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Immigration lawyers and firms far and wide, listen up! We are ditching paper and traditional advertising and hopping on the Internet.


Welcome to the 21st century. If you are reading this, you already have a grasp on the internet and have some idea of the struggles of marketing your services on the internet. The days of simply getting a law degree, setting up an office, hanging a shingle outside to market your services and practicing have long since passed us. Now, everyone with a smartphone can sift through hundreds of different practicing attorneys to try and find the one that’s right for them.


The law — and especially immigration law — is a crowded marketplace with countless options out there for your potential clients to have to look through. It’s imperative that you stand out from that crowd, that you make an impression on your potential client, that way, when they need your legal services, they’ll know that you’re the right one for the job.


An effective marketing campaign will boost awareness of your brand. You may not think you have a brand, but by developing a reputation in the immigration law-sphere and in your community, you’ve created just that. It also will focus on client acquisition and making that a smooth and easy process for you.


The sales process for an immigration attorney or law firm is a distinctive beast and specific to your practice. People won’t seek out an immigration attorney on a whim; they’ll only try to find one when they need one. And that need is specific, sudden, immediate. It’s an emergency. Which makes the sale cycle on immigration legal services hectic, stressful and — most importantly — as quick as possible. Meaning that the only way that your law firm will be able to covert that person into a client is to position your firm to be there in front of them, or at the forefront of their mind, when they need you.


Something will happen that causes the individual to need the services of an immigration attorney, and in this digital age, they will grab their smartphone or their laptop or their tablet and search for an immigration attorney. A comprehensive marketing plan will make sure that your services are listed in legal directories, that your website is optimized to appear on the first page — or even better yet, within the first three search results — of their local google search, that you are featured as an authority in your field, that your reputation and brand proceed you and that your services are a perfect match for their needs.


Starting your marketing efforts after a potential client has already started their legal services search will make your efforts too little and too late. So, the sooner that you get started on this, the better.


While an attorney who has the most exposure will get a lot of attention, and a lot of bodies through the door, that’s not always the best situation for your firm. You want to reach your target client — the person that will get the most out of your services — and it’s important to get that person through the door. The attorney who is able to develop a solid reputation, and a solid brand message, has the best chance of landing the kinds of clients that will be best positioned to benefit from their unique services.


Therefore, it’s important to realize that you don’t want to waste your marketing budget on having the most ads — commercials and billboards and banners, etc. Instead, you want to have a sophisticated and optimized marketing campaign that’s specially crafted for your firm, and it’s unique services with your target client in mind. You want to have the most efficient and effective marketing campaign out there.


Marketing yourself efficiently and effectively in this technology-driven era where information seems to be flooding all around can seem hectic, tiresome and expensive. It takes a great deal of time, effort and knowledge to do it properly. If it’s mishandled or taken for granted failed outcomes are inevitable, but there are solutions to avoiding such obstacles.


At OverTheTopSEO.com, we have recognized these shifts from traditional advertising sources, and — luckily — our team has expertise in adapting the traditional marketing strategies for the digital age. We also, through extensive research, can detect upcoming trends, calculate risk and construct a plan tailored to your Immigration Firm’s specific and unique needs.


Some of our Research includes but is not limited to:

➢ Up-to-date Market Direction;
➢ Foresight of upcoming marketing opportunities
➢ Differing outcomes and investment options; and
➢ Professional custom campaign designed based on your needs.

Immigration Lawyer Marketing
Why Choose Over The Top?

We understand that you wish to be at the forefront of your field, so it only makes sense to hire someone with expertise in marketing your specialties. The primary focus of any marketing strategy is to convey a message to a target audience. Specific to immigration law, you are selling your services to your desired clientele while separating your-self from the competition.


Doing this attracts quality clients whose word-of-mouth potentially opens the door for new clients. However, for this to happen, it is essential to understand the mar-keting focus of your firm and the direction in which you are heading. Our team would be privileged to assist your immigration law firm in establishing clear goals and market growth. We understand the challenges that immigration attorneys face when trying to market themselves on the internet.


At Over The Top SEO we pride ourselves on our transparency and ability to work with you to mold a marketing strategy narrowly tailored to your specialties and the services that you offer. We’ll work with you to develop a marketing strategy that works for you. We’ll create a plan that helps you achieve your business and professional goals, gets your firm the visibility and exposure it deserves and highlights your particular strengths.


We’ll assist you in developing authority in the immigration law field, creating relevant content, and getting your website optimized for relevant internet searches in your area. We’ll get you where you need to be so that you’re there when your clients need you, so they can find you, and hire you. That way you can provide your services to those who need it. We’ll get your target client to call you and to get them in through your front door. If you are considering hiring an outside marketing firm, then know that this is what we can do for you. You know the law; we know marketing.


We’ll bolster your brand and reputation. We’ll get you to reach as many potential clients that are out there searching for your services as possi-ble. We’ll help you establish a client base to get started and keep up a steady flow of leads to keep your business growing. Give us a call today so we can get started working with you right away! We can’t wait to hear from you!

Immigration Lawyer Marketing
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We have inspired and motivated business owners, entrepreneurs, and professionals around the world for the past few years, and we’ve designed apps that both boost brand awareness and drives productivity off the charts. However, we realized that we couldn’t help everyone. and the truth is not everyone is our match made in heaven. Therefore, we only accept new clients after an extensive screening process that helps us determine whether we will be a good fit for each other.

Basics of Immigration Law Marketing

Buckle up grads, that law degree doesn’t come with clients. Unfortunately for you and many others, finding work is a bit more challenging than you may have expected. And in this digital age, there’s a whole new world of speed bumps and hiccups on the road to a successful law firm with a healthy flow of clientele. In order to remain viable, you need a healthy, vibrant digital presence, and that means having a strong, optimized marketing immigration law marketing plan.


At a basic level, immigration law refers to the rules established by the federal government for determining who is allowed to enter the country, and for how long. The naturalization process governs those who desire to become U.S. citizens. These are your clients, but each has specific needs and issues that you may or may not be able to properly address based on your own strengths and weaknesses.


When a foreign national enters without permission, overstays a visit, or lose their legal status, immigration law controls the detention and removal proceeds are carried out. And when that happens, that foreign national needs your services, and they need them immediately. With immigration law in turmoil as of late, our analysts have noticed this trend and understand that immigration lawyers and immigration law have become a frequently searched topic on the internet.


With a need that seems to be growing, based on current policies, why does it seem so hard to capitalize on the growing demand for your services? The Internet has opened up new avenues for obtaining clients, but, since there’s such a low barrier for entry, competition in the marketplace for immigration lawyers is now at an all-time high. So you need the tools for your business to stand out.

Immigration Lawyer Marketing
Digital Marketing Agency

Within the United States, it is legal to advertise your law firm as long as it remains ethical with-out promising services that do not exist. Marketing that would be considered unethical or illegal include the following:
➢ Shock advertising such as lewd or tasteless sexual references or obscenities;
➢ Directly soliciting clients (ambulance chasing); and
➢ Misleading or false statements directed towards attorney fees or predicted outcomes of court cases.

Many Immigration Firms should think carefully when formulating a marketing plan in order to avoid anything that falls under the above categories. As with any business, false advertising will only do you more harm than any potential positives that it could bring in terms of clients through the door. Misrepresenting your services has the power to spread their Word-of-Mouth, but also has the chance of causing you to lose your license to practice law. It is imperative that attorneys also check their state guidelines for marketing.


Many states provide general guidance, and each jurisdiction has its interpretation of the standards. You should always consult your state bar rules to ensure that you are in compliance. Marketing generates new business for your law firm, and as a small business owner, you will need to have a good understanding as to which advertisements are ethical or legal, how market-ing and advertising works and how to make reliable, informed decisions.

How to Market Immigration Lawyer Services

When it comes to marketing, not a lot of us consider web-design or even list it as a critical com-ponent of your marketing plan. But it is. And having a clean, attractive website is only the first step. One of the keys to a solid marketing plan is having a high-quality, search optimized website and internet presence. Search engine optimization is also key to successfully ,arresting your immigra-tion legal services online.


If you hire an excellent SEO company who knows how to get you to the top of relevant search results on Google, then you’ll be able to receive more organic traffic and visitors. Notably, Google frequently updates and modifies the rules for search optimization in order to keep com-panies from gaming the system and to provide the best and most relevant search results for their users. It takes a lot of time and effort to stay on top of the constant SEO changes and to keep your website up to date with all of this.


That means it will take time however and the right knowledge of how to stay within the regulations and boundaries set up by Google. Having your website be clean and attractive will only go so far in keeping it search optimized. Internet marketing and SEO takes time and effort. Time that could be better spent representing your client and their interests.


Hiring an outside firm — like Over The Top SEO where we specialize in this kind of thing — to handle marketing while you do the heavy lifting in your business, attending hearings, drafting documents and representing your client can only help your business. This is because that will help your reputation, which will build your brand and authority in immigration law. Putting that to use will make your brand better and make it stronger in your marketing. The better your services are — obviously — the better your reputation, the better your brand and the better your marketing.

Immigration Lawyer Marketing

Getting The Most Out Of Your Internet Presence

At OverTheTopSEO.com we have found Immigration Law firms and immigration attorneys who have a robust online presence, saw higher traffic to their websites each year. These potential clients are actively searching online for immigration law and searching for terms like immigration attorney near me. When they land on your site, it’s synonymous with walking into them on the street after they’ve just asked, “What is immigration law?” These users are seeking information regarding the field you are an expert in and would like to know more.


Marketing your immigration law services can be an expensive process. You see advertisements for a variety of legal services on daytime television all of the time and billboards for all kinds of lawyers dot the landscape. It can seem like it would be impossible to stand out in the crowd and to get your law firm’s name out there as an authority in your field. It feels like just yesterday that all you had to do was hang a shingle on your door and maybe buy some space in your local yellow pages and clients would come flooding in.


That’s just not the case anymore. But the answer is not to copy all the other attorneys and try to spend more than them, just further driving up the price of legal advertising.


The internet has provided a new and exciting opportunity for advertising your services. Our research shows that a strategically targeted combination of diverse marketing efforts that run-in unison can produce the best results and ROI for your Immigration Law firm.


A key to getting more clicks and potential clients is SEO or search engine optimization. SEO is the set of good marketing practices that boost your website higher up in the rankings of the organic search results listing. The goal of any SEO campaign is to get you on page one of the organic search results listing since most people do not scroll past the first page. If you do not use SEO services and your website does not appear as close to first page listings as possible, then there is a good chance that potential clients are not finding your site and that you are losing out on business.


Most effective strategies consider and apply both online and traditional forms of marketing. Building a strategy for client referral can lead to a strong client base and is regarded as a conventional marketing strategy. This can be adapted to the digital age, making sure to integrate positive client feedback on google and yelp to assist you in creating a strong reputation in your community.


Research points out that having a robust online presence correlates significantly with acquiring and retaining clients in all legal fields. Having a website for your immigration law firm that is engaging and provides the correct information for users to quickly find and having a strong social media strategy that builds on that presence will increase your potential clientele list tenfold.


But it is not enough to only create a website and then just let it sit. You have to keep it up to date. You need to be producing quality content to keep your site relevant. This has two primary effects. First, it allows you to amplify and expand your SEO campaign by creating content that is SEO-ready. For example, articles and blog posts that are professionally written with attention to keywords, headlines, and links will serve to improve your positioning on relevant search engine results. Second, this new content allows you to engage more efficiently and more often with potential clients, thereby boosting and enhancing your online brand.


Creating a website designated solely for your immigration firm is a priority and having high rankings with all the major search engine providers is crucial in generating a steady flow of new clients to your immigration firm. By creating reliable, informative and exciting content that your potential clients need will also drive them to your site, increase your SEO and give you a better chance of retaining them as clients. Today more than ever, it’s essential for immigration lawyers to have a brand that extends across all of their firm’s platforms, from their website and blog to social media accounts. Potential clients are searching the web for immigration attorneys every single day. Increasing your online visibility is essential to your law firm, and that is why we are here to take that stress out of your day.


Internet marketing is not simple. It’s a lot to tackle. But if you fail to effectively market your services on the internet, then your leads will dry up.

Immigration Lawyer Marketing

How Online Marketing Differs

Just like with traditional marketing sources, online marketing for attorneys has become increas-ingly expensive as attorneys have merely copied each other. Don’t fall in line with other immigra-tion law firms. You have to find a way to distinguish yourself from the crowd. The way to do that is to look at what your competitors are doing to successfully market their business and then do it your way. Target more focused keywords for your target client. Do it better. But don’t over-monitor what they’re doing and don’t overanalyze it. Look at what they’re doing and move on. Go back after some time passes to see how they’re now copying you and adapt to distinguish yourself again.


Marketing is a different beast from the law. To succeed as a lawyer, you need to find an argument that works and then hammer it into the ground. Precedent is king. Marketing is entirely different. If everyone is just doing the same thing, it becomes a meaningless cacophony. You need to differentiate yourself from the competition to succeed.


If that all seems overwhelming, and internet marketing can definitely be overwhelming at times, then know that you can seek outside help. You can hire a professional marketing firm that specializes in internet marketing so that you can focus on what’s really important in your business: your clients.

Immigration Lawyer Marketing
Immigration Lawyer Marketing
A Marketing Plan for Immigration Lawyers

First, create and develop a clear, concise marketing strategy specific to your firm’s desires. This preparation is essential because it effectively ensures quality results. Good marketing plans are always developed around the firm’s needs with room to adapt and update. Discuss and layout your firm’s specific goals: What specifics do you hope to achieve? Be sure to specify the when, and how. Laying out specific goals will not only help you track them, but it will help you leverage your success to scale up, as your firm grows.


The four most important steps to follow when creating your marketing plan are as follows:

➢ First, you need to distinguish your firm’s unique business goals;

➢ Next, start tracking monthly results setting worst and best case scenarios; this will allow you to see the progress the marketing plan is making;

➢ Next, monitor return on investment (ROI). Initially estimating your ROI will take some guessing and require research.

➢ Lastly, you will need to stay on top of your current marketing strategies.


You should never feel out of the loop or unsure if the program is working efficiently. You should also look at the websites, billboards, commercials, and online ads of your immigration law competitors. Figure out what strategies they are using and how they are targeting a specific audience. When you come across a unique idea, you should take note but make sure that you have a way of distinguishing your own take on the strategy.


Merely copying a strategy will not work. All it does is drive up the price of online marketing as you compete on the prices for keywords with other lawyers in your area in your field. You must distinguish yourself in your field, and merely copying the marketing strategies of your competitors will just have you falling in line behind them. You want prime clients; you need to stand out in the crowd to get them.

Immigration Lawyers Marketing that Targets Clients

Understanding your target market and how to reach them is important. Signing up with local legal directories can be helpful for your immigration law firm’s success. Blogs also provide oppor-tunities for lawyers and law firms to increase traffic to their websites because they help in boost-ing search engine optimization rankings and as the blog can grow, so can the potential client base.


Expect to keep an email platform or email chain on hand because this can be a powerful tool for generating and tracking leads. Some of the most important steps for setting up your immigration law firm website and creating content for it should include: Register your domain name, Design your website structure, Create informative and inviting content, Use SEO tools and search engine optimization, Utilize an e-mail marketing campaign, Develop a social media presence; and, Set up a blog on your website. In this day and age creating exciting content that stands out is what separates your immigration firm from the rest.


Unfortunately, the immigration law marketplace is crowded. The In-ternet is your megaphone, use it wisely. By creating content that answers your potential client’s questions, and gives them solutions to their needs, you will attract potential clients when the need arises. There are numerous ways to advertise and market your immigration firm, and it is essential to dissect all your outlets. After you efficiently establish a clear goal of growth for your im-migration firm, let us assist you in ensuring your success.


Bring your immigration law marketing into the 21st Century with an effective marketing strategy that will reach your clients when and where they are. OverthetopSEO is your last stop, and the best place for all your marketing questions, concerns, and plans. Contact us today!

Immigration Lawyer Marketing

Do You Want To Know What
it Will Take You To Rank Higher?

See If Your Business Qualifies To Work With OTT.

See If Your Business Qualifies
What Will It Take You To Rank Higher?
What SEO Opportunities Are You Missing?

Do You Want To Know What
it Will Take You To Rank Higher?

See If Your Business Qualifies To Work With OTT.

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