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What is Skyscraping?

In SEO, link building strategies are well known to drive more traffic to your site and increase its authority among search engines. Many methods have been implemented by website owners to optimize their backlinks. In 2015, a new technique called The Skyscraper was introduced. Its primary purpose is to improve on existing popular content and replicate its backlinks.

How does Skyscraping work?

The method works under the premise that people are always interested in finding the best information. Even if they already have read a fantastic article about a given topic, users always crave better content. To execute this technique, you need to follow three steps.

1. Explore the web to find the best pieces of content in your niche. Pick one that has many backlinks, and it’s popular among your niche. You can do this by using tools like Content Explorer or Site Explorer.

2.After establishing which topic you want to work on, begin your process by creating something way better. It’s time to grab that piece of content and take it to the next level. Mainly, you want to improve these four aspects:

– Length. Can you make it longer without compromising its value and relevancy? Just because a post is exceptionally long doesn’t mean that users find it relevant or engaging. If the topic has room for longer content, then go right ahead.

– Freshness. Pick those articles that appear out of date. Add new layers to them (images, videos, up-to-date info, etc.) and make them relevant to today’s trends.

– Design.Is the post poorly presented? Appeal to visual aids to make your content and information pop.

– Depth. Make sure that the information on your pages has substance. You should only write pieces that are informative and beneficial for your users.

3.Your next task is to reach out to the right people. Here is where email outreach comes into play. Find people who have already linked to the specific content you took inspiration from. This way, you guarantee that they will be interested in what you have to offer. Build strong relationships and reach out to them personally. Well-crafted, personalized emails will determine your success in this step.