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What is an Editorial Link?

An editorial link is a form of link building. These are links a website earns by posting valuable and original content. The owner of the website doesn’t pay for, or asks for them. These links naturally attracted by sharing useful information on different online platforms, including social media like Instagram, Facebook, or Reddit.

Editorial links are known to be more valued than acquired links, which are the ones obtained by the site owner through payment or distribution.

Paid advertisement is the most popular acquired link there is. Although these links offer some value to websites, they don’t offer the same benefits as editorial links.

However, many marketers in the SEO business keep using acquired links for a few reasons:

• They are an easy sell.

• The selling proposal outline is very simple.

• It attracts clients.

• They help agencies with their profits.

• They help improve a website’s ranking.

Unlike acquired links, which don’t have any merit to them, editorial links are an indication that the website is doing an excellent job at creating high-quality content.

Recently, Google began punishing websites that have low-quality or spammy links. So, editorial links are the best “asset” a website can have. A great example is a blogger who has created fantastic content and shared it with their community. Progressively, more and more users will become aware of it, link to their website or share it through social media, adding value to the site and the page linked.

Editorial links increase customer loyalty and brand recognition. Search engines such as Google see them as a great example of a website’s authority. One that indicates the site offers high-quality content that is attracting attention.