cases without a very aggressive marketing approach and one that can be executed immediately.

Organic SEO is just as rewarding as the Maps are but ONLY if they complement each other on the search results, for example: if you are in the top 3 packs of the maps but don’t show up organically in the top 3 results you will never experience the maximum potential of dominating your niche locally, when you are presented by Google twice and more, for the same term, the human mind automatically prioritizes you over your competitors.

it’s the overall visibility of your treatment center that paints the picture for your targeted audience, driving them to click on you and not someone else.

Here at OTT, we operate differently, we bring you undeniable results, and I am calling you,

If you are a treatment center owner that never experienced top results in your area

If you are a treatment center owner that wants to grow to more locations and keep a full census

If you are a treatment center owner that is tired of buying rehab leads and taking unnecessary risks just to fill up some beds.

Well, I have some amazing news for you.

I created a very special qualification funnel for the rehab industry based on real-life proof of dominance, so by following this set path we are able to determine our success in at least 95% certainty So If you are qualified and accepted all I’m going to say is welcome home because not only that –

We will build, create, re-shape & optimize your Website, your Maps and your brand for you,

We will outrank any competitor of yours that stands in our way including all the directories.

We will make sure your facility is much better in all aspects simply by allowing you to concentrate on what really matters, TREATING PATIENTS BETTER.

and Most importantly we will take you way Over The Top and KEEP you there.

Feeling lucky today? Go ahead and apply, who knows? We might be the best thing that ever happened to you.