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What are Seasonal Trends?

Do you love seasons? Do you immediately get excited whenever Summer or Winter is around the corner? What about Christmas or Halloween? Just like you look forward to all those holidays every year, so do SEO experts. Specific events that happen throughout the year are an excellent opportunity for website owners to up their game. Coming up with an attractive offer and a well-planned marketing strategy can successfully boost sales.

Seasonal Trends are those spikes in sales of certain products for a specific, predictable time of the year. There is an SEO marketing sub-niche that handles optimization for these occasions. It’s called Seasonal SEO. These trends are used to drive conversions based on themes and a finite period. There are two types of seasonal SEO strategies:

  – Time-based. These encompass the seasons themselves or any other monthly trends.

  – Event-based. These refer to specific occasions such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, Saint Patrick’s Day, Halloween, etc.

Focusing on user intent is the primary factor you need to consider when implementing a seasonal SEO strategy. Studying user trends and customizing your content to meet your target audience’s needs can vastly improve your site’s conversion rate and visibility. Here are some other benefits that this type of strategy provides:

  – Your customers’ needs are relatively easy to foresee and meet.

  – It provides information that can be used for increasing upsells and cross-selling yearly.

A seasonal SEO campaign doesn’t happen overnight, though. A lot of hard work and time is put into delivering a top-notch strategy. There’s content creation, marketing, optimization, and publishing involved when designing a seasonal campaign. That’s why it’s best to study the upcoming trends and start planning around them.

You need to be clear on what the goals of the campaign are before launching. Who do you want to target? What type of product do you want to offer? What message do you want to send? Additionally, you have to start targeting keywords that match your specific offer. Then, you need to create appropriate content to target user intent.

If you want to implement this type of strategy, you should keep in mind a few things well ahead of time:

Examine previous data. How has that specific season or event done in the past? What have users searched the most during that time of the year/event? Knowing this will give you insights about your own campaign and unveil opportunities to optimize it.

Create a content calendar. Once you have the necessary information about the most popular trends that happen every year, you can design a plan for your future campaigns. That way, you’ll be speeding up and smoothing the process when it’s time to launch your offers.

A seasonal SEO campaign can drive a lot of sales for a business, but it needs to be thought-out well before the target season starts.