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What is the Hilltop Algorithm?

The Hilltop Algorithm is a search engine algorithm implemented by Google in 2003. It works by identifying and ranking authoritative websites. In order to identify such pages, it worked together with PageRank, another ranking algorithm.

But what is an authoritative website?

Having authority means becoming a likable expert; one that the audience can relate to and turn to when they want information about a specific subject or topic. To reach this status, the site’s content must combine meaning and fascination. Being considered authoritative means helping your audience solve a problem they care about. But you do it in a relatable way.

How does the algorithm work?

It’s simple. The Hilltop Algorithm establishes which websites are the experts on their niche first. This gives it a sense of what a high-ranking site should look like. Then, from the links on them, Google starts ranking other sites. With this protocol, the chances of finding high-quality sites increased tremendously.