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Effective Divorce Lawyers Marketing

Over The Top SEO is a full-service digital agency for law firms that specializes in making sure that family and divorce lawyers marketing practices like yours develop and maintain the consistent online presence necessary to stay competitive in today’s legal market.  Our mission is to supplement and amplify your current marketing strategies to ensure a well-rounded marketing campaign. Your primary goal is to attract more quality leads to your business, and we can help.


Our approach to online marketing focuses on the fundamentals of sales – carefully considering each step of the sales funnel to ensure audience engagement at each stage of the buying process.  Clients for attorney services, as with any other service, follow a process that starts at awareness, followed by interest, decision, and action.


Our goal is to assist your business in developing a comprehensive strategy that will cover each level of this process.  We help build your brand and build awareness of that brand within the market.  Then, we ensure that your business can be found online when potential clients have developed an interest in employing your legal services for their divorce.  We help develop your relationship with potential clients utilizing content marketing strategies and social media.  We make your business easy to find on the search engines, and we make sure that you appear on the Maps section of the search results for local and mobile audiences.


As a Google Partner, Over The Top SEO maintains a relationship with Google to stay informed of the latest marketing strategies to help your website appear higher up in Google search results.  Our dedicated team of experts is there to assist you at every point in the marketing campaign.  We provide details and reporting as we monitor the progress of your campaign and optimize it as it goes along.


Our business is your success.  Through our continued work in helping family lawyers and divorce attorneys around the nation, we are confident in our ability and expertise in marketing your law firm or practice to future clients.  Let’s start!

Divorce Lawyers Marketing, Divorce Lawyers Marketing, Over The Top SEO

Marketing to Divorcees

Legal marketing requires a deft touch and a precise position of the brand of the business. Consumers who seek out the services of a divorce attorney are usually already involved in a contentious situation, and this is a high-stress period in their life.

Understanding this dynamic from the client perspective is vital to sending the right message to them in the form of marketing and advertising. After all – the last thing a person in that situation would like to feel is someone trying to lure them into something that will drain their wallet. Of course, you don’t want to do that, but the key here is to let your potential clients know that you are there for them and to not have miscommunication along the way.


A majority of law firm websites contain the clichéd taglines: “We will fight for your rights,” “Protect your family,” or “We demand respect and justice” and so on.  These law firm websites go on to highlight the credentials and achievements of the attorney, and they push potential clients to call for a free consultation.

This tactic is well and good, but this type of branding does not necessarily have the human touch that most people value.  According to FindLaw, consumers prefer employing the services of law practices that have sincerity, empathy, approachability, and human sympathy as core values of their business. And to be more specific here – they want to feel like these things are true! You may have all the compassion and empathy in the world but if it’s not communicated properly in every stage of acquiring and working with clients – then it doesn’t matter to them! This is especially true of divorce attorneys who typically deal with cases and situations that are profoundly painful and emotionally charged for their clients.


It is essential that as a divorce lawyer you define and strengthen your brand with this in mind.  Once you have this brand in place, you not only begin to attract more clients to your business, but you also attract the right clients.  Indeed, not all leads are equal in quality, and you need to identify both the ones you would like as well as the ones you would not like to work with.

Positioning your business with a clear and direct message to your ideal customer ensures that you attract clients that are the best fit for your practice and vice versa.  Once your brand is crafted and well-defined, you can then start disseminating and pushing your message out there to the public.


There are two main parts of divorce lawyer marketing that we will discuss in further detail in the following sections of this article.  The first is building awareness, or where lawyers maintain relevancy in the market through a consistent online presence.  The second is the acquisition phase, where attorneys focus on converting leads into clients and getting referrals to maximize the ROI of their marketing strategy.


One important fact to keep in mind when marketing divorce attorney services are that women file approximately two-thirds of all divorces.  This is important for targeting purposes – you can select specific parameters, including gender, as targets for your advertising campaigns.

Divorce Lawyers Marketing, Divorce Lawyers Marketing, Over The Top SEO
מה ייקח לך לדרג גבוה יותר?
אילו הזדמנויות קידום אתרים אתה מפספס?

בדוק אם העסק שלך
מוסמך לעבוד עם OTT.

בשנים האחרונות נתנו השראה ובעלי עסקים, יזמים ואנשי מקצוע ברחבי העולם, ועיצבנו אפליקציות המגבהות את המודעות למותג ומעוררות את הפרודוקטיביות. עם זאת, הבנו שאנחנו לא יכולים לעזור לכולם. והאמת היא שלא כל אחד הוא השידוך שלנו בגן עדן. לכן, אנו מקבלים לקוחות חדשים רק לאחר תהליך סינון מקיף שעוזר לנו לקבוע אם נהיה מתאימים זה לזה.

Building Awareness

There is no shortage of ways to promote your brand both offline and online; for example, billboards, bus, or newspaper ads. These types of advertisements serve primarily to build the brand of the law practice and not promoting a specific offer or product. People seek the services of a divorce attorney out of necessity. Since everyone, or at least every married person, is a potential client, it is important to stay top-of-mind with the public.


Online strategies such as blogging and social media can be effective tools to develop a consistent online presence that achieves the same effect – to build your brand and keep you top-of-mind with audiences. Podcasts, interviews, webinars, email marketing, visual marketing platforms like Instagram and Pinterest all contribute to the vast ways you can both build awareness and get people who are already aware of you to become clients!

Divorce Lawyers Marketing, Divorce Lawyers Marketing, Over The Top SEO


It has become increasingly popular and even advisable to engage in content marketing to build awareness of your brand. Content marketing strategies, like blogging and the publishing of relevant articles, allow you to engage with your target audience and develop a relationship with that audience.

Regarding the sales funnel, this strategy of engaging and interacting with your target audience makes the transition to the acquisition phase much more seamless.  People are more likely to invest in a brand they know and trust. And for you, that can happen through providing relevant, actionable information or insights about problems your potential clients may have.  In the same fashion, people are more likely to secure the services of an attorney that they have heard about and whose reputation is synonymous with their needs. This is because we make decisions on the basis of other people’s recommendations. “If he’s tried it and says it’s good then maybe I should try it.”


Another benefit of blogging and content marketing, in general, is that you start to develop a reputation as an authoritative voice in the area of law.  There is an art to writing blog posts, and part of that art is coming up with relevant content, and even still another part of that is knowing how to get it in front of the people you’re trying to get to read it! You decide what that content will look like, but as a general rule of thumb, you should be aiming to provide some sort of solution to a problem in the reader’s life. This may be in the form of insights, educational pieces, statistics, motivation, inspiration, actionable tips, etc. Again – the goal is to give something to the reader that will make their life easier!


People read blog posts to find out information about a particular topic.  In the case of a divorce attorney, this could be about matters of child custody, alimony, valuation of property, or any variety of topics. You can choose to tell stories, inform readers of new things that are happening in your field or educate them in general. By writing about these issues, you establish your business as an authority within your legal field.  This, in turn, gives you an advantage over your competitors whose brand as an expert might not be as well-defined.


Additionally, blog posts can be cross-promoted on social media, company newsletters, emails and they can also be converted into different types of content such as videos, gifs, graphics, etc. and then repurposed in the different marketing platforms that you’ve chosen such as email, social media, and offline advertising! Blog posts can also provide valuable on-page SEO power through the use of essential keywords specific to your business and article hyperlinks and cross-references. Every part of your marketing strategy can flow into every other part of it.


Blog posts should be formatted, lengthy, well-written, informative and easy to read.  They should also be written and posted on a regular basis.  If you cannot commit to writing posts on a recurring basis, or hiring the services of a marketing agency or content specialist who can, then a legal blog might not be as useful an option for your business. A good rule of thumb is to be posting more than 4 times a month but since this is a big challenge you may want to start out slower and build up to this frequency. However, consistency is key with blogging and regardless of whether you decide to post 5 times a month or 2 – you should try and stick to the schedule as much as possible! If you commit to 2 blog posts this month – do 2. It’s as simple as that.


Another great idea related to blog posts is writing articles but having them published in a relevant place for your potential clients to see. Instead of publishing them on your blog and having people find them through google – you can publish them in a popular blog that’s likely to be read by your ideal clients and having it link out to either your website or social media so when they read it they have a way to contact you. This is a great idea since very few divorce lawyers are doing anything like this and to the person reading it’ll make you look like you’re the only such business to exist!

Divorce Lawyers Marketing, Divorce Lawyers Marketing, Over The Top SEO

Social Media

According to Statista, 81% of the U.S. population utilize social media. Many of these people use social media to engage with various consumer brands, developing opinions on and relationships with businesses. Some of the most common forms of brand engagement include reading and writing reviews, reading and sharing content and posts, and commenting.

Social media has the unique quality of allowing you to respond to your target audience’s questions and concerns directly and it makes it a more personal experience for people because it’s on a platform where they’re used to communicating with friends and family. It puts you in direct contact with clients and potential clients.  Here is the chance to tell your story as a company and to let them know who you are as a business.


People nowadays want to know your values and your reasons for doing what you do. It’s not enough to say that you’re there to help them – you need to show them why you do what you do! Be authentic in telling your story and the right clients will become raving fans and will tell everyone (both offline and online) how good of a service you provide!


Your goal with social media is both to document as well as to prove valuable information. Think of it as a mix of education and entertainment. The story you tell will be what separates you from all of your competitors in the eyes of potential clients. But it’s not all about what content you post. It’s also about the platforms themselves! People feel differently when using each individual social platform. This is because they are designed with different core principles and ideas in mind, and they translate into the user experience. Instagram is a highly visual platform that photographers, artists, and videographers thrive! The norm for that platform is to be posting sometimes more than once a day. Whereas on Youtube, depending on what you’re trying to achieve, you can be posting once a week or once a day! With each platform, there are different social rules as well as different ways people use them. Do your research, find out which platforms your potential clients are most often using and find a way to get their attention and provide value to them within the social rules of that app! Do this, and you will find success.


Prospective clients can form an opinion of your practice by how you position yourself on social media just as they would with your website or with interacting with you directly.  This has powerful marketing potential in an age where online reviews are highly regarded tools of evaluation!

Divorce Lawyers Marketing, Divorce Lawyers Marketing, Over The Top SEO
ניהול מוניטין

This ties into reputation management, which is the marketing practice of maintaining a good online reputation. Market research suggests that one negative review of your business can have a disproportional effect on how audiences perceive your online reputation. People tend to put a significant amount of weight on negative reviews, paying more attention to the negative than positive.


Having 20 positive reviews may get overshadowed by just 1 negative one. Negative reviews, while disappointing for a business owner, are sometimes unavoidable, and while they do not necessarily reflect on the overall quality of your practice, they should not be ignored. Instead, they should be seen as an opportunity to respond to criticism and, most importantly, show audiences who are reading through the reviews, that as a business you are responsive to your customers’ needs!


This goes a long way towards changing what started out as a negative situation into a positive one. In a study by Lightspeed Research, 62% of consumers surveyed said they would likely change their mind about a business after reading negative reviews if they saw a response from that company. Thus, responding appropriately to negative online reviews can make a significant impact on how your business is perceived by audiences. The two critical components of reputation management include highlighting all positive reviews and responding to negative reviews. Responses should be tactful and explicitly written with a customer service mindset.


That is to say, it is not a place to retaliate against or negatively reply to irate clients. Also – a customer service mindset does not mean replying to every negative comment or review with the same phrase as that looks as though you’re trying just to do the bare minimum to look like you care. Care first – then show it! Employing the services of a marketing agency is advisable in this context since marketing agencies with online reputation management tools can detect and respond quickly and efficiently to any negative reviews and save you lots of headache down the road!

Divorce Lawyers Marketing, Divorce Lawyers Marketing, Over The Top SEO
Divorce Lawyers Marketing, Divorce Lawyers Marketing, Over The Top SEO

Once your website is up and running, it is necessary to optimize it so that it can be found. According to market research from Chitika Insights, 95% of people do not scroll past page one of the search engine results. What does this mean for a divorce attorney? It means that if you are not on or near the first page of the organic search results, then your website is likely not found by a majority of people.


That’s bad because the more people see you the higher the chance of acquiring a new customer! SEO allows your business to be found online by focusing on the back-end of your website to boost it higher up in the organic search result listings. The goal is to get on or as close to page one of the search results as possible when someone conducts a search that is relevant to your law practice. You want your website to appear when someone types into Google: “divorce lawyer services.”


SEO is a complex, technical, and often drawn out and lengthy process. It requires technical skill and a working knowledge of proper marketing practices that are rewarded by search engines like Google. It is preferable to utilize the services of a digital marketing agency that is also a Google Partner. These organizations have a direct relationship with Google and have expertise in the algorithms that rank your website higher in the organic search result listings.


If SEO is the long-term solution to getting your website as close to page one of the organic search results listing as possible, then Pay-per-click marketing (PPC), also known as Search Engine Marketing (SEM), is the short-term solution. It is a faster way to get on page one of the search results. The result is actually immediate. The process consists of bidding on keywords for placement of your ad in the sponsored listings (located on page one of the search results both before and after the organic listings at the top and bottom of the page).


For instance, if we bid on the keyword “Divorce Lawyer,” your website might come up on page one of the search results when someone performs that search. As the name implies, you do not pay for the ad until someone clicks on it. So why not just focus on PPC and bypass the SEO component? As most can attest to, a majority of people still prefer to click on the organic search results. However, many people still do click on PPC ads, and our goal is to get your business in front of those potential clients with this solution. Know your audience and clients and speak to them directly in ad copy!


Do not have blanket statements that don’t really say anything. Know the pain point of the person and use that get their attention. After all – you’re trying to help them get rid of that problem. Any visibility on page one of the SERP is better than none! Even if a person doesn’t click on your ad – they may still see it and take note of the fact that you are actively trying to acquire customers and be swayed to remember you and subsequently search for your services!


PPC allows us to get your website on page one whenever someone conducts a relevant search for your business through the sponsored ads section while still working to improve your organic search ranking. When we occupy as much real estate on page one of the SERP(search engine results page) as possible, whether through SEO or PPC, we increase the probability that potential clients will click on your listing, go to your website and ultimately become clients of yours!

Divorce Lawyers Marketing, Divorce Lawyers Marketing, Over The Top SEO

קידום אתרים מקומי

Another essential feature of an effective marketing strategy for divorce lawyers is local SEO.

This service speaks directly to the acquisition of new clients and refers to the section of the map section of the search engine results page.  When a potential client conducts an online search for “lawyers near me,” Google will show a map of their location and surrounding law practices.

Location is key to local SEO services.


The nature of local SEO is such that it reflects on the stage of the buying cycle that the customer is in.  People tend to conduct local SEO services when they are on mobile and their phone.  They want quick, immediate, and proximate results that they can click on and call.  Leads from local SEO searches are hot.  People who conduct these types of searches are ready to shop for the services of an attorney.  They need representation, and they need it now!


The first step of local SEO is to claim and set up your Google My Business page.  You then scan your online listings across the multitude of online directories that Google uses to cross-check and verify the accuracy of your listing.  Even the smallest discrepancy or error in the listings can result in Google penalizing your website so that it does not appear in the Maps section when a relevant search is conducted within your vicinity.


The steps involved in local SEO require time and expertise in the way Google works to serve up results in the Maps section.  Here again, it is advisable to use the services of a digital marketing agency that specializes in local SEO and not doing it on your own.

Divorce Lawyers Marketing, Divorce Lawyers Marketing, Over The Top SEO
Divorce Lawyers Marketing, Divorce Lawyers Marketing, Over The Top SEO
Divorce Lawyers Marketing

In cases where property is an issue, and very often it is an issue, it becomes crucial to position yourself as an expert in the field. This brings us back to content marketing strategies and audience engagement. You want to showcase your expertise in the area of divorce real estate law.


Divorcees and clients, in general, want the best representation of their money. They want a lawyer who is an expert in their field and who is going to represent them best. So much of the marketing work is accomplished in the branding and interest stage of the sales cycle. Without a well-defined brand and a consistent online presence pushing that brand out into the public consciousness, it can be challenging retaining new clients.


Before starting your marketing journey with us, we consult with you on what your brand is and what you want to be known for within the market. Do you want to be highlighted as a divorce real estate specialist? We want to know what your goals are. Once your targeted milestones are clear, we are ready to begin promoting your business. Are you prepared to start today?

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  • Divorce Lawyers Marketing, Divorce Lawyers Marketing, Over The Top SEO
  • Divorce Lawyers Marketing, Divorce Lawyers Marketing, Over The Top SEO
  • Divorce Lawyers Marketing, Divorce Lawyers Marketing, Over The Top SEO
  • Divorce Lawyers Marketing, Divorce Lawyers Marketing, Over The Top SEO
  • Divorce Lawyers Marketing, Divorce Lawyers Marketing, Over The Top SEO
  • Divorce Lawyers Marketing, Divorce Lawyers Marketing, Over The Top SEO
  • Divorce Lawyers Marketing, Divorce Lawyers Marketing, Over The Top SEO
  • Divorce Lawyers Marketing, Divorce Lawyers Marketing, Over The Top SEO
  • Divorce Lawyers Marketing, Divorce Lawyers Marketing, Over The Top SEO
  • Divorce Lawyers Marketing, Divorce Lawyers Marketing, Over The Top SEO

    לאחר ששכרתי כמה חברות קידום אתרים לאורך השנים, עם מעט מאוד תוצאות, החלטתי לתת עוד הזדמנות אחת. למדתי על Over The Top SEO בזמן שחקרתי את חברות בניית הקישורים הטובות ביותר בגוגל, ומצאתי את עצמי מועדת באתר שלהם. אחד מעובדיו הכיר לי את המייסד, גיא ת'רי, ומיד יכולתי לדעת שהניסיון שלי יהיה שונה. נראה שלבחור יש ידע ב-SEO שעולה בהרבה על זה של 99% מחברות ה-SEO שהתמודדתי איתן בעבר, והתוצאות מדברות בעד עצמן. אני מתכנן להשתמש בשירותיו בחודשים הבאים.

  • Divorce Lawyers Marketing, Divorce Lawyers Marketing, Over The Top SEO

    מעל נינג'ות SEO עשה דברים יוצאי דופן לצמיחה העסקית שלנו ואת הנוכחות המקוונת שלנו. לפני שעבדנו עם Over The Top, ניסינו לנהל קמפיינים משלנו PPC עם תוצאות נמוכות מאוד (מבזבז הרבה כסף). אחרי שהבאתם את Over The Top, שמבין את הצרכים שלנו וקשוב מאוד, הטלפון מצלצל ללא לחץ. תודה שעזרת לנו לשלש את הרווחים שלנו! אנו מעניקים להם את ההתייחסות הגבוהה ביותר לסט הכישורים שלהם וממליצו עליהם בחום לבניית אתר האינטרנט של כל חברה ולנוכחות המקוונת.

  • Divorce Lawyers Marketing, Divorce Lawyers Marketing, Over The Top SEO

    מעל קידום אתרים העליון בחר שם נהדר, כי התוצאות שלהם באמת מעל. עבדתי על החזר השקעה מוערך שאקבל מהעבודה איתם, והתוצאות עלו בהרבה על מה שחשבתי שאקבל. תוצאות העמוד הראשון בכל מקום, דירוג עבור wayyyyyy יותר ביטויים ממה שאני אפילו מצפה, והתנועה הפכה לכמות שינוי משחק של עסק חדש בשבילי והחברה שלי. תודה רבה לכם!

  • Divorce Lawyers Marketing, Divorce Lawyers Marketing, Over The Top SEO

    אני הייתי זה לאתר על קידום אתרים העליון לאוניברסיטה שלי ואני שמח שעשיתי את זה. החבר'ה האלה הם לא בדיחה, הם יודעים מה הם עושים מא' עד ת', בלי משחקים, בלי בזבוז זמן. מקצועי לחלוטין.

  • Divorce Lawyers Marketing, Divorce Lawyers Marketing, Over The Top SEO

    התחלנו לעבוד עם Over The Top SEO לאחר שחיפשנו מומחים רציניים ל-SEO, מצאנו אותם בעמדות הבכירות עבור רוב המילים התחרותיות שבדקנו ואחרי הרבה התחשבות החלטנו ללכת איתם, אנחנו לא יכולים לחשוף יותר מדי אבל אני יכול לומר שזה מערכת יחסים יפה ואנחנו אסירי תודה על הידע הטכני שיש לחבר'ה האלה. בסך הכל רק 10/10.

  • Divorce Lawyers Marketing, Divorce Lawyers Marketing, Over The Top SEO

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  • Divorce Lawyers Marketing, Divorce Lawyers Marketing, Over The Top SEO

    חברה זו היא כנראה הטובה ביותר שנתקלנו עד כה, אנחנו כבר סובלים ממומחים עניים "SEO" על ידי 5 חברות הידועות שם בחוץ ובכל זאת כל להיכשל לספק מעל להבטיח את השמים. עם מעל העליון היה לנו ממש 100% אינטראקציה בקמפיין שלנו, היינו חלק פעיל של התהליך ועדיין תמיד בלולאה. סוף סוף ראינו תוצאות אחרי כמה חודשים קצרים עם צמיחה מתמשכת במכירות. אנחנו כל כך שמחים שפגשנו את גיא וצוות המקצוע שלו, ואנחנו לא הולכים לשום מקום.

  • Divorce Lawyers Marketing, Divorce Lawyers Marketing, Over The Top SEO

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  • Divorce Lawyers Marketing, Divorce Lawyers Marketing, Over The Top SEO

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  • Divorce Lawyers Marketing, Divorce Lawyers Marketing, Over The Top SEO

    באמת נהניתי מהניסיון שלי ותמשיך לעבוד עם Over The Top SEO בעתיד. בהמון אהבה.

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